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Atticus O Sullivan


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Nov 12 2014, 10:13 AM
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Atticus O' Sullivan
The Iron Druid

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Canon: The Iron Druid Chronicles
Ranking: Hero

Age: 2100 years and a few months, I suppose
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Physical Appearance: Atticus has a head of curly, fiery red hair and a fairly thick soul patch just under his bottom lip. His build is that of a fairly fit young man in their mid-twenties with a fairly slender face and well defined, if not slim, tone to his muscles. A fair amount of his body is covered with Celtic tattoos that both mark him as a Druid, and allow him to draw from nature. He stands nearly six feet tall, but not quite, and weights close to, but a few pounds under, 200lbs.
The age old question of nature versus nurture is spelled out pretty clearly when you get to be as old as Atticus. He learned to keep hidden and play thinks close to the vest when his mentor died as Christians hunted the Pagan Druids nearly to extinction, and it was driven home when he'd shared Imortali-Tea with his family, leading to them ultimately trying to kill him. He tries to be a good guy, in spite of the inherent troubles that doing so might cause. Some consider him to be paranoid, but the sad truth is that he knows his death is likely to be violent and he isn't in a particular rush to get to find out just how bad it would be. This isn't to say that Atticus is a craven coward, but if he can run from a fight rather than stand his ground, there is rarely a time he would feel the need to risk it.

His morals tend to be flexible to an extent, but he does not have the code of ethics of a 'good person' by the standards of the modern era. Growing up over a thousand years ago, life was an existence at the edge of a blade. People tended to take what they wanted, and often times justice was as swift, cold, and unforgiving as an executioner's ax. Although Atticus isn't one to kill without cause, he certainly isn't a man who would lose sleep over killing someone when the situation deemed it a necessary action. On the other end of this coin, being raised by his parents and mentor in a Pagan religion left him with little qualms about being comfortable in his own skin. He enjoys women and enjoys a good hunt in his dog-form, not minding terribly that he might need to walk back to a change of clothes completely in the buff.

That being said, he has acclimated as best he could to the modern times. He dresses like a twenty-something neo-hippy and enjoys the nerdy pleasures of comic books and science fiction television. This sometimes causes outbursts and references to pop culture that the wrong time, and might even be something embarrasses him depending on company.

Being as old as he is, he sometimes comes off as a bit of a history buff. His attempts to hide this come in the form of saying he reads books on history or had family members that 'told stories about the old country'. First hand accounts with Genghis Khan's soldiers and the fall of Rome tend to give him a bit of insight on wide ranges of topics and anecdotes.

Some might say the biggest thing that Atticus wants out of his life is to live. Large and away, this is the face he presents the world. He tells everyone and himself that he is a self-serving realist, but his dog and a bartender in Flagstaff that he trusts implicitly know that his primary drives are to do right by the planet and to go to the Celtic meadows of his ancestors when he passes, which means keeping in good standing with the deities of the Fey...even as they attempt to hunt and kill him. It is a subtle dance that he is forced to play, almost exclusively with the Choser of the Slain, The Morrigan.

When it comes to fun, Atticus does his best to live in the moment. When everywhere around you the options are crumbling and the noose around your neck always seems a little bit tighter, someone like Atticus finds joy where they can when they can. Be that a good conversation with his elderly Irish neighbor, bathtime stories with his Irish Wolfhound, fish and chips with a pretty girl, or bedding The Goddess of the Hunt because keeping the Gods happy are important...Atticus knows that the good moments are the ones you have to steal. Knowing that they are far and few, he does his best to keep a positive outlook even as things are bleak, which sometimes makes him seem flippant in regards to matters of life and death. It is rare he shares is full thoughts with anyone other than Oberon.

All this being said, he does like to help others. It might put him in a dangerous, violent mess that would take a lot of risks to get him back out of, but if the cause is one he can get behind, he has a hard time refusing. From all the Thunder Gods getting their powers stolen by Thor, or his own Faiery Deities breaking their contracts and poisoning the planet they are supposed to love, Atticus does the right thing. It might not be clean, fun, or safe...but for all his worry and paranoia, if he has to throw caution to the wind...he'll try to make plans a bit more fluid so he can gripe about it later.


