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Amy Tsai

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Mar 30 2014, 10:35 PM
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Amy Tsai
Project Data, Data

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Ranking: Neutral
Reason for being on AM: Coping with amnesia after "the incident", she's trying to find her friends and since so much has changed while remaining dormant/offline...things are gonna take some getting used to. Along the way, she figures it might be good to help others out with her abilities and possibly even forge a new life. For certain, she knows that there may be some good things left from her past, but at the same time she doesn't mind trying to make the best of a fresh slate either!

Age: Twenty one
Gender: Female
Species: Initially human, experimented on a great deal to become more of a multi-purpose cyborg. cause that's a great idea

Physical Appearance:

Personality: Amy Tsai, or the name she believes is her's, Data, is a girl who seems to live in a constant fog of her life before "the incident" took place and knows little to nothing about herself. All Data knows is that she strongly feels as though when any of the people she's looking for cross paths with her again, she'll know. If these feelings are strong enough to survive severe memory loss after being in what felt like a coma, then her heart will be her guide...or what's left of it anyway. All is normal, all is well with me is something she firmly believes and that some people are just born different. All the gaps within her memory seem to include the fact that she was experimented on and leave her ignorant to the harsh cold reality of what her back story is really like.

Even though she isn't all that far off from who she used to be, Data managed to retain how she was and not a complete circle as to who and sometimes it's a bit of a struggle when she's made aware of this. The feelings remaining within her memories help strengthen her firm grip on hope and that she'll one day have a chance to find out who she is and even if she doesn't, that doesn't matter. All that matters is trying to make her way in this world that's oh so very different from what she recalls and making the very best of it. Despite how she opts to be nice and makes a valiant effort to remain oddly optimistic, she's not completely naive and will defend those who she perceives as good when they're nice to her to the point of stating her opinions. They may not be the sweetest words, but she won't sugar coat things much if at all for those who are being rude.

Yeah, that makes her kinda harsh herself at times, but it's not as though she's an instigator going around insulting people intentionally. Though admittedly, she'll have a slip of the tongue and let her curiosity get the best of her with a question that may not exactly be the most appropriate in the whole wide world. Then there are times where as much as she'd prefer to not steal from others, survival is important and it's one of the things that she's got a natural talent for and others where she'll be scrounging trashcans due to not completely feeling up to stealing. Either way, she's the sort of person who will offer what little she has to express her gratitude and try to make something nice for those who have shown her kindness.

Despite being a homeless person of sorts who will commonly be found sleeping under the bench or some other place, she tries to mind her manners and attempt to be polite in a casual fashion. When someone appears to be in distress, this young lady will do what she can to help them and in extreme situations utilizing the more offensive tactics and claim that they're TOTALLY NORMAL in the event she's in her right mind. Even though her personality is in tact for the most part from who she used to be and that managed to survive the damage, there is a side of her that resulted as a conflict in...well...what they turned her into.

So there's a side of her that jumps right to violence rather than "Woah...hey, let's try to use our words?" as an option. A side of her that goes to the extreme spectrum of her emotions at times to the point of being mechanical. If the individual in question she's trying to protect tells her to stop, she'll stop and back off. If they cheer her on to beat up the culprit, she'll be sure to do so without killing them. If they insinuate any desire to have the one she's standing up against have an encounter with death, she'll make an effort to kill them.

This side of her does have a mind of its own and even though it doesn't have as good of a grasp on emotions to the point where it's almost like they simply don't exist, it's just a bit more harsh in judgement to put it lightly. Almost to the point of seeming cold and distant unless interacting with someone of importance, then she'll show a twisted sense of kindness to show that somewhere under that stoic nature is the person they initially befriended. Whether it's crafting a little doll or trinket out of scrap cloth or displaying a sense of concern or care, if someone is important enough this side of her will go out of their way to show it. When encountering strangers, this side of her will keep banter to a minimum and try getting to the point and possibly a bit awkward in terms of communication.

All in all, she's a lot more laid back than she used to be before getting experimented on and is almost like a glimpse of who she once was. Almost like a husk since realistically, she's sort of a walking corpse being kept alive by nanobots supporting tech intertwined with flesh and part of her subconscious mind is clinging tightly onto her remaining humanity. Whereas the other side discarded most evidence of humanity in favor of just a shred at most.

History: The video flicked on and revealed a woman in her mid thirties wearing an outfit reminiscent of a maid with Victorian flair and even wore a bonnet as if she were out of some sort of older movie. A little girl with short, messy black hair in a puffy white dress looking as though she was ready for Easter or perhaps a fancy party. "Okay Amy, are you ready?" Giving a slow couple of nods with a large smile, the child seemed nothing short of upbeat and full of life. "Uh huh!" "Oh! I almost forgot, here.." The woman smiled gently while putting on a bow hair clip which was centered by what appeared to be a crystalline heart, little ribbons dangling down from the centerpiece. Fiddling around with the dangling ribbons which appeared to have gemstones attached to them, Amy let out a squeak of delight before giggling. "Alright! Now we're all set!"

Letting out an excitable gasp escape, she quickly turned to the camera and pointed enthusiastically to the hair piece. "Hi hi hi hi hi mommy and daddy! I got your birthday gift just in time and I'm gonna wear it lots and lots and lots and bunches and whenever I can! Right Nana?" Sharing a fond smile, the woman nicknamed Nana shared a fond little smile before lightly fussing with her hair. "Amy, it's for special occasions like's such a silly thing..." Giving off a playful little pout for a moment, she quickly seemed to cheer up and eagerly reached up to Nana's shoulders. "Like my birthday! It's October first! I remembered like I said I would!" After receiving a little nod, Amy quickly turned to the screen and pointed up to herself. "See! When we see each other again, I'll wear it and it'll look really pretty because you got it! I'm doing really good in my studies and and and and and and I think it would be really really really reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally nice if you could surprise visit me today! It's a special day! It's my birthday and I'm gonna be FIIIIIIIVE! It's a big big number and I'm gonna grow up to be big like the number! If you don't mysteeerrrriiiiioooouuuuslyyyyyyyyy show up, that's okay! You will one day and Nana's always super duper nice to me so she's got it! I'M GONNA HUG NANA AND PRETEND IT'S THE BOTH OF YOU! BYE I LOVE YOU, MOMMY N' DADDY!"

Hugging tightly onto Nana while nuzzling her face against her, the woman returned the hug and spoke in a soothing voice, "They love you too, Amy, even if they don't say it..." "Uh huh! I know! They love me lots and bunches and OODLES!" After those words, Nana looked toward the camera giving it a somewhat stern look. Almost as though to quietly tell the viewers that they were missing out on so many precious years.

The video seemed a bit damaged and broken all to reveal what appeared to be an older version of the child, Amy. The date marked that seven years had passed by since the first one. Starring at the camera with a slight smile after finishing some adjustments, the twelve year old girl backed away with her hands behind her back. It "I know you're both really busy, mom and dad, too busy to visit and that's okay. Nana's told me before how hard it is for you guys and it's'd be nice to meet you both since my memories are fuzzy from when we weren't so far apart. Soooo I'm gonna find you guys! Same with Nana, something came up and she hasn't come back. I've been outside once in a while with the people your friends call commoners, they're really nice and I think I'm going to go on an adventure with this! I'll be okay or should be okay, I made lots of friends and they're kind like family in a way. I went with Nana during her volunteer work and I think I'll be away from home for a while. I'll keep in touch though if I can! I'll see you soon!" Waving good bye to the camera and holding out the ribbon from her younger years for a moment, she got all up in its business and the video footage deteriorated.

After going missing, without Nana around to keep an eye out for her, it's like she just disappeared. Amy Tsai's parents didn't really pay much mind to it since they were more focused on their business and expanding as much as possible. In a way, their daughter was nothing more than an entity drifting around one of their mansions with a caretaker who was the most prominent parental figure she'd ever known for most of her life. On her little adventure, she found out that Nana got caught up in a car accident...but for some reason someone took the body before the police could get to the scene in time. Unable to return to a lonely home, Amy struggled to cope but tried to keep on the brighter side of things and at one point convinced herself that maybe Nana was still alive.

Living within little homeless communities for four years and feeling as though she truly found a family outside of the only one she was used to. Though not all of them had some criminal background to them, the ones who did would go out and steal food when shelters were unable to help. Amy, of course, was ambitious and wanted to help since she felt like it was her duty to help pull her weight and had proven useful since she was easy enough for people to trust. Finding she was not only light on her feet, quick and agile to boot, she became a regular with the group and began to do more than just act as a distraction. They even taught her some tricks utilizing slide of hand and how to pick a pocket while going unnoticed...well unless the person was wearing skinny jeans. All of them had a surprising amount of fun and even though they weren't exactly following the guidelines of society, they were like a family and took care of one another. No one was left behind. This went on until sometime soon after her sixteenth birthday where they stole from the wrong people.

Her new family thought that perhaps she went ahead, but instead she was trying to get some medicine for someone in their homeless community who was suffering a great deal. They took the time to give her a sense of home schooling so that even if she couldn't get education like them, she would still learn and keep up with everything. The high spirited girl found herself caught with the person who fit the description of Nana and had to ask where she was and if she was really alive. Of course, they told her that Nana was working for their organization all along and that she talked about Amy a great deal to the point where it was a delightful surprise to see her. Even assuring her that she and Nana could live a happy life together then even meet her parents. Hook, line, sucker is what became of Amy Tsai as she bit the bait.

Nana was most certainly there, but barely alive, if one could even call it that and struggling to keep up with all the duties of being their data retriever. It was hard to recognize the woman who had been there for her with how mangled Nana looked and it was hard to keep positive in light of all this. For once, she couldn't help but feel like someone was better off dead. As happy as her caretaker looked to see her, it was painstakingly obvious that she was in pain. In the woman's eyes, she had barely any will to live and it was heart breaking for the teen who went from fancy outfits to hoodies and cargo pants. They wanted to use her for ransom and just dupe her parents, but she told them that she hadn't seen her parents most of her life and that the only person who would of been willing to pay is already their puppet.

This eerie coincidence of destiny playing it's morbid melody as she cracked and actually tried to attack them in an effort to possibly beat up a group of adults. Losing rational thought to a small ray of hope that living on the streets as a modern day Robin Hood would give her the upper hand. Despite what she learned, they overpowered her and left Amy struggling to breathe while choking on her own blood. A discussion took place over her tattered body and it ended up guiding to taking Nana's place and in turn, they would put her caretaker down peacefully if the experiment went successfully. Besides, they needed an upgrade that would at the very least be more sturdy.

Only taking a moment to register what they were telling her in the fog of pain piercing her body, Amy agreed and found herself blacking out from enduring not only copious amounts of pain...but a ridiculous amount of blood loss. When she woke up, she felt okay for the most part and found when she looked into a mirror beyond her messy hair that her eyes looked...pretty odd. In every sense of the word. They ran tests to see how well her new traits were working out and they seemed to be doing quite good. What if they could do more? The girl was stable enough so they kept pushing the envelope and decided to go so far as to complimenting her ability as a thief with another series of experiments which lead her to being capable of turning into a living copying machine. All by taking a combination of gathered data and adjusting her body with nanobots which would work with the cybernetics in her body to alter it for cracking security systems on a digital and physical scale.

When they were content at the progress, Nana was peacefully put out of her misery as they promised...surprisingly enough. That is when she began viewing her name as Data when they assumed full control. Further testing proved that the AI and hardware intertwined with her flesh were even capable of mimicking power sets if it were to face enough situations allowing the evolution and adaption to take place. Using Amy...or Data, rather, to acquire power in the form of wealth and information, they pushed her to and beyond the limit to such an extent the nanobots needed to be upgraded for supporting both organic and inorganic fragments of her body since it was killing her slowly. The more she pushed, the more her body suffered a great deal of recoil.

At some point, a glitch took place and snapped into acting on the part of her that was willing to handle things in a violent fashion. Certainly it was beneficial for a while until the new side of her took things a bit too far and got the skeevy organization in more trouble than they could handle. Taking the opportunity to escape, she found herself gradually flipping back to normal not completely aware of what happened and leaving her neurological state somewhat questionable. It could retain data, but her life was foggy and all she knew is she was Data and had a nice little nickname of Amy Tsai who had no where to go. Bluntly put, homeless. Trying to forge new memories, she definitely made friends and even became a vigilante to use her natural talents for the better good.

Even going so far as to following the urge to protect homeless people when they got harassed. Something hinted off that they had some sort of connection, but as to what exactly was unsure...but they made her reflect on how nice it could be to have a family who cared for one another and didn't need to be rich for happiness. As she began to piece together a new life with friends and those who cared deeply about her, Data found herself in an unfortunate predicament one day. Trying to fend off a meta human by utilizing a power set that was well beyond her body's limit as a last ditch effort to save those she cared about caused a double edged victory. She won the fight, but her body was so heavily damaged that she fell into a coma for a few years as the nanobots were trying to restore everything.

With her body left in the basement of an old building, she woke up and made her way into a scenery that felt familiar...yet so very different. Having no memories of what her life was like aside from knowing there were important people she hadn't a clue what they looked like...that she had to find them. More importantly, she had to do her best to make it in a world she may no longer understand since apparently there were new matters to handle like these alleged rifts and rifters. Would she even find anything from her life before it vanished into a fog or was it another attempt to start fresh? It was like dejavu when reflecting on how she knew so much but so little all at the same time.

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Abilities: From passive to offensive, she's got an array of abilities to be had.

Data Collector ->

Data Duplication ->

Security override ->

Defense Mode/Glitch Activation ->

Recovery Mode ->

Power Set Duplication Replication ->

Physical Weaknesses:
Psychological Weaknesses:

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