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May 22 2014, 02:28 PM
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alayne de courseilles | alayne ardurivi

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Canon: OC
Ranking: Hero

Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Physical Appearance: For someone who's lived in a cave and among dragons for most of her life, Alayne actually presents herself rather well. She still dresses like a princess, if a bit less for ornamentation and more for practicality. The dresses Ari conjures for her are loose-fitting, particularly around the skirt area, things that she mostly won't mind getting a bit dirty when they go adventuring together. The quiver of arrows on her shoulder and her bow are ever-present when she's out anywhere, one can never tell when one will need it, after all.

She's a fairly pretty girl, with a build that manages to be slender and also give a hint that she's quite less soft than she seems. In particular, Alayne's arms are rather strong from years of handling a bow, and it definitely shows. She's not the small, soft creature that arrived in Chryseis' cave some years ago, but then again, there's more than enough femininity left in her build to hint that she once was.

At 5'6" she's maybe just a little over the average height and leaning on the tall side, and she still has the tendency to hold herself like royalty. It's not due to her being haughty, it's just something that was drilled into her from a young age by her mother and that she's never been able to completely break herself from.

Personality: Imagine, if you will, the usual archetype of a princess, the ones you see in fairy tales. Kind and patient, demure, caring and brave, a girl capable of both charming the masses and persevering throughout the struggles that life throws her way, all without allowing cynicism or sorrow to overcome her, and possessing the ability to make the best out of even the darkest of situations.

Alayne is all of this and more.

But, where more of said archetype would have no use for these traits outside of their story and would have little else to do but passively allow the events to guide her along, Alayne is clever and made of stuff that's just a bit stronger. For, while she is indeed kind and gentle and caring, she knows how to be kind and gentle and caring to her advantage, even to the point of being manipulative. Growing up among dragons, creatures far larger and stronger than she, Alayne quickly learned to use the only other weapon she had besides the bow and arrow she kept by her side to prove to them that she was no ordinary human, her voice.

She's surprisingly diplomatic for a girl who fled her royal life before she was old enough to begin learning the ways of the court, possessing both a natural cleverness and rationality, and the teachings of her dragon mother, Chryseis, to guide her. Alayne far prefers talking her way out of a bad situation, reasoning with her enemy rather than immediately drawing weapons in order to solve her problems. Make no mistake, though, she carries her bow and arrow for a reason and she's not one to flinch away from using them if need be.

That being said, though, she often overestimates herself in her ability to talk her way out of trouble. Not everything can be reasoned with, after all, but that doesn't mean she won't try, usually resulting in her having bitten off far more than she can chew, metaphorically speaking. And, sometimes, when that happens, not even her arrows can help get her out of danger.

For all her silver tongue, Alayne does have a genuinely good heart. She is kind, after all, even if her interactions with humans are probably going to be a bit...clumsy, at first. She's been around dragons for the past six years of her life, they've been more of a family to her than her biological one, and she's not particularly used to a lot of human customs, even if she can go through the motions well enough from memory. She's far more comfortable around dragons than people, but she has no qualms with interacting with people all the same.

She has a certain drive to come to the aid of those being belittled, physically or otherwise, perhaps due to her own past. No one deserves to be treated in such a fashion, and Alayne knows this better than anyone. Her feelings are particularly strong when it comes to the treatment of magical creatures, dragons being only one example. Though the creatures of her world were rarely persecuted, given that they stayed so far away from humans, she's seen enough examples of the sort of people who are willing to kill and torture mythical creatures needlessly, and suffice to say, she doesn't particularly like it.

While Alayne is strong, certainly, for having come out of a childhood like hers the way that she is, it's a quiet strength. Unless provoked, she's actually a bit more understated than you would think from a girl who spent the betters years of her life among dragons of all creatures, but while she's kind and polite, and even engaging and playful, it's never in a particularly outspoken or bold manner. Even when she goes get angry, it's never lashing out at anyone, but rather, a controlled sort of coldness. Emotional control is key to her, she's learned to have it in place from a young age, and though she's learned by now not to completely close herself off to others, it's definitely still a part of her general demeanor.

