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Charlene Blanc


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Sep 7 2013, 09:31 AM
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mater lachrymarum; mother of tears

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{aaand here is her familiar}

Canon: A reimagined original character based heavily in Suspiria canon.
Ranking: Anti-Villain.
Reason for being on AM: The Three Mothers, their descendants, and coven members have been here nearly as long as humanity itself. Charlene isn't one of the original three - she is, in fact, the first Mater Lachrymarum's daughter, but inherited her title recently.

Age: One hundred and nine - which is still remarkable young for a witch, but um. Physically appears to be in her early twenties?
Gender: Female.
Species: Witch.

Charlene's always struggled with a few cultural differences between her and the older members of her coven - she's a lot more modern than many of them (since a lot of them are, you know, thousands of years old), I suppose you could say? And because of that, she has a desire for normality that quite a few of them don't really understand. Magic interests her, but she's also content with some of the simplistic, regular aspects of human life. She likes having friends, and what other people think of her is important to her. Though her coven is essentially her family, she's befriended a lot of the students who have attended the academy over the decades, and having to hide aspects of her life from them and even ultimately leave them behind is always something that she's resented.

The ancient traditions of her kind are not something that make a lot of sense to her, but rejecting them frightens her to much - because it feels like rejecting a part of her identity. Although Charlene has a desire to make friends and do many of the things that 'normal' teenagers do, her heritage is also very important to her - especially now that her mother has died. Magic is something that she becomes uncharacteristically somber about, and expanding her power is important because a lot is expected of her.

She has inherited the title of Mater Lachrymarum - one of the Three Mothers. Essentially, this means that she's one of the most powerful of her kind and a leader of one of the three major existing witch covens, whiiich you could say is kind of one hell of a responsibility. Again, the pressure is something that she kind of resents, because she never asked for it - she expected her mother to literally live forever, and the idea that Charlene might have to take he place if she died was never even brought up - but succeeding as an accomplished Witch is something that she is determined to do, even in light of the recent additional expectations. She's still working out how to handle her responsibility, and has always been more of a quiet thinker than someone who immediately decides how to act and react - so it'll take some time for her to grow into it, so to speak.

But Witches literally thrive on the negative emotions of others, and that is something that was not fully revealed to her until recently. There's not really a way out of it for her, and it is something that Charlene is resigned to accept since no one else really seems to question it - taking someone else's happiness is a necessary evil if it ensures your own, right? It's still something that makes her uncomfortable, however. Younger Witches do not tend to be quite fully corrupted for several hundred years, and Charlene doesn't have that kind of time - she has to take the reins right now, and a lot of it goes against her own morals. It can be difficult for her to act out of sheer cruelty, so she usually attempts to justify her actions in some way, villainizing the people who have wronged her.

Her views of right and wrong are slowly beginning to twist, though, because 'wrong' is slowly starting to lose its meaning. The loss of her innocence is something that her superiors are trying to ensure, and it feels like protesting because of her own hesitance and emotional responses is weak somehow.

To cope, she tries to focus her ambition on other things - namely, recruiting for her school. The talents of others fascinate her, and she really has found her calling as a teacher, because watching her students learn and grow is something she enjoys quite genuinely. She has a keen sense of affection for younger children, but especially those who display strong-will, spunk, or extreme determination. She enjoys the company of people who can make her laugh, and while she is calm and composed, she is somewhat easy-going in her off time.

It's true, though, that the power she's inherited has already gone to her head a little bit. Charlene quickly becomes excessively defiant and indignant when she is given orders or talked down to by someone she does not recognize as her superior. And, given that she is a Witch Queen, there are not many people she recognizes as such. It can come off as arrogant, sometimes, because her pride makes it difficult for her to submit to others even if a part of her recognizes that they are right or at least being sensible. She does not have a temper that is quick to ignite, but when she really does become angry, she abandons all reason to become fixated on that rage, and can actually be rather violent.

She is a person who is strongly guided (and misguided) by her emotions, and ultimately, that only gives her the potential to be even more dangerous.

Thousands of years ago, the 'art' of witchcraft - or at least, this particular brand of it - was founded by three powerful women who prayed to powerful spirits and then came into contact with them on the coast of the Black Sea. These women taught their skills to many others, but were always known as the founders and the most powerful of their kind - The Three Mothers. The eldest was the Mater Suspiriorum, the Witch whose greatest fondness was for magic that affected the physical world. She was known, in particular, for her impressive reality altering and shapeshifting. The middle sister was the Mater Tenebrarum, who focused on the spiritual realm rather than the physical one. She could commune with and control spirits and astral project into other planes and worlds - but she was the darkest and most cruel of the three. The youngest was the Mater Lachrymarum, who valued the emotions, thoughts, and intuition beyond physical or spiritual concepts, and thus focused her magic on these.

The Three Mothers quickly learned that their great power came at a price: to increase it, as well as to ensure their own happiness and good standing in the world, they had to inflict suffering and bad luck onto others. This concept was, at first, hesitantly embraced - but soon all three women became desensitized to it, and for a time traveled the world leaving a mass of death, destruction, and terror in their wake. In fact, in legend the three are still known as being Death personified.

