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Mar 4 2015, 06:18 PM
alright so, as you might have gathered from the recent announcements, we've been discussing a site move which has now been finalized! our new board, denouement, is here and while it is not open or fully complete just yet, everyone is more than welcome to poke around, start porting over or re-apping characters and iccing if they want to! pardon our dust since clearly some stuff is still a wip but hopefully we'll be fully done and open in just a few more days!

this, of course, means that am's time has come to a close - we will be removing our affiliate banners and making the board viewable only to members, so we can all use it as an archive and read back on favourite threads or character apps

aaaand if anyone has any questions about the move, you can ask them here!
Feb 3 2015, 03:13 PM
alright so! as you might have noticed, we haven't had a proper activity check in a while, due to november and december being months where everyone is typically busy. we've still had pretty good board activity throughout, which is really great! but after some discussion, meeks and I decided to ask the community at large how you guys would like to proceed

the thing is, we want to continue keeping up board activity, and encourage it, but we also don't want staying active or passing a check to become stressful. this is a hobby after all! our goal is to keep am flexible and fun to engage in, so, first of all

should any changes be made to the activity checks? (required amount of posts lower, extended time, whatever)

what would you guys like to see on the board, or might help engage you?

meeks and I do have some plot stuff in the works, but that's still under wraps and might not be ready to go for a while yet. we're always open to hear your suggestions and opinions aaaand I thought that now was a good time to check in with everyone!
Dec 19 2014, 09:49 AM
okay so like it's... four days late anyways so you guys might have noticed that

but we've decided that since a lot of our members are in school, and november and december are hellish months to exist in if you're ending a semester, there will be no activity checks during those months!

so yeah just chill out
Sep 22 2014, 01:48 PM
Hey guys! As might be noticed, we've now started off the rift malfunctioning plot (or americastuck as I like to call it because I'm lame) that's been discussed in the impending changes thread! The rifts have become more chaotic than ever, with worlds bleeding into certain areas and affecting them in drastic - and sometimes dangerous - ways. Those with powers to move around freely find themselves unable to leave America, which is... not an ideal situation.

This is a plot with an emphasis on interaction, and while it does affect the icc, the main focus of it is going to be on the board. As for how it'll be solved, and the impact on locations... that's all up to you guys!

However, along with this are several changes that we've implemented! First of all is the Event account, which is going to be used to start sudden encounters, plot hooks and generally create events to interact with or react to! Events might happen at any time, in any thread, whether it's open or tagging someone specific - if you don't want an event, write 'closed' in the description and your thread will be unscathed! Each board will have a description of possible NPC encounters and random events, as well as some ideas on how to interact with the setting.

As well, we're introducing a timestamp system! In the first post of a thread, mark the date that the thread is set in! It doesn't need to be strictly the same date as the one you started it on, though for convenience's sake it should be somewhere close. This not only allows for a clearer timeline of threads, but helps in the next thing I'm going to be talk about!

Namely, logging! In each board will be a stickied thread that has a log of all threads that had some impact on the board. It's the responsibility of those involved in a thread to submit it to be logged, and they'll all be listed chronologically. We will also have a directory of open threads, for ease of use!

aaaand that's about it for now! Thanks for all your ideas and enthusiasm, guys!
Aug 12 2013, 06:38 AM
NPC Creator: Storm
NPC Usage: Plot, whenever needed
NPC Permissions: Only me, though I haven't decided which account I'll use for it yet.

Name: The Unown
Alias: talking alphabet
Age: Unknown
Archetype: Neutral

Personality: Childlike, focused completely on their purpose of granting wishes and feeding off of the desires and emotions of others. Very simple, don't really understand individuals, have no concept of danger or harm. Extremely prone to being swayed by others.

History: Created by Arceus and separated from reality, the Unown were not exactly active presences. The rare times when they found their way into the Pokemon world, they only really lurked in ruins, never feeding off of emotions in enough volume to really do anything. There was one incident where a number of them were taken from the ruin, and fed on a little girl's desire to see her father again - this allowed them to wreak havoc on a part of the Johto region, until they were stopped by their own creation.

Then they went through a rift and ended up in AM yolo

  • Empathy - Unown are powerful Psychics, and can sense the thoughts, desires and emotions of others - from something someone is actively thinking to subconscious desires and perceptions.
  • CONNECTCONNECTCONNECT - The Unown would not be dangerous on their own. As any trainer would tell you, they have no real movepool and they're fragile and they suck why would you ever catch one. But, the more there are, the more powerful they become, as they form a hivemind that amplifies their Psychic powers.
  • oh was that your reality sorry - Unown grant wishes, kind of. They act upon the desires and thoughts of others, be they subconscious or active, but they do this by warping reality. The more they "grant", the more power they gain, and the more likely they will eventually lose control and become self-sustaining. If they warp reality enough, especially in a place with many dimensional rifts, they can also simply pull the area around them into their own dimension. that clearly has no significance here
  • Various Psychic Things - They can teleport and talk through telepathy, though the way they communicate is... interesting and super uninformative. unown pls

  • Type Disadvantage - Psychic-types are weak to Dark. Unown are also physically fragile - until they have enough to feed off of to make a barrier, they can be taken out very easily.
  • woahwaitwhat - The Unown link themselves to the thoughts of others when they begin to act upon them - if they don't have enough time to become self sustaining, then they can be banished easily.
  • wow what do you mean stop - And once they do become self-sustaining, Unown cease to think clearly and simply react out of instinct, constantly acting upon the thoughts of one person and unable to change. They can perceive threats, but they can only defend themselves with a barrier.
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