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Rune Blackwing


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Apr 21 2014, 03:46 AM
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Rune Blackwing

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Gryphon Form, Puffball Form

Canon: Other Character (OC)
Ranking: Neutral

Age: 21 in human years (about 63 in Váltás age.) *Váltás age works kind of like dog years, making Rune 3 times her age in human years*
Gender: Female
Species: Demihuman (Gryphon Shapeshifter)

Physical Appearance:


Rune stands at 5' 5" and weighs about 150 lbs. She has a humanoid body that is rather muscular and enhanced to allow her to fly. Her hair is medium length, somewhat messy, golden blond color, and she has bright blue eyes. Jet black, eagle like, wings sprout from her back and have a wing span of about 20-25 feet. Along with having wings, Rune has a black lion tail, with a white tuft, and black lion paws for feet. For attire, she usually wears comfortable, sometimes baggy, clothing that will allow her to cut slits into so her wings and tail can poke out of. As for her ears, she has a pair of pointed humanoid ears that she usually hides behind her hair. She wears a black hat, made out of fleece, that looks like she has a pair of gryphon ears. This hat was made by her older sister since Rune hasn't grown into her ears yet since she's still considered a fledgling in her tribe.


In this form (as seen in the picture link above), Rune can change into a black gryphon with a golden yellow head, blue eyes, and grey beak. She is about the size of a young foal since she's still considered young for a gryphon. She weighs about 200 lbs in this form with a wingspan of about 33 feet.


This form is when Rune messes up in her shapeshifting sequence. She turns into a six inch tall little gryphon puffball. Her "fluff" is the same golden yellow color as her head piece in her full gryphon form, and her wings, tail, eyes, and paws are the same colors as her full form as well. She is extremely light in this form but her exact weight is unknown.


Imagine a big ball of optimism rolled in happy emotions and sprinkled with a touch of hyper activeness that you’d find in a child on a sugar high. Mold this concoction into a person and you’ve just made yourself your very own Rune! Congratulations!

Rune is a very positive, silly, being. She’s always wearing a smile on her face, and is openly friendly with everyone, even those that might want to harm her. Like this one time there was this girl she’d me that had fire powers and threatened to turn her into fried gryphon—er sorry that’s a story for another time. Anyways, if Rune sees someone that looks like they're feeling "down" she will do her best and try to cheer the person up. (Whether it be through telling a story, letting the person vent, or being silly to make them laugh.)

Rune has a tendency of being annoying at times since she can become very hyper around others. People that have met Rune have even commented that the girl should come with a warning label that reads “do not give her sugar EVER.” Which does not help that Rune is a very curious being.

She’s always open to seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and learning about things she’s never encountered before. (Though if something scares her she'll probably try and run away from it as quickly as possible.)

This curiosity, when paired with her “hyper moments,” makes her come off as even more annoying because she will ask whatever question pops into her head. Unfortunately for others, she doesn’t come with a stop button.

Moving into her more personal side, Rune tries not to show negative emotions. She’ll bottle them up and throw a happy blanket over the bottle so nobody can find it. This “bottle” hasn’t exploded yet, but only time will tell if it ever will. Though that would require a lot of poking and prodding at certain nerves—especially if someone triggers flash backs that could burn up the “happy blanket” over the bottle.

Despite being hyper, silly, and happy there are things in the world that scare her. When Rune gets scared of something, like I stated before, she will try and get as far away as possible or hide behind someone if somebody is with her. Her first instinct, even with being a gryphon, is to flee rather than stand her ground and fight. In fact, Rune is a bit of a pacifist.

However, if she feels that her friends are in danger she will try and protect them even though she’s not the greatest fighter. Rune is loyal to those who befriend her and she will protect them if she must, and she will be extremely grateful to those who will protect her.


The world Rune grew up in was called Ayesir. It was a beautiful planet made up of oceans, canyons, deserts, mountains, and vast forests. (Almost like a younger version of the Earth before human civilizations grew.)

