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Canon: Hellsing
Ranking: Anti-Hero

Age: 568
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire

    Alucard is a ferocious, vicious monster. Though he may hide it under layers of affability, at his core Alucard loves nothing more than to fight and kill, to tear into humans and monsters alike and watch them squirm. At times, he seems completely incapable of anything beyond rage and brutality. To his enemies, Alucard is mocking and cruel, belittling his foes just for the fun of it. This is the monster all believe Alucard to be, even Alucard himself. This is the textbook definition of a monster - a fearsome creature, inhumanly cruel and wicked in his actions.

    As willing as he is to believe this is all he is, Alucard is certainly not only a monster. There is more to him than pure evil, though he certainly does a good job of hiding it.

    At his core, Alucard is envious of humans. They can be whatever they desire, they have the ingenuity and strength of will that he never had. When he first drank blood and chose to become a vampire, it was an act of weakness - an act that completely cemented his own cowardice in his mind and told him that, because of his lack of mental fortitude, he was not human and could never truly be human. This act of supposed cowardice is what began Alucard's heavily disguised self-loathing, and what makes him despise people who throw away their humanity for power.

    As he continued to live on as a vampire, cursing himself for his own cowardice, Alucard grew more and more hateful of himself. He told himself constantly, and still tells himself to this day, that he is a monster and there is nothing more to him than a brutal beast. Alucard curses his own immortality, only because it was gained through his cowardly act. Though he has no qualms with living forever - he hasn't grown tired of life or anything like that - he despises the fact that his eternal life is only because of his own weakness. When Alucard taunts an opponent, if they happen to