Don't be mistaken though, there is a playful side to her, and a compassionate one. If she's close enough to someone, she certainly isn't above teasing them or just making remarks that will make them smile or laugh. She hates seeing the people she's close to upset, or anyone, really, who hasn't upset her before in the past. There's also a certain sense of loyalty to her, and she's perfectly willing to stand with her companions when it comes to them being threatened or fighting for what they believe it, as long as it isn't something with negative consequences.

She possesses something of a connection to nature, if not an actual spiritual or physical one. Outdoors is one of her favorite places to be, whether she's hunting or just exploring, and she's quite adept at living off the land, if need be. There's definitely an adventurous spark to her, and one of courage as well. She's not one to shy from anything, even the most dangerous of situations.

Alayne is a princess, yes, but no one ever said that princesses had to be fearful.

History: The girl known currently as Alayne Firesinger wasn't always called by that name. By birth, she was Alayne de Courseilles, the only daughter of the royal family in a kingdom known as Cadelania. The king and queen, Ulric de Courseilles and his wife, Edonea, were fair and just rulers, for the most part, but, unfortunately, were not the sort of couple that should have ever had children. For all her political know-how and knife-sharp wit, Queen Edonea was a shrewd woman, striving for perfection and for her kingdom to run like a particularly well-wound clock, with each gear falling perfectly into place.

King Ulric was a distant man, the eldest son of the former king, and therefore preoccupied mostly with ensuring that his two younger brothers wouldn't be tempted to take his place on the throne until their time came, if it ever did. The next oldest brother, Gilderon de Courseilles, in particular, was a rather ambitious man and therefore, despite his apparent disinterest in the throne, Ulric kept a close watch on him.

As customs dictated, the king and queen were to bear children that would either be sons and heirs to the throne or daughters to be married off to the princes of neighboring kingdoms. Edonea's first pregnancy was a difficult one, and left her unable to tend to her kingdom in the manner she was usually able to. The queen was almost constantly restless and even, at times, came to resent the child growing within her.

Finally, after a grueling nine months, Queen Edonea gave birth to a baby girl, whom she and the king named Alayne.

It was perhaps a disappointment to the king, that his eldest child would be a girl and unable to ascend to the throne, by the laws of Cadelania, but his hopes were high in that his wife would certainly be able to conceive a son, given that they were both young enough still. Unfortunately, however, there had been a reason for Edonea's difficult pregnancy. Alayne would be the couple's only child, for should the queen bear another, it would almost certainly end in her death.

For the first years of her childhood, Alayne was placed in the care of a handmaiden by the name of Emeline, who was only a young adult when she began to care for the young Alayne. Under her watchful, patient eye, the princess grew from infant to child, mostly keeping to the nursery unless needed to be present for visitors and the occasional ceremony or celebration.

Perhaps under the parenting of those more fit to raise a child, Alayne might have been an exceptionally happy child, bright and adventurous and full of light. However, when she was six, her mother began to visit her daily, and it was rare that these times were ever particularly pleasant. Alayne was a loose cog in the clockwork that was Queen Edonea's life, a daughter where a son would have been more useful, and that coupled with her past resentment during her pregnancy, were driving influences in the manner that she treated her daughter.

With her mother's daily visits, Alayne was put under constant criticism from the woman she had, in her earlier childhood, viewed as mysterious and brilliant as a distant star, beautiful, but unreachable, no matter how much she wanted. While the queen was never outright hostile, her occasional biting comments on nearly ever aspect of her daughter's being were enough to grate away at Alayne's view of herself.

As she grew older, Emeline began to teach her of the smaller things a princess would need to learn, and though she excelled greatly in some things (and not so much in others), there was nothing that could bring about anything more than a rather bland comment from her mother at best, and a carefully disguised insult at the worst. Nothing she attempted could impress the woman that she had loved unconditionally, without ever really knowing her apart from the occasional glimpses in her childhood, though she tried many times. Her father was no better, more concerned with his power than with his daughter, whom he occasionally viewed as the reason for his paranoia at all.

