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Katherine Pierce


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Aug 8 2013, 01:45 AM
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katherine pierce

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Canon: The Vampire Diaries
Ranking: Anti-Villain
Reason for being on AM: rifts!

Age: Four hundred.
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire

Physical Appearance:
Absolutely identical to her doppleganger, Katherine stands at about 5'5 and has a rather petite build. Her daintiness shouldn't fool anyone, though - she's a predator and a murderer, as is revealed when her fangs extend, her eyes darken, and her skin becomes eerily vein-y. But that's only when she's actively readying for a kill; otherwise, you couldn't tell her apart from a perfectly average human. She has lightly tanned, smooth olive skin and chocolate brown eyes - actually, her distinctive, innocent doe-eyed look is just as deceiving as her build is. Her hair is dark brown, and typically the one thing that makes her distinct from Elena. While Elena wears her hair straight and smooth, Katherine's is typically elegantly curled and somewhat fluffier. As for the clothing she wears, as of now, it kind of sets her apart from the crowd as well. Being from the 1860's, her wardrobe is a bit outdated in the eyes of your typical bystander - elaborate dresses and corsets and petticoats, with accessories such as elegant parasols, brimmed hats, and long gloves.

At first glance, Katherine is absolutely charming. A regular upholder of the manners and etiquette expected of a women from her time, she seems to be every bit a 'lady' by classic definition. Her surface personality is both polite and composed, and quite kind - she does an excellent job of mimicking the compassion she was once so full of. But perhaps what makes her most charming his her not-immediately-apparent spunky streak. Well-mannered as she is, at least initially, she is also mischievous and playful and adventurous - always willing to dive headfirst into the most dangerous of situations. She's something of a restless spirit; unhappy unless she is doing something productive, and she's also far less serious than she first seems to be with strangers. She has an infamous habit of playfully teasing her friends, and possesses a great amount of wit and cleverness. Overall, most people really do find her quite likeable.

But any good, subtle predator has a way of drawing their prey in, and Katherine's charm is hers. She quite enjoys the games she plays; wrapping people around her finger, making them trust her. The truth is, however, she has very little regard for human life (or any other life, really - but humans in particular are just a form of entertainment or food source to her). Beneath her apparent warmth, she is cold and calculating - some might even call her sadistic, because instead of just quickly killing or taking blood as she needs to, she likes to earn her victims' friendship and let them get attached to her first. It isn't a game she plays frequently - that would waste too much of her time - but it's one that she hasn't grown any less fond of. She is entirely manipulative and frighteningly clever, making her an unpredictable (and dangerous) antagonist in most situations.

Really, though, her primary motivation isn't to inflict pain on others. It's just to survive. The people she's cared about have always ended up hurting her, whether intentionally or unintentionally - so she's learned to rely on no one but herself. She is feisty and independent, often looking down on any attempts to help her or offer sympathy with nothing but disdain. Self - preservation has always been a pretty big thing with Katherine, but her vampirism has sharpened that to extreme levels. Because of her overpowering instinct to survive at any cost, and her instinctive distrust of others, Katherine looks out for herself and only herself. She'll go to great lengths to ensure that she comes out on top of things - even if it means hurting the people she does genuinely care about. She's extremely confident, even cocky, around her enemies, and seems to have little doubt that she'll win whatever battle she might engage in.

That confidence - all of it - is a lie.

In fact, seeing as many aspects of Katherine's personality are a lie, that may not be all too surprising. Buried beneath it all, the truth isn't a pretty one: she's all but overcome by self-loathing. Katherine has carried an intense sense of guilt with her for a very long time, because of what happened to her family. At first, she tried to turn her hatred on others - all the while, slowly convincing herself that there wasn't anyone to hate but herself. Those feelings have been heightened by the fact that the few people she still managed to care about, who helped her cling to her humanity, turned on her. Oh, not to mention the fact that she has a doppleganger that gets to experience everything Katherine herself ever wanted - including the affections of the people she cared about first. Resentment has poisoned her even further - resentment and jealousy, and above all, an overwhelming sense of loneliness. What she longs for, perhaps more than anything, is friendship, and approval, and love - but she sabotages herself by violently pushing others away, trying to make them hate her, out of her own fear.

She's developed a downright reckless streak that she never had before - something that you could almost call suicidal, if her survival instincts weren't so strong. Vampires have the ability to 'turn their emotions off', and most people assume that Katherine has - but the truth is, she's never been able to. And that's likely her greatest weakness.

It may not be entirely accurate to pin her as a villain, though. When she does form attachments to people (rare as that might be) - even if those people happen to be the more heroic sort - she looks out for them in...her own way. As long as doing so doesn't endanger herself too drastically, of course. Katherine has a way of giving the people she cares for little nudges in the right direction; doing things that may not make them happy, but will make them stronger. She's a dependable ally, as long as there's something in it for her.

Katherine was born Katerina Petrova, in Bulgaria, 1473. As a teenager, she got pregnant out of wedlock - something that, at the time, was considered an unforgivable disgrace. As soon as she gave birth, her daughter was taken from her, and her family cast her out. Upon her banishment, she traveled to England, where she gradually learned the language and began a new life. It was there that she met a pair of upper class brothers - Elijah and Niklaus, who were, though she did not know it at the time, Original Vampires. Though she very quickly began to fall for Klaus, she soon discovered what he was - and worse, that he'd been planning to kill her. Klaus had been placed under a curse that prevented him from reaching his full power, and to break it, he needed to sacrifice a human Doppleganger -and he'd recognized Katerina as one.

Trevor, another vampire who Katerina befriended, knew of Klaus's plan and helped Katerina to escape. However, while hiding with him, Katerina was imprisoned by Rose - a friend of Trevor's who was too frightened of Klaus not to hand Katerina over to him. However, by attempting to commit suicide, Katerina tricked Rose into feeding her her blood in order to heal her - which then enabled Katerina to kill herself a second time, and come back as a vampire, rendering Klaus's sacrificial plans useless. The curse breaking required the blood of a human doppleganger.

Imagining that Klaus might retaliate against her, however, Katerina fled back to her family...only to find that they'd already all been slaughtered. Overwhelmed by grief and guilt, Katerina fled - disappearing for almost four hundred years.

She reemerged in 1864, considerably more bitter than she'd ever been before. By that time, she'd resettled in America (Mystic Falls, Virginia) under a new name: Katherine Pierce. The town of Mystic Falls already had a relatively secret vampire population that had blended seamlessly with the humans, and Katherine was all too eager to have a safe haven, of sorts. It was around this time that she saved the life of the which Emily Bennett, which left Emily indebted to her. In return, Emily blessed a Lapis Lazuli stone for Katherine, enabling her to walk in the sunlight.

After concocting a sob story about her family dying in a fire, she was taken in by one of the more respected and wealthy town residents, Giuseppe Salvatore. This was how she met his two sons, Stefan and Damon - both of whom she quickly befriended. They both eventually became enamored with her, and Katherine enjoyed toying with their affections for a time - though she eventually grew genuinely fond of both of them, even while compelling them to do her bidding.

It wasn't long, however, before the town's residents grew suspicious - ultimately uncovering the truth about the vampires living among them. The townspeople began hunting down and killing every vampire they could identify. Katherine, wishing to escape the town without suspicion - and growing frightened enough of her feelings for the Salvatore boys (Stefan in particular) to want to get away from them as well - struck a deal with a local man who helped her fake her own death. In the process of trying to rescue her, Stefan and Damon were both killed...though because Katherine had fed them her blood prior to the incident, they were brought back to 'life' as vampires.

Despite knowing this, Katherine continued on allowing them - and the rest of the world - to believe she was dead, wanting to cut all the ties she'd made in the time she'd briefly settled down and almost allowed herself to be happy. After this, she faded into obscurity for several decades once more, nearly succumbing to her own loneliness, and hating and fearing the prophecy of the existence of the doppleganger who would take everything from her - until the rifts brought her here.

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  • Enhanced Strength - A vampire's strength only increases with age. So yeah - at this point, Katherine's pretty much capable of knocking around trucks.
  • Enhanced Speed - At full speed, Katherine is little more than a blur - one might almost mistake her movements for teleportation. As such, she can be very difficult to - well - catch.
  • Heightened Senses - Vampires have extremely sharp eyesight, hearing, and smell - all of which are even better than an animal's. It makes tasks like hiding from one - or trying to sneak up on one, or fool them with a disguise, extremely difficult.
  • Immortality - Provided they aren't actually killed, vampires do not age, and are capable of living forever.
  • Invulnerability - To some extent, a vampire can't be killed. A blow short of decapitation, or a wooden stake through the heart, won't slow her down much the way it would a human.
  • Accelerated Healing - She'll quickly recover from any wound inflicted on her, as long as it doesn't kill her instantly.
  • Emotional Control - Like all vampires, Katherine can choose how much emotion she is capable of experiencing - so she can actually dull them to the point where it's referred to as 'turning her humanity off'. She's...actually never done this, however.
  • Dream Manipulation - Katherine can influence the dreams of others, shaping them as she wishes - good or bad - and even controlling what happens in them.
  • Compulsion - Katherine can compel people to do her building, and since she's hundreds of years old, her compulsion is particularly strong. She can also use it to erase or alter memories.
  • Healing Blood - Vampire blood can heal injuries at a shockingly fast rate if it is ingested. However, once someone drinks it, they run the risk of turning into a vampire themselves if they happen to be killed while it's still in their system. Some would look at this as the ultimate protection measure. Others would look at it as the ultimate threat.
  • Feeding - Katherine's capable of draining a person of most of their blood in less than a minute, so if she bites you, you'd better act fast.
  • Turning - The process of turning another person into a vampire is a bit complicated. First, the person in question has to drink her blood. Then, they have to die. If they die with her blood in their system, they will be brought back to life and begin transitioning into a vampire. Once they feed on human blood, the transition is complete. If this does not happen, however, then the undead person will die - for good, this time.
  • Vervain Immunity - Katherine has built up an immunity to vervain by taking a bit of it each day, for years and years. It now no longer affects her the way it does other vampires - meaning it won't weaken her.

  • Lapis Lazuli - A stone enchanted by a witch's spell, allowing the vampire who wears one to be able to walk in the sunlight. Katherine wears hers on her bracelet.

Physical Weaknesses:
  • I don't like where this is HEADING :] - Decapitation. Surefire way to kill a vampire. End of story.
  • Go outside izz so beautiful - Sunlight, under normal circumstances, is fatal to a vampire. Katherine's protected from this as long as she's wearing her bracelet, but if she wasn't, it would burn her normally.
  • goddamnit vervain - Katherine has built up an immunity to vervain, so it doesn't effect her - but it can still protect other people from her compulsion if they ingest it.
  • FEED ME SEYMOUR - To survive properly, Katherine needs a steady supply of blood (like any vampire). Human blood makes her strongest, though animal blood will suffice in a pinch - but if she starves, she'll slowly stop functioning until she 'mummifies', going into a coma-like state.
  • riding along the woods - Part of the vampiric curse is an aversion to the very element used to help create them - so any weapon made of wood will pretty much hurt like hell. And if stabbed through the heart with a wooden stake, a vampire will die.
  • Jemi's Lupin Action Figure - lol jk actually all werewolves. A werewolf bite is fatal to a vampire, so yeah. Gotta avoid those!
  • vhy vas i naht invited to zis pahty?? - Katherine cannot enter a person's home without being invited inside by one of the residents. However, once an invitation is extended, it cannot be withdrawn at any point in time.

Psychological Weaknesses:
  • Bloodlust - Like all vampires, Katherine has her own sense of bloodlust. Of course, she's not exactly averse to killing anyone - and since she's an older vampire, she's used to controlling it when she needs to, but its still there. It's still an instinct she has no say in having, and it's never going away.
  • ah dont have a friend in de world - Katherine is an incredibly lonely person, and though she'd never admit it, this has eaten away at her for a very long time. Without anyone to really rely on, she's become rather unstable - regardless of how independent and proud she appears to be.
  • idk why everyone hates me so much... - Katherine has a nasty habit of...well, being a bitch, and pushing anyone who has the potential to be her friend away. Which is really just self-sabotage, considering how much the loneliness gets to her.
  • ...except maybe i do cuz now i hate me too - Yeah self-loathing is kind of a thing. Rather than grow hateful of everyone else because of how much she's been hurt, she's pretty much just learned to take all the blame (even when she shouldn't) and hate herself. In some ways, its enough to make her value her own life a lot less - though these sort of thoughts constantly conflict with her fierce self-preservation instincts. She's been fighting to survive for so long, she wouldn't really know how to stop, even if she wanted to.
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables... - Even after all this time, Katherine still carries a loooot of guilt at being the sole survivor of her family's slaughter. She'll pretend it doesn't faze her - but that's not the case. At all.
  • lol how do tech - Being from the nineteenth century, Katherine's a bit clueless where modern devices are concerned. But she's a quick learner.
  • AND I'M JUST THE GIRL NEXT DOOR - Having someone who shares your face isn't exactly thrilling just ask the Oswalds :]. But when that person is your natural foil, when they get everything you ever wanted; a normal life, and the ability to connect with others without being entirely dysfunction, and people who love them (people that Katherine loved first)...yeah, it kind of crushes your self-worth. being a doppleganger is suffering.

  • Vampiric Bloodline - If the vampire at the head of a bloodline is killed, the rest of the vampires in that line will slowly fade and die. In Katherine's case, the Original at the start of her line is Klaus.

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