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Mar 17 2014, 10:44 AM
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Artificial Humanoid Coralian, pilot of Nirvash type TheEND

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Interface of theEND

Canon: Eureka Seven
Ranking: Anti-villain
Reason for being on AM: Fell through a rift shortly after engaging the Nirvash type Zero in battle.

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Artificial Humanoid Coralian, formerly human

Physical Appearance: While apparently human, Anemone's appearance is offset by several things - her hair is naturally pink, which might not be an oddity in a world inundated with those displaced from other worlds. Her eyes are purple, with a solid line of bright red running through them - a trait exhibited by Artificial Coralians, as natural ones have eyes with full red rings.

A receptor for her frequent injections was added during her experimentation - it's a metal socket placed on her jawline, on the left side of her face, and is thus fairly visible.

Personality: Anemone has built herself up from a blank slate, clawed and scraped together an identity - and the result is a jagged-edged girl, fiercely clinging to what she can.

Not that it's quite obvious at first. She's loud, confident in her abilities and importance to the point of condescension. She acts like a brat without parents, with no concept of authority and not much concern for boring things like rules and regulations. She'll act as she pleases and say what she wants, to anyone, and her sense of humour is cruel in the same way a child's can be, taking honest pleasure when other people are punished or scolded. She has a high opinion of herself, helped along since she's the only one who can pilot theEND, and thus had to be given quite a prestigious position in the military. She's inclined to pranks and mockery that are more than a little mean-spirited.

But behind this there's a fundamental and jarring innocence - she acts childish because she can't remember her true childhood, and despite her demeanour, a lot of normal things escape her. She's never been shopping, or had friends, or talked normally with people. Her life has been experiments, testing, theEND and battles, with only two people showing interest in her beyond her value as a pilot. She demands attention and acts up or insults people because she doesn't expect care or concern from those around her. Her scorn towards normal things, the connections people make and the ways they live normally, is born out of envy, and the bitter knowledge she'll never be able to experience the same.

At least, that's when she's able to think clearly. Anemone is prone to sudden and violent mood swings and emotional instability - usually ranging from uncontrolled fits of rage to complete and utter apathy, or even depression and severe insecurity. She also doesn't take her physical condition well, and is practically uncontrollable when in pain, lashing out at anyone and everyone, even if they're expressing concern. Her medicine - though eventually lethal - eliminates both her pain and her physical symptoms, and she thus considers it important, especially to have before battle. However, she knows she's dependent on it, and her opinion on it fluctuates wildly - sometimes she'll reject it completely when ordered to take it, and sometimes she'll willingly inject it herself. After all, she does need it, not only because of what it does for her, but for her own purpose.

Despite her apparent confidence and self-importance, Anemone is under no illusions concerning her own role. She needs to be strong, and efficient, and successful. If she's not, she will be killed, replaced - and she doesn't want that. She can't let herself fail.

For all that her emotional state can be fragile, Anemone is a focused person - if she has a goal, she'll pursue it with determination. Thus far, her goal has been simply doing what Colonel Dewey wants, for her own survival just as much as she genuinely wants to, but she's persistent when she has a reason to be invested. Her medicine stabilizes her somewhat, and stimulates that focus, making her not only determined but entirely ruthless, with an unnerving love for violence and death. She's slowly building up a tolerance for this effect, but the bloodthirst also makes her a better fighter - and that helps, right?

Anemone isn't blind to the fact that she's an experiment, that she's important but can be replaced - but it's better not to think about her situation too much. She's unused to making decisions on her own, and she's very much immature - but she also regained a sense of self only two years ago, and a lot of her self-centred actions and inexperience stem from that. She's very much a brat in her interactions with others, but she has never thought to expect acknowledgement and kindness just by existing. Thus the few people who do treat her well are a mixed bag - she finds it easier to deal with distanced affection than open concern. The latter is easy to perceive as mockery, thinking she's weak, while the former is her only positive contact with the person behind her current existence.

For all that she can be vicious and cruel, she's a desperate person, functioning without caring too much about what she has to do to keep going. It's what keeps her in her position in the Federation, being used as a tool despite the fact that they were the ones to experiment on her in the first place. She's lacking in direction, even if she does want to survive - but what's the problem with what she's done up until now? At least with the Federation, she's needed, and it's not like she'll ever get a chance to live normally.

Except now she's alone, with no one to turn to, no orders to follow and absolutely no idea what to do with herself.

History: In a world inhabited by the mysterious organisms known as Scub Coral, humans built their society with few attempts to understand or acknowledge them, because why bother talking to giant brittle landscapes, right??? Instead, they dug out what were termed LFOs - Light Finding Operations, humanoid-shaped organic structures buried in the coral of the planet - and fitted them with armour and nervous systems that let them be piloted by humans. After all, this is a mecha series. The Scub Coral, sensing the presence of humans, wished to be able to understand them, and budded beings known as Coralians, sentient extensions of the collective consciousness.

Two Humanoid Coralians were made - Sakuya and Eureka - but they're not all too important to this app so don't worry too much. The United Federation, aka the evil bureaucratic government and military force, was kind of stuck when Sakuya kind of turned into a lotus flower, and Eureka absconded with a terrorist group, so they decided to make their own Humanoid Coralian, as they had a super special and powerful LFO (theEND) hanging around and pretty much no one could sync and pilot it without going batshit and dying. Given LFOs all come from coral, and the super special ones can only be operated by Coralians, they had to just make their own.

This involved finding young kids whose minds were susceptible to the consciousness of the Scub Coral. And kidnapping and experimenting on them extensively, as well as injecting them with a virulent mixture of potent painkillers and Eureka's blood. This was a really great idea, obviously, and totally not unethical in the least. Most of the experiments failed, with the girls left dead husks.

One didn't.

Anemone, predictably given this is all in her history, was the girl who survived, due to two things - her absurdly stubborn resistance to the serum, and an equally strong connection to the Scrub Coral consciousness. This made her the sole functioning and successful Artificial Humanoid Coralian, and instantly gained her a high position in the military as the pilot of theEND.

If after the experiments she was an almost emotionless doll, whose personality and identity developed in fits of fury and pain -

If she remembered practically nothing of who she had once been, if she was fiercely dependent on medication and the serum and suffered from physical consequences of the experiments and regularly became bloodthirsty and uncontrollable during missions -

Well, they had a pilot, and a tool, and that was all that really figured in the plans of the higher ups. That they wrecked a girl's life and rendered her almost inhuman and with no chance of any life after she was used up, well, it's not like she knew what she was missing out on.

Her life from then on was pretty crappy - she got saddled with Dominic, a caretaker from Intelligence who might well have been the only person to genuinely give a shit about her, was regularly injected with medication for battle - whether she wanted to be or not - and then went forth to pilot theEND. Their opponent turned out to be theEND's mirror, the Nirvash type Zero, and while Anemone outclassed them and defeated them effortlessly, she recklessly fired the Vascud Crisis at close-range, prompting the Zero to deflect it with its own energy, which sent them both spiralling downward.

And in Anemone's case, right through a rift.

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show us what you're made of

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best pilot ever :OOO - When piloting theEND, Anemone is almost unmatched by any other LFO in the sky - she's fast and unpredictable, with an impressive array of weapons and brutality to match. Even without the serum, she's got ridiculously fast reflexes, intuitively knows how to use theEND to its full potential and can handle the strain of piloting it far more than most. So basically she's hella fast and skilled even by non LFO standards, bye.

CORALIAN SHIT - Anemone, as an Artificial Coralian, could technically do a lot of things - including serving as an alternate centre of consciousness for the entire species - buuut given there's no coral on AM, her abilities are limited in scope. Anemone has a rudimentary sense of the world around her - she can feel rifts forming and sense distortions in time or space, as well as strong magic and abilities, since Coralians can warp reality freely. However, this also causes her headaches so it's kind of not a fun thing. She also is connected to theEND, and hypothetically, if her intentions and emotions were strong enough, it could awaken to full sentience and move on its own as her partner without her piloting it. Right now, that's impossible though.

street fighting lol - Anemone isn't a trained fighter, and she doesn't have sustained super strength or anything - but she's a quick and dirty fighter in a scrap, and if motivated, is surprisingly brutal in dealing with people. She's able to hurt even trained soldiers, if given the element of surprise, but she also has no idea how to use weapons outside of theEND.

secretly steel-type - Anemone has a very strong constitution, or had originally, before the experimentation and piloting theEND took its toll. Despite this, she has an absurdly high resistance to foreign substances, and both drugs and poisons have lessened effects on her.

TheEND - A Nirvash type LFO, theEND is, fundamentally, a large black sentient mecha that's bristling with weapons. It's more organic than most, with unnervingly biological eyes. Anemone is the only person who can pilot it, as anyone else controlling it would put enough physical and mental strain on their body to severely injure or kill them, and that's if they could get it to respond at all. They also share a telepathic connection - theEND is receptive to Anemone's intentions and emotions, and she can sense what it wants (mostly violence and bloodshed) as well as subtle things such as if it's damaged and what needs to be fixed.

Like all LFOs, it's capable of flight by riding "trapar waves", which are generated by the Scub Coral of Anemone's world. However, given there is no coral and thus no waves on AM, theEND will have to settle for using the rocket on its back to fly. Unlike regular LFOs or mechas anywhere, Anemone controls it by attaching herself to a weird, organic frame that's covered with eyes, directly inside the head.

It has weapons, time to get into those:
  • Retractable metal claws. Fairly basic, except it can fire them at distant enemies, and keep them attached to itself by a cable. And control the flight path with rockets. I'm fairly sure this is super cheap.
  • It also has two scythe-like knives.
  • It has three separate sets of homing lasers, with twelve lasers to each set. They're small and not too powerful individually, but theEND typically launches them all at once which leads to a clusterfuck of lasers homing in on your face.
  • As well, it's got the traditional lift board of all LFOs - basically a large, razor-edged metal board that is used to ride trapar waves. However it's also big and dense and sharp, and in theEND's case, can split apart into two nimbler ski blades. These can be used in combat as well as for flight.
  • Finally, theEND's ultimate weapon - a direct energy weapon called the "Vascud Crisis", which is fired from two plates on its chest. It ignores armour and metal, and instead causes damage to anything organic, as well as mentally flooding the target with concentrated malice and negativity. It's equally dangerous at long range, as upon impact it creates a massive shockwave no matter what it hits.
She also has her syringe full of dubious bloodthirsty serum, but only enough for one dose.

Physical Weaknesses:
Desperation Disease - Anemone is one of the many from her world whose minds are subject to the pull of the Scub Coral consciousness. This typically manifests as complete and utter unresponsiveness in the person as their mind communicates with the collective, but Anemone, due to her strong will and the lengthy experimentation, never got to that point. Here, where she can't even feel the consciousness, the risk is actually the opposite - its sudden absence puts further strain on her body and mind. It should be there, and it isn't - and since it isn't, as a Coralian she should be trying to spread the coral herself. Not that she knows how or has any inclination to do so.

experimentation sucks let's not - Anemone has kind of had a shitty life! Thanks to the experiments and the drugs and theEND, her health isn't the best. On good days, she's fine, but good days are rare - she's prone to sudden nosebleeds and headaches, ranging from mild aches to full on migraines.

lolmeds - Anemone has a growing dependence to the "medicine" she's given that handles all her physical symptoms and emotions. It's very potent, and it'll kill her in time - but it's also what makes her capable of fighting properly.

mortality - Anemone is all too mortal, and can be killed through all the normal human means of dying.

Psychological Weaknesses:
ugh instability - Anemone suffers from frequent and strong mood swings, which are overwhelmingly negative - she might become violent, or apathetic, or completely bitter and depressed. However frustrating they might be to others, they're far more of a strain for her to go through.

yOU'RE GONNA MELT AWAY - In addition to that, the medication she's given before battles has honed an unnervingly powerful bloodlust, and in battle she's often controlled more by it than her usual personality.

gOTTA WIN - Anemone doesn't take well to failure. Failing means there's something wrong with her, it means she's disappointed Dewey and could potentially be killed for it - she takes any sort of defeat extremely personally.

lol @ u - Anemone's standard method of dealing with people is being scornful, mocking and p. much a brat. She's not going to win herself friends any time soon. She's undeniably self-centred, and not inclined to trust anyone or treat them with any kind of courtesy.

if I could be cleverer - Given she was a blank slate forcibly wiped clean just two years ago, Anemone is incredibly immature. All she knows about the world is what she's personally experienced, and that really isn't much at all. It makes her far more childish than one would think a teenager should be, and also gullible - she's easy to manipulate.

disappearance of hope - She's susceptible to both panic attacks and depression, and a great deal of her identity and goal is based on what is expected of her. She's never had the hope of something different, and would be extremely lost and hesitant, if not outright in denial of trying to change her life, even if the result would be far healthier.

petition to make anemone the real protag of eureka seven

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tell us who you are

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