Alayne's only sanctuary, ironically enough, was with her uncle, Gilderon. An unmarried man of twenty-nine, only a year younger than his older brother, Gilderon was indeed ambitious, but had his sights set elsewhere, contrary to Ulric's belief. He couldn't visit his niece very often, but with him, and Emeline as well, Alayne was able to allow herself to be built up, if only a little bit. Perhaps it wasn't much, but it was still some spark of goodness in her life, and it was the only time in which the girl began to thrive, even if it wasn't for long.

This continued for years, and by the time Alayne was twelve, an ember of rebellion had begun to ignite within her. Though her mother's criticisms and her father's neglect often wore on her, there was a small part of her that was unwilling to bow to their whims, particularly her mother's.

Something finally snapped within her one night, when Edonea was in a particularly foul mood and finally let slip that her daughter was to be used as nothing more than a bargaining chip, something to entice the nearby royal families into forming an alliance through the marriage of her and one of their sons. Suddenly, the normally soft-spoken Alayne was screaming, refusing to be part in the political games that her mother so often played. The arguing escalated and escalated until finally, for the first time in her life, Edonea struck Alayne, hitting her hard across the face and putting an end to it all.

The next morning, despite her mother's wishes that she stay in her rooms, Alayne sought out Gilderon and told him of what had happened the night before. Almost immediately, plans were made that might allow Alayne to escape.

Being a well-connected man, Gilderon sent word immediately to his friends in a neighboring kingdom that would house Alayne and treat her as their own child, forging a story about her being a relative who's parents had recently died. It was set for her to leave the castle two weeks after the incident occurred, and while Alayne was terrified of beginning a new life so far away from all she had ever known, she knew that it had to be better there than it ever was in Cadelania.

She endured another two weeks of her mother, withdrawing into her soft-spoken, quiet shell whenever the woman was around, and finally, finally came the night of her escape.

Emeline helped to smuggle her out of the castle, dressing the young princess in servant's clothes and making the rooms look as though they'd been ransacked by some felon who had perhaps decided to kidnap and ransom the king and queen's only daughter. She led her down the stables where Gilderon was waiting with horses for both himself and Alayne and together, they rode towards the forest separating Cadelania from the neighboring kingdom of Maredia, where Alayne's new life awaited her.

Unfortunately, Alayne's destroyed rooms were found far before the reached the edge of the forest, and King Ulric sent his men out to search for his missing daughter. By the time Alayne had ventured into the forest herself, Gilderon staying behind to attempt to dissuade any members of the king's scouting party to enter the woods, they were already fast approaching and even the word of king's brother couldn't keep them from her.

It was inevitable, that they would catch up.

They spoke to her first, attempting to lure her back to the castle, but Alayne remained stubborn and silent. Finally, as were the king's orders, they began to use force, grabbing first at her horse and then Alayne herself, attempting to pull her onto their own horses and ride off with her in tow. Terrified, Alayne fought them off as best she could, but she was only a twelve year old girl and they were many strong and well-trained men. All hope for her seemed lost and in a fit of terror, she screamed.

And a torrent of flame suddenly washed over the men, knocking them all to the ground, burnt and unconscious.

Now, it just so happened that, passing overheard in the clouds, was a dragon. Dragons were known to live in the mountains beyond Cadelania, but they were rarely seen and generally regarded as a myth by most of the residents of the kingdom. This was, of course, completely false, but dragons avoided humans as a rule, given that they were generally regarded as useless, even as a meal.

This dragon was called Chryseis Goldentongue, and she was attracted to the scene of Alayne's near-capture, not by the girl's screaming, but by the sudden flash of flame among the trees, flame that could only be summoned forth by magic. Happening upon the now-unconscious Alayne, it took only a few moments of regarding her and knowing her to be the source of the sudden flames, for Chryseis to come to the conclusion that this child was quite clearly more dragon than human, with abilities like hers, scoop her carefully up in her claws and soar into the sky.

And that was how Alayne came to the kingdom of dragons.

She awoke mere hours later, not back in the castle where she was sure she would have been taken, but on the cold stone floor of a cave. Confused and frightened and completely unsure of where she had been taken, Alayne attempted to escape, but said attempt was cut short by the arrival of Chryseis and her daughter, Arianrhod, just returned from their morning hunt. It took quite some time for both of them to coax out the terrified princess hiding behind one of the larger rock formations in the cave, but at last, Chryseis' gentle tone, despite her large size, managed to do the trick.