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Druid Magic - The bulk of his abilities come from his tattoos that allow him to speak with the Earth, more often via elementals of certain regions. This allows him to magically 'bind' and 'unbind' organic matter via mental command. This allows him to do things like bind his consciousness to his dog's so they can speak via mental link, heal himself quickly, or push his muscles past what a normal human's might be capable of. The specifics of these abilities come from an almost fey-like understanding and cooperation between Atticus and the natural world. Magic allows him to see the links between things as threads that he can weave into designs similar to the Celtic knots in his tattoos. This allows him, with a mental command, to connect two organic pieces of matter together almost as one. Likewise, the opposite is based in roots of magic akin to crafting ward glyphs. This requires a level of specification, as he cannot simply make a glyph to keep 'bad people' out, as nature does not understand good or evil. He might keep out people wearing glasses or people with specific patterns to their speech. He could craft a ward to a building to keep out weapons, but it would have to be a multi-layered ward with a separate weave for each possibility of weapon, therefor if it a weapon he has never heard about or something totally alien, he cannot ward against it. When using his magic to speak with the Earth, it is almost always through Elementals, or nature spirits that encompass regions. For example, while helping the Navajo spirit, Coyote in the Nevada Desert, Atticus first spoke to the Elemental of the Mojave Desert to make sure it was acceptable that he use some of it's strength, or if it even had energy to spare given the sparse plant life and thus limited natural energies. Because Elementals existed before human language, the communication is done through images and simple emotional concepts via a form of telepathy Druids share with nature. A conversation might seem to sound like this to a human mind, "Wishes Harmony. Druid Passing. Dangers?" Any answers sent back to Atticus via these Elementals would be likewise based in the same simple emotions and vague concepts. It is nearly impossible to gain the notice and attention of Gaia herself via simple request from a Druid, as she simply is too much of a consciousness to be bothered with the limited activities of one individual unless it's effecting something on a nearly global scale.

Training - Atticus is old, and has learned a great deal about medicine and combat in order to survive the things that have been hunting him nearly all of his life. He's handy with a sword and a bow, but more modern weapons like shoulder-mounted RPGs and rifles hold less skill for him. His knowledge of how the body works, paticuarly in humans and smaller animals, allows him to make better use of his Druid magic so that he wouldn't heal a wound the wrong way and do more harm than good. Also, life on the run has forced Atticus to learn English, Latin, Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish on top of his native Gaelic so as to be able to communicate where ever he might be. The running hadn't sent him into asia, so most of the eastern and middle eastern languages are still unknown to him. As listed in weaknesses, none of this magic can be accessed without a direct link to the earth via physical contact. The only other way for which Atticus can make use of any magic at all is if he stores some of nature's power in his Cold Iron Necklaces' Bear Charm, but that is a risky prospect as there are virtually no abilities Atticus uses that don't require this energy in some capacity, and being stuck away from nature is dangerous.

Cold Iron Amulet - Atticus would say this is like his Irontek Armor. Being the first and only Druid to learn to key in his aura to an amulate of cold iron has allowed him to keep a charm dampen magic targeting him while, at the sam time, not preventing his own magic from functioning. As well, this give The Iron Druid's aura a weave of cold iron through it that allows his touch to harm the Fey to a great extent while the amulet is worn. It also has uses based on the various charms added to it over the last 1500 years.

Charm 1 [Bear Charm] - Stores a small amount of nature's energy for magic while not connected to Earth where he can access it via the current elemental.

Charm 2 [Camo Charm] - This allows Atticus to bend light around him to get that cool Predator effect without all the clicking noises and three-dot plasma caster.

Charm 3 [Faiery Specs] - This allows him to see a slightly off-tinted view of the world without any illusionary magic activated. This lets him see what other people want him to see via their illusion magic while, at the same time, seeing through the illusion to what's really happening.

Charm 4 [Healing Charm] - This allows him to not just bind his wound closed with Druid Magic, but prevent the buildup of lactic acid in his muscles to prevent fatigue, or slow down his heart rate so as to play dead.

Charm 5 [Night Charm] - Nightvision goggles...cause...ya know...why not? <p>

Charm 6 [Shapeshift Charm] - Gaia allows all Druids 4 forms. A large beast, a small beast, a swimming beast, and a winged beast. She also selects these forms for a Druid, so they don't get to pick and chose. Atticus can take the shape of a brown wolfhound, a stag, and otter, and a horned owl whenever he wishes, but when he turns back to a human's shape, he will appear there nude as this does not change his clothing.

Charm 7 [SoulCatcher Charm] - Atticus invented this back in 1812, and it is a charm designed to hold his soul if he dies, while auto-triggering his healing charm to put him back together while the SoulCatcher keeps him from offically becoming dead. Atticus has no idea of he did it or if it works, because he would have to potentially die to test it.

Fragariach The Answerer - This is a legendary Cold Iron sword stolen from the King of the Fey, Angus Ogh. It is said that it can slice clean through any material, and when pointed at a target's throat and it's name is uttered, the target remains motionless as long as the weilder is too. While held like this, the target must speak honestly to the best of their knowledge.

