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 A Guide to Jcink
 Posted: Aug 8 2013, 06:25 AM

Group: Admin
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Joined: 7-August 13
Age: 24
Location: storm's backyard
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For those of you who haven't used this host before, we understand this'll be a bit of an adjustment - but we have reason to believe that things will run a lot more smoothly and coherently here than they will on proboards v5. Our staff and jcink-experienced members will be more than happy to assist anyone who has a question, but for now, here are
some changes you should be aware of!
  • Coding - Jcink's coding is, thankfully, quite similar to proboards'. A lot of it is actually the same, and you can play with it until you feel comfortable if you need to. However! One change you'll need to quickly become aware of is the shift in alignment tags. Whereas on proboards you can use [center][/center] and [right][/right], now you'll have to use [align =center][/align], [align =right][/align*], and so on. A simple change, but one that's easy to overlook.
  • Registration - One not-so-fun thing is that you're not going to be able to change your account names without admin assistance once you've registered, so make sure you register with the exact name that you want to use.
  • Sub-Accounts - This is an AWESOME feature that you should all make use of, trust me. The sub-accounts feature enables you to link all of your accounts together, making switching between them ridiculously easy and eliminating the hassle of having to log in and out. Here's how it works. The first account you register with will be your main account, so make sure that's your OOC account. From there, log out, and create all your other old character accounts (as well as a new account for each additional character you app in the future, of course). Then, log back into your main account, scroll up to the top of the page, and click 'My Controls' at the top right. Go down to the Personal Profile tag and click 'Edit Sub-accounts'. From there, you'll be able to link your character accounts to your main OOC account as you see fit!
  • Editing Member Profiles: Remember the 'My Controls' link? Yeah, from there, you're going to be able to do a lot of profile editing, so be sure to explore that! Useful things of note are the Edit Avatar Settings option (avatars can now be as large as 150x200, instead of 100x100!), Edit Profile Info (which allows you to release information about yourself to other members as you see fit), and the My Friends system, which allows you to add other people's accounts to your profile page for easy contacting - like a buddy list. Lexi had the idea to make this a fun little IC thing, so you can actually add your character's friends to their respective pages!
I think I've more or less covered all the major differences - this host really isn't as different as it seems, guys. But if you have any more questions, as I said, feel free to ask!

I'm an old member - what do I do to get settled again?
First, create your main OOC account (using whatever you go by on the site). Then, create accounts for the rest of the characters on your roster. Once you've linked up all your sub-accounts, you can customize each account to your liking. Make sure to transfer all old applications over here - or at least, for the characters that you still want (some of you may choose to use this as a clean-out opportunity). We've temporarily opened up the Database board for everyone to post in. If your application was already accepted on the old site, just post it in the correct Database subboard - no need to get it accepted again.

From there, it's really up to you. How many old threads do you want to transfer? Members will be responsible for transferring whichever threads they wish to continue here, but please try to do so quickly! We want to make this transition as fast and seamless as possible, so we can open the site for business again.


user posted image
when the last light warms the rocks and the rattlesnakes unfold
mountain cats will come to drag away your bones
but rise with me forever across the silent sand
and the stars will be your eyes, and the wind will be my hands

 Posted: Aug 8 2013, 06:40 PM

let's get /C R E A T I V E/ 。◕‿◕。
Group: Admin
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Age: 30
Location: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a C:
Status: N/A

Hello~! Here I'll be showing you folks VISUAL DIRECTIONS to where you locate the SUB-ACCOUNTS thing-a-ma-jig! <3

STEP 1 !

STEP 2 !


user posted image
[o m f g !]

C h a r a c t e r s

{canons} Neyla, Sugar, Sasha Nein, Jill Valentine, The Trickster, Hans Westerguard, Mako Mankanshoku, Handsome Jack, Clint Barton, Taokaka, Shuu Iwamine, JunJun, Homura Akemi, Hiro Hamada // {o.c} Bao Yu Chao, Agent Popsicle, Mia, Trisha Waldgrave, Tanzanite, Zenon Yishuv, Lady Libra

Initiate PLOTTING Sequence ?
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