When she had finally ensured the princess that she wasn't about to be eaten, the mother dragon explained as best she could manage. A human possessing the magic that normally belonged to dragons was one of the world's greatest rarities.

Because of this, Chryseis offered her a proposal. Alayne could stay in the valley that the dragons of Cadelania called home, where she would be taken care of and taught to possibly use the magic bestowed to her, or Chryseis would take her to wherever she was going in order to begin her new life there. After much consideration, Alayne finally decided that she couldn't possibly turn down a chance to learn about this new part of her, no matter how nerve-wracking it was being around such massive and dangerous creatures, and she agreed to stay with Chryseis and her daughter.

It was hard-going for her at first. Accustomed to life in a palace, no matter how miserable it had been, it took Alayne some time to get used to living in Chryseis' cave, although the dragon mother did her best to ensure that her new ward was comfortable. On top of that, Arianrhod, unlike her mother, had a few suspicions about Alayne as well, assuming that, once the king and queen figured out where she'd gone, the humans would begin sending people to rescue her and thus cause discord in the usually peaceful world of the dragons.

Alayne's lessons, too, were difficult, given her past with attempting to impress the queen. She pushed herself far too hard and, despite Chryseis being a far more patience and encouraging tutor than her mother could ever wish to be, Alayne often withdrew when her lessons would inevitably end in her failure.

It wasn't until the day that Alayne discovered something deep within the caverns of Chryseis' hoard that she began to feel that things might be different in this place. Dragons were often ranked by the amount of treasure they had collected over their centuries of living, and Chryseis was one of the more esteemed dragons in the valley, having collected caves and caves full of gems and gold and other human artifacts.

What Alayne found, though, wasn't jewels or anything of monetary worth, but a lovingly-crafted wooden bow and a leather quiver of razor-sharp arrows. She'd seen her father's archers at home and often admired the way they could strike something from so far away. Perhaps if magic wasn't to be her forte for now, she could find something else to call her own, and maybe, just maybe, this bow was the key to doing so.

Of course, she hardly evolved into the perfect archer over-night, but it was something Alayne was determined to work at. Using the trees that grew on the cliff outside their cave as targets, she practiced and practiced, her aim improving until finally, she began to attempt to hit moving targets and finally, to bring down actual prey, which she would bring home for herself, Chyrseis and Arianrhod. By the time she was sixteen, Alayne was a near-perfect shot, and an accomplished hunter herself.

It was around this point when Arianrhod began to give up her suspicions, seeing as it had been four years without any intrusions from the humans in the kingdom beyond the valley. She and Alayne began to work together, hunting down bigger prey down below their cave, in the valley, Ari often using her own magical abilities to enchant Alayne's arrows in order to allow them to rarely miss their target. The two, despite differing personalities, struck up a bond that was quite close to sisterhood, and often spent days in each other's company, just exploring or hunting or relaxing in the valley.

Even though her magical prowess had progressed very little, it hardly mattered anymore to Alayne. Under Chryseis' guidance and with Ari's friendship, the years that she'd suffered under her mother were melting away, and, slowly but surely, she was beginning to heal.

It was during this time that Alayne, having come home one night with Ari dragging the body of a slain creature that had been terrorizing the valley for months, received her last name. Dragons were very particular about last names in the valley, they were other given to dragons that had proved themselves to be worthy of them. Chryseis granted Alayne the last name 'Firesinger' or 'Ardurivi', in the tongue of dragons, in honor of the event that had led her to them, and from that moment on Alayne de Courseilles was no more.

She was Alayne Firesinger now.

But, as good as things were, they weren't destined to remain that way.

Beyond the kingdom of Cadelania and the valley of dragons, the forests thinned out into a wasteland of cracked and dry earth, where few creatures were able to survive the harsh environment. Few ventured there and those that did rarely returned, owing in part to the noxious pools of venom that bubbled among the formations of stone littering the landscape.

Then again, it might also have been due to the dragon that made his home there.