Immortali-Tea - This is an herbal brew Atticus learned how to make that allows him to stave off aging, and is the reason that he is a 2100 year old, living, human. It is also the reason that his dog, Oberon, is still alive at the old age of 15, but is still as spry as when he was 7. Atticus refuses to share it, as he lost his family to the problems that an immortal family causes.

Physical Weaknesses:
Human - Althought most injuries can be healed, unless the experimental charm works, getting his brains blown out or getting his organs damaged enough to cause him to die before his magic can heal him will still kill Atticus like anyone else. He also ages normally if he doesn't drink Imortali-Tea at least once a month.

Druid Tattoos - The tattoos over his body allow him to communicate with Gaia. It contains and ink made from specific herbs and plant dyes that allow him to speak with the Earth while in contact with it. If his body gains a scar over a tattoo that would break it's pattern, or maybe loses the arm through which he channels most of his magic, he cannot speak with the Earth or draw power from it...which would cut off 100% of his magic until the tattoos are replaced. This cannot be done by his own magic, and needs to be tattooed back on with a needle and ink.

Psychological Weaknesses:
Lustful - Atticus can't help that he was a product of the times in which he was born and lived most of his life. Being raised a pagan, he finds nothing wrong with endulging this...but times had changed, and society finds a problem with it. This causes his nature to dual with social expectations and cause him to have bouts of making poor choices to impress women or, in general, get them to enjoy his company.

Natural Affinity - Gaia protects those who protect her. This is a general rule of the Druids, and Atticus takes it very seriously. Anything that does undo, unnatural levels of harm to the earth is something that he finds a grave injustice, and a wrong he would deeply commit himself to righting. This sometimes makes him seem like a bit of a hippy in his everyday activities of up-cycling and growing plants, but for Atticus the planet is one of the only things that matters to him more than himself.


Who Watches The Watchmen - Atticus draws his magical energy from the Earth primarily. This means he must be in contact with the Earth to pull anything in and use any of his magic at all. A small fraction of this natural energy can be stored in his Bear Charm, but given ALL of his magical abilities and charms rely on this energy, it depletes from the Bear Charm at an alarming rate and leaves him without magic if he is inside of a building with no dirt to touch, or even standing on a paved road which would severe his immediate connection to Gaia. This is the primary reason Atticus sticks to wearing sandals in his day-to-day life of being hunted, so as to be able to step out of his shoes and onto the ground.

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Cbox Name: Dizzle
Nicknames: let's just stick to Dizzle or Dee...keep it simple.
Who else do you play?: no one here yet.
How did you find us?: Last Light
Time Zone: EST
Roleplay Sample:

"Don't. Just. Don't."

Atticus turned his back and started walking across the room to take a look out the window. She was here again. Flown in as a crow with bright red eyes, then shifted her form to that of a tall, smooth skinned, pale, dark haired, beautiful Goddess of the Battlefield here to tell him someone else wanted him dead. Again. For something out of the realm of his control.

"You cast the yew and it came up with my doom. I really take the fun filled little surprises out of life."

The night air was still holding the day's heat. He'd closed early on account of it being a Sunday, and now he was glad he had. The fresh cut grass smell was nice coming in from the outside, and it reminded him of some of the things he fought for. Then again, here he was hiding in his heavily warded book store hoping things kept safe. How long could he realistically press his luck? How long had he already?

He took a deep breath and glanced outside the window of the small book store, his face pinched and creased in concern. Whoever it was could be out there, watching. They could be pointing a sniper rifle at the window. Normally, he'd have dove for cover, but The Morrigan wouldn't have sent a warning about it if his time were truly up. She was worried. If she was worried, he hadn't been marked for death yet. There was a chance. God, he just wished she would dress from time to time so he could have a slightly easier time concentrating.

"You know, I wonder if a beautiful, nude woman in my book store would hurt my business with a scandal, or boost sales with wild tales of what went on here after hours."

He took a deep breath and made his way toward the Goddess. She was like putting a piece of beef jerky in front of Oberon. Attractive in all the most dangerous ways, and he tried to put the charm on a little bit to see if it would help him some. He smiled, getting close enough to her that he could almost feel how cool her body was to the touch.

"Did you come here to help or just have one last go of it before you give me a lift to the end of the line?"

He smiled a bit as he waited for her answer. He had a pretty good idea, but their relationship had been so hard to read over the years. Even now, even as he was pretty sure things would go well, she still scared the hell out of him. His heart was racing and, to be honest, it was hard to explain exactly what it was that was doing it. Fear? Excitement? Both?

"You think I have a chance of pulling through, don't you?"

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