After a time, however, their wealth and power became sufficient to their liking. They decided to settle down, and with that decision, most of their followers faded into obscurity as well. For some time afterwards, witchcraft remained feared - hysteria gripped several places in the world and led mobs of people on crazed 'witch hunts' (usually prosecuting innocent women in the process, as a true Witch likely could have easily escaped). Eventually, however, this craze died down and the idea of magic became a thing of legend - something that many people did not consider to be real.

In 1895, the Three Mothers attempted to change this by opening a prestigious academy in Germany. The academy was publicly headed by the Mater Suspiriorum, Helena Markos, who openly associated her school with the occult and taught magic to her students - or at least, it was rumored that she did so. Outrage spread through the community, and eventually Helena was antagonized to the point where she had to fake her own death.

Afterwards, the academy at least seemed to pass into the hands of the remaining two Mothers, who were smart enough to learn from Helena's mistake and turned the school into the prestigious Freiburg Academy - a school that taught only the brightest and most gifted students...openly, at least. In truth, a handful of the students with the most potential were selected to be taught witchcraft and inducted into covens. Still, to the outside world, Freiburg Academy for the Gifted earned a very respectful reputation that it keeps today.

It was around this time - in the year 1904 to be precise - that Charlene was born to the Mater Lachrymarum, Madame Angeline Blanc. Charlene attended her mother's school, but was never kept in the dark regarding what its true purpose was. She became a Witch at an early age, and seemed to have inherited her mother's talent. When she grew older, she slowed her own aging so that she could maintain a guise as a student of the school and assist her mother there. Her power could only grow so far before she would reach a stopping point, however - and would have to rely on feeding on the negative emotions of others to make it grow further.

This detail was, however, kept from her up until very recently. In her later years at Freiburg, she became very close with one of her fellow students, a girl named Eva whose talent was ballet. But Eva had not been selected to be taught witchcraft - and thus was by all means one of the school's 'normal' students. Keeping a part of her life a secret from Eva was something that Charlene struggled with for some time - especially when Eva confided a very important secret in her.

For some time, Eva had been growing suspicious of the activities that went on behind the scenes at the academy - and of the women who ran the place. After doing some research, Eva discovered the coven's underground meeting place, and was shocked and horrified to find them committing a ritualistic sacrifice. Eva confided in Charlene that she believed (correctly) that the school was run by witches. In a panic, Charlene tried to dissuade her, convince her that this was not the case - but it was too late.

Angeline, suspecting that Eva would be a problem, confronted her in an attempt to murder her - but Eva managed to push her from the fourth floor balcony, resulting in Angeline's death. Eva fled the school with the secret of what she'd found out, and what she'd done - but she did not manage to escape in the long run.

Charlene was devastated and angered by her mother's death, and by what she perceived as her best friend's betrayal. She was quickly approached by the remaining two Mothers, who told her that as a result of Angeline's death, Charlene, being her only descendant, would inherit her title and status and be expected to achieve great levels of power. And there was only one way to do this, they told her: to inflict suffering and misery on others.

To officially become the Mater Lachrymarum, she was required to kill.

The remaining two Mothers manipulated her anger and grief, convincing her to cling to the only thing left of her mother's legacy and turn on Eva. Two nights later, Charlene summoned her first devil, and sent it after Eva.

It brutally slaughtered her.

Charlene was jolted out of her rage by the shock of how violent the act had been, and was hit full-force by the death of her friend. The Mothers, however, were impressed. They made a show of her graduating the school in the following month, and then becoming a vice directress there in her mother's place.

Her training has continued since then. In about a decade or so, she'll be expected to lead her own massive coven and inflict terror on the world. No pressure, or anything.