Only two humanoid creatures lived in this world—the humans and the “tribe-kin.” Of course, those who were labeled “tribe-kin” didn’t call themselves by this name. It was a title created by humans that hated the “tribe-kin” because they were jealous that they weren’t born with magical gifts like the “tribe-kin” were.

All Tribe-kin (also known as Váltás between the tribes. *pronounced Val-tosh which means "shift" in Hungarian*), no matter what race, were born with the blood and magic of their tribe's first descendant. This descendant (whether it be a dragon, unicorn, gryphon, ect) granted its gifts to its children who gave it to their children all the way to the current generation of Váltás. These gifts allowed the descendants' relatives the ability to shapeshift into its form as well as some magical abilities depending on the tribe. (Like unicorns can use healing magic and dragons can use elemental spells.) However, magical abilities were not gifted to the gryphon tribe, but in its place they were given the gift of great wisdom.

Mostly the humans kept to themselves in their villages and kingdoms, and the “tribe-kin” kept to their tribes hidden inside the beauty of the world. For instance, Rune’s kin lived deep in a large forest due to an agreement they’d made with a dragon tribe. Their homes were made high up within the trees so creatures below wouldn’t bother them. (However, for those who can’t fly there were ladders for visitors to use to get up into the tree village.)

Rune spent most of her life in the forest with her older, blind, sister Saiya, her mother, and her father. She had a happy childhood and had a lot of friends within the tribe as well as her older cousin, Kyen, who was part of a phoenix tribe. She spent most of her childhood playing with her friends and family, but at the age of eight (human years) she had to look into what occupation she would take up in the tribe.

Her mother was a seamstress who worked with Saiya and her father was a blacksmith. However, Rune was the odd one in their family, instead of taking up seamstress work or blacksmithing like her parents and sister, she wanted to become the priestess of the tribe. (In all honesty it was actually Saiya’s idea that Rune train for the position so she gave her little sister the push to strive for it. Saiya fully believed that with Rune’s personality she’d make a wonderful priestess.)

Of course, she wasn’t alone when she showed up for training day. Quite a few other young ones in the tribe were also looking into the position. Though it wasn’t surprising that so many were interested because the position was important to the tribe. The priest, or priestess, would act as a peacekeeper in the tribe and during negotiations that may or may not be made with other tribes. This man, or woman, was said to be the wisest gryphon amongst the tribe and would use their knowledge for the better of the tribe and their allies.

Rune’s training started when she was ten years old, having gone through pre-training at the age of eight (which featured young candidates studying and expanding their minds to tap into their wisdom), and would complete her training when she turned twenty one. However, she never completed her training due to a horrific incident.

Several weeks after her twelfth birthday tragedy fell down upon her tribe.

In the village outside of the forest was filled with men that hated the tribe-kin. They worked through the black market and were looking for a new batch of gryphon feathers that they could make coin off of. At midnight they marched into the forest with weapons and torches at hand.

The humans stormed the village, using the convenient ladders, and started attacking Rune's tribe. They set houses on fire and started attacking confused village members who poked their heads out of their homes to see what was going on.

The ruckus woke Rune out of a dead sleep along with Saiya. While Saiya helped Rune get up their mother raced into the bedroom. She told them to move quickly and led them out of the house. Outside, the defenders of the tribe, and Rune’s father, were engaging with the hostile humans.

Kyen, who’d been staying with the family for three moons, rushed to Rune’s side and hefted her up over his shoulder. Saiya and Rune’s mother helped guide Saiya to safety with Kyen and Rune right behind them.

As the group started making their escape, a cry of pain reached Rune’s ears. She looked back and saw that one of the humans had struck her father through the chest, while he was in his gryphon form, with a spear. Tears streamed down her face as she cried out for her father. She reached out a hand hoping as she continued to shout for him.

She watched in horror as the hunters began to tear the feathers out of his large wings. Anger, rage, and sorrow filled Rune’s heart as she screamed at them to leave him alone. She struggled to get out of Kyen’s hold, but she couldn’t. “No, stop it! Leave him alone! Papa! Papa please wake up! PAPA!