Aiuh Adrachma was a rare form of dragon, one that had no magic to call his own, and he had allowed that to embitter him. Rather than being exiled, as many would suspect, he had simply fled the valley, bitterly jealous of the dragons that resided there and unable to remain in their presence. His hatred of them, simply for possessing what he did not, festered within him, and for centuries, he ruled over his barren domain, all the while planning to enact his vengeance on the dragons of the valley.

By the time Alayne was eighteen, Aiuh had come to possess an artifact of great power, a cursed amulet that, if awakened, would draw in all the magical energy and potential around it. Using the toxins that he possessed naturally and those that festered in his wasteland kingdom, he devised a way to do so in lieu of using magic and, at last, he woke the curse slumbering inside the amulet.

A dark cloud cast itself over the valley and, one by one, the dragons that resided there began to weaken, drained of their magic and made helpless by the loss of one of the most vital pieces of themselves. The curse worked it's way into the valley slowly, first taking the dragons that made their homes closer to where the valley ended and the wasteland began. It was nearly unnoticeable, at first, but once it began to take more and more of the dragons, action was sought to be taken.

The more higher ranking dragons in the valley, Chryseis included, scrambled to call a meeting between them, but by the time news was able to spread to each and every one, the amulet's power had taken nearly all of them. Given that her lair was on the far edge of the valley, Chryseis was, at the very end of it all, one of the last dragons left, high-ranking or not, along with Arianrhod. She was the last hope for all of them, and so, after first telling Alayne and Ari both where she was going and to remain the cave for their own safety, she set out.

Needless to say, neither of them listened.

Unwilling for their mother to fly into danger's jaws alone, the two set out, following Chryseis' trail and remaining behind her and downwind, in order to prevent her from realizing that they had come to accompany her. Fortunately, they only caught up with her some ways into the wastelands, just as she was about the enter the massive stone spires that were Aiuh's makeshift castle. Thankfully, the protection spells that Chryseis had placed both on herself and her daughters held fast against the amulet's powers, though none of them had any idea how long they would continue to do so.

Not very long at all, in the former's case, for by the time Alayne and her dragon sister had navigated their way through the tunnels within the spires themselves, they were present to beat witness to Aiuh's poison-laced jaws snapping down on their mother's neck.

Enraged, Ari burst forth from their hiding place, Alayne staying behind, angry as she was. There was no way she would be able to directed confront a dragon of Aiuh's size, but as he and Ari grappled, the latter using bursts of uncontrolled, raw magic in her fury, she slipped around the rocks surrounded the cave. In the very center was the amulet, glowing brightly with the magic of nearly every one of Cadelania's dragons, and while her sights were set on that as well, her focus remained on Aiuh.

All dragons had a weak spot, after all, and her eyes were more than sharp enough to pick out his.

Finally, when it looked as though Ari, despite her magic, was losing the upper-hand, she saw it, a spot just by his neck where the scales didn't meet just right. Drawing an arrow back from her bow, an ordinary arrow that she could hardly ask her sister to enchant, Alayne steeled herself, hoping against hope that perhaps if it missed, he wouldn't notice, and let it fly, breath caught in her chest.

The arrow's aim was true and the pain was so unexpected that Aiuh lost his concentration, allowing Ari's head to snake in, her jaws closing around his scaled throat just as his own had closed around Chryseis'. The dragon fell and, with a final roar of rage and humiliation, was taken by death, his body consumed by the poisons that flowed within him. The amulet was smashed by Alayne, freeing the magic and allowing it to flood back into the valley beyond, restoring things to as they once were.

They mourned, of course, Alayne and Ari, the latter setting the body of her mother aflame within the cavern that she had died in, as was tradition for dragons. It was half a day before her body was turned to ash and they returned to the valley, prepared to take on the place that Chryseis had once inhabited as one of the most powerful dragons in their home.

aaaand then a rift took alayne a few days later whoops.

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  • slow ur roll there katniss - To keep up with the dragons she lived with and was raised among for the second half of her life, Alayne has taught herself archery using a bow and quiver of arrows from Chryais' hoard. Since then, she's learned to craft her own arrows with Ari's help, and is an excellent shot with them and her bow. Of course, no one is perfect, but she's trained with it for the last five years, so she's definitely far from unlearned.