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show us what you're made of

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  • Immortality - Witches can choose to cease to age at a certain point and can, in fact, live for eternity if they are not killed.
  • We've Got Magic to Do :] - Witches specialize in a variety of spells, naturally. The Three Mothers (those who created the craft, or are directly descended from them) are known to be especially powerful. Charlene learned dark magic, specifically, so the spells she knows and the things she is capable of are often...less than pleasant. Or at least, employed for less than pleasant purposes. This brand of magic can be taught and learned by others, but typically requires induction into a coven.
    • Devil Summoner - charlene iz raidou???? No bUT UM. Yeah, Dark Witches can summon demonic entities to carry out their bidding - usually to do their dirty work and commit some violent act. The devils appear vaguely humanoid, but are much larger and bulkier with luminous, catlike eyes and long black nails. They are gifted with supernatural strength and speed, and are invulnerable to most conventional weapons - save those of a specifically holy nature.
    • makin ur wifi go out - To some extent, Witches have influence over the weather. The can summon rain and storms at their will, and these typically have an unusually long duration.
    • Pyrokinesis - As fire is the element that dark-affiliated Witches are most affiliated with, they have the ability to spark and control large amounts of it.
    • Mother of Tears - Each of the Three Mothers sort of specialized in a specific area of magic. The Mother of Sighs commanded the realm of the physical, and The Mother of Shadows, the spiritual. The Mother of Tears, however, commands a brand of magic related to the emotions and intuition of others. She can 'read' people's emotions much like an empath can, and thus decipher their motives and intentions. But she is also capable of forcing her will on others - overwhelming them with a very specific, strong emotion (usually something negative such as dread, fear, or anger) to try and persuade them to act in the way she wishes them to. At the height of her power, she could potentially inflict this on masses of people at one time and thus cause hysteria - but she is young, and can only focus her efforts on one person - or small groups, at the most.
    • Casual Reality Warping :] - Well actually, altering reality on a massive, complex scale is the Mater Susporiorum's speciality - but Charlene can still place 'Curses', spells specifically meant to create circumstances that will harm the victim in some way. For example - Cursing them to fall into a pit of razor wire, even in a place razor wire should not have logically been.
    • the star war would of been a dream - A spell that affects the target's physical and mental state. In its earlier or less advanced stages, it simply saps at a person's energy gradually. But at a more extreme level, it'll put them in a sort of twilight, dream-like state where they become temporarily unresponsive and unaware of the world around them.
    • IT'S AN INVISIBILITY CLOAK :o - Powerful witches can remain mostly unseen, when they wish to be. However, being suddenly illuminated by some light source may briefly reveal just the vaguest trace of their outline during this time, and clue you in to where they may be hiding.
    • animals r human but no 1 belief - Witches have a near-seamless control of animals, able to command (and sometimes summon) them at their will - for instance, summoning a swarm of maggots to plague a building, or forcing a normally harmless dog to turn on and kill its owner.
    • humans r animals but no 1 belief - To a lesser extent, the above applies to humans or other sentient beings - but this is more a form of possession than direct control, and requires an entire ritual to conduct.
    • THRILLER :] - Witches can create 'zombies' by resurrecting the dead, as long as the body is intact enough to be used. These resurrected beings will not bear much in common with their original selves, however - they are mostly mindless puppets.
    • i've broken a muscle - Witches can inflict plague and sickness on others with a touch, if they wish it. However, it can just as easily be taken away by the same means - or removed by the magical or healing skills of other entities.
  • Received Singing Lessons from Eponine - :]. No but um, she is incredibly gifted in performing arts - mainly, singing and dance (ballet, in particular). The academy she helps to run pretends to solely focus on teaching extremely gifted children, and this is one of the areas they focus on, so.
  • Lachrymarum's Cloak - A white cloak that once belonged to her mother, but has since been passed down to her. When worn, it increases her power somewhat - as well as protecting her from a good portion of physical and magical harm. The cloak is an artifact of white magic, though - and is really the closest Charlene's ever come to it, so it does make her a bit uncomfortable.
  • Familiar - welp for lack of a better place to put this, it's going in the equipment section :]. A familiar, in this case, is a spirit that takes the corporeal form of an animal. Each Witch receives a familiar who is appointed to guide and aid her for the entirety of her life. A Witch and her Familiar will form a sort of spiritual and emotional bond, much like a person and their daemon would - so a Familiar returns to the spiritual world once its Witch has passed on. A Familiar has little of the Witch's magical ability - for most intents and purposes, they are physically no more than an animal. However, they have human like intelligence and, as they are spirits, cannot be harmed - not unless the Witch they are connected to is.

    Charlene's familiar takes the form of a fennec fox, whom she calls Lucien.
Physical Weaknesses:
  • eat shit and die - For all their power, Witches have surprisingly mortal weaknesses and can be killed in many of the same ways humans can be - for example, one of them was stabbed to death. So yeah if you do enough damage, they'll go down.
Psychological Weaknesses:
  • Defend Ur Honor - Witches, by what is dictated in their 'code', are required to avenge any insult to their honor. Minor slights may be retaliated against with cruel pranks, but major insults must be punished with death. In all honesty, it's kind of an inconvenience to devote so much focus to that - and it makes Charlene a bit uncomfortable, too.

  • Being Anything but a Witch is Suffering - This is less a part of their code and more a sort of law of their existence - but the single, most effective way for a Witch to gain power is to inflict suffering on others. They feed off of negative emotions and physical pain, and draw strength from these things. In order to accumulate good luck, they have turn others' luck bad. So it's a nasty sort of catch - like, in order to ensure your own happiness you literally have to take it from others and there's just no real way to win while remaining a good person??

  • Not Omniscient...Yet >____> - By a Witch's standards, Charlene is in fact, quite young. Her powers haven't fully developed yet, especially in comparison to her mother's demigoddess status - but beyond that, she's still rather naive in other ways. She hasn't been fully corrupted by the darkness and sadism generally taught in her coven - and yet, now she's expected to teach it to others. Or, if not that, then inflict suffering on others for her own benefit. Her status as one of the Three Mothers means that a lot is expected of her, but the problem is, she's not entirely sold on the whole 'Witch' thing. Other Witches of her status are referred to as Death Personified, and she more or less still has the mentality of a teenage girl who is aware of how wrong what she is doing is - so you can see the problem.
  • extermin8 :] - Oh um welp - if you kill one of the Three Mothers, everyone in their coven - in other words, any witch who has verbally and magically vowed their allegiance - will die as well.
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Who else do you play?: people you probably haven't heard of >______>
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