Kyen, Saiya, Rune, and Saiya and Rune’s mother, flew away from the burning village to take refuge in the phoenix village.

Once they were settled in the village set up a memorial for those that died in the raid. Rune and her family grieved for longer than she can recall. Her mother fell victim to depression and wouldn’t leave her room, not even for meals. Saiya kept herself busy with knitting to make a piece she could put on the memorial for their fallen father.

Rune spent her time in the phoenix village until the age of eighteen. Her days mostly involved training with the guardians of the village, even though her training didn’t really improve her fighting skills. The teacher that taught the fighting class told Rune that she would never be a warrior since she did not have the ability to become a fighter. Though Rune didn’t care mostly because she was preparing for something big. She continued to show up for lessons, but every time she was easily taken down in practice. Despite her failure, Rune still held her new goal close to her. This goal being how she wanted to take her revenge on the hunters that killed her father and take back the feathers they ripped off him.

Kyen caught onto her plan and tried to talk her out of it. He told her that violence never solved anything and that her father would be disappointed in her if she continued on with her plan. At first his words went in one ear and out the other for Rune. However, when she started to see what she was becoming she realized if she went after the hunters she’d become just like them.

Instead of a path of vengeance and violence, she decided that she should travel to lands she’d never been to. Even though her mother was against it, Saiya fully approved of Rune’s wanting to get out into the world. Saiya managed to convince their mother that Rune was ready to go out on her own.

Though their mother had one condition that Rune had to promise that she’d prepare before her adventure, which Rune agreed to happily. For the next two years Rune continued to train with the guardians of the tribe as well as do a little bit of written research about what was out there in their world.

On Rune’s twenty-first birthday, after exchanging long goodbyes with Saiya, her mother, and Kyen, Rune set off on her adventure to find new lands and possibly find new friends along the well as looking for the feathers that were taken from her father's body...

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Flight - In all three of Rune's forms (humanoid, gryphon, puffball) she is able to fly.

Enhanced senses - Rune has an enhanced sense of hearing, sight, and smell.

Shapeshifting - Rune is able to shape-shift into her full gryphon form.



Physical Weaknesses:

Mortal - Rune is mortal and can be attacked, beaten up, or killed.

Vulnerable Shapeshifting - During the shapeshifting process Rune is completely vulnerable to attacks since shapeshifting, for her, is not a quick process.

Psychological Weaknesses:

Flashbacks and Nightmares - If the right buttons are pushed, Rune will sometimes have flashbacks about what happened to her tribe and her father. These flashbacks have also taken the form of nightmares that come and go as they please. In either form, they tend to cause Rune to break down emotionally.

Bottling Emotions - As stated in her personality, Rune bottles up her negative emotions--especially the ones she's kept bottled up since the attack on her tribe. She's working hard to keep these emotions repressed, but she desperately needs to vent them to someone before it explodes and makes her lash out at others.

Father's Feathers - Rune is searching for her father's feathers that were ripped off his dead body by the human hunters that destroyed her home village. The feathers are important to her, however, they could possibly light the flame of the old rage she still harbors for those that killed her father.

Humans - After the incident with her village and father, Rune has developed a fear of Humans and will usually not trust them. She is especially afraid of male Humans, since an all male hunting group attacked her village. Even though she's not as scared around female Humans she still tends to be a bit skittish around them. (Though this does not mean she and a Human can't be friends, it just takes more time for her to warm up to male Humans than a female.)


Shapeshifting Troubles - Due to the incident in her tribe, Rune never completed her training in shapeshifting, so sometimes things go wrong. Instead of changing into her full gryphon form, she will change into the puffball form instead. She is completely powerless in this form and the only ability she's kept in this form is being able to fly.

Defenseless - When in her humanoid form Rune is absolutely horrible at fighting. She's so bad that if she were caught in a fight to the death, and she couldn't shape shift into her gryphon form, she wouldn't be able to protect herself...and get herself killed.

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