  • hocus pocus time - In Alayne's world, humans with magical abilities are extremely rare, and even more rare are those who learn to control and use it. She herself was born with great potential for magical ability, but for now, her powers are dormant, virtually unusable, unless in moments of raw emotion, and even then, it's not controlled. She was about to begin formal training to awaken her powers back in her own world, but lmao the rifts kind of messed that up. Magic in Alayne's world consists of:
    • Elemental control: The main facet of Alayne's magic focuses on creating and controlling the elements, things found in nature. Being that this magic is draconic in origin, fire is the most commonly used, but a skilled magic user can learn to also create and control earth, water and air.
    • Teleportation: The act of disappearing somewhere and appearing elsewhere. In order to do this, the teleporter must have a clear picture of where they're ending up, or else risk appearing somewhere at complete random.
    • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with magic. The difficulty of this depends on how heavy said object it, but it's noted that most trained magic users can telekinetically lift things far heavier than what they would be able to normally.
    • Invisibility spells: Exactly what it says on the tin, spells that turn oneself invisible. Concentration must be held in order to remain that way for any amount of time longer than a minute or two.
    • Animation: If there's an object out there, it's likely that this magic will be able to enchant it to do whatever the user so desires, given the limits of the object. The longer the user attempts to animate said object, the more energy they use, and it usually starts to take it's toll after around fifteen minutes, depending on the object.
    • Healing: Particularly powerful magic users are able to heal both themselves and the people around them. It's one of the more difficult branches of magic, because it requires absolute and complete focus and feelings of peace, and one that Alayne most likely won't be able to access for quite some time.
    • Miscellaneous spells: There's basically a spell for nearly everything in Alayne's world, varying in difficulty. Her magic, while still dormant, doesn't have a lot of limitations, apart from the ones listed in the categories about. Basically, if it's more difficult, it takes more energy and is harder to learn.
  • ok then merida - Alayne's only possession she bought along with her, besides the clothes on her back, are a well-crafted wooden bow and a quiver of arrows. Said arrows are often enchanted, but this is only if Ari is fighting alongside or just happens to be in the area to land her a hand. Otherwise, they're just normal wooden arrows with steel heads.
Physical Weaknesses:
    hyou couldn't keel me if hyou tried actually yes you could alayne is a squishy human if you stab her she bleeds moving on.
Psychological Weaknesses:
  • dark and troubled past: While the more recent years of her life have been significantly better in terms of her development, Alayne still comes from a childhood of abuse and neglect, due to her parents' mistreatment of her. She's come a long way in overcoming that, but there's still a part of her that lingers on it in the back of her mind. And, if anything, it's a certain weak spot to hit for anyone with knowledge about it.

  • actually no hocus pocus time: As of now, Alayne's magical abilities are dormant and not fully realized, mostly due to the fact that she was in such a crushing environment as a child. So, while she possesses the ability to use her magic, it's going to take some time and training to awaken her powers to the extent that most dragons possess them.

  • is this psyche?: Alayne's magic is fueled by raw emotion, which is something she has to be extremely careful with for two reasons. Firstly, if she doesn't keep herself under control, there's a good chance that she'll accidentally lash out with her magic in a time of great stress and unwillingly hurt someone. And secondly, because it's entirely possible, once she can control it a little better, that she could succumb to a particular emotion. Not all of her magic is fueled by positive ones, after all, so control is vital.

  • humans are weird: For the past few years of her life, Alayne has lived with dragons, practiced dragon customs and generally become part of their way of life. Integrating into the human world here is going to be a little jarring for her, and she'll probably be pretty awkward about those things.

  • modern things are also weird: Alayne's setting is primerely medieval in nature, sooo yeah adapting to 2014 is going to be an Adventure and will mostly like throw her off more than a little bit.

  • lmao i totally got this u guys: Overconfidence is, perhaps, Alayne's fatal flaw, especially when it comes to her ability to talk her way out of a bad situation. Living with the dragons and holding her own using only her voice has given her a sense of invincibility when it comes to things like that, and she tends to drastically underestimate both her own ability and the other person she's speaking to. And, if things don't turn out the way she thinks they will, it's genuinely rattling, despite her efforts not to make it appear so.
Other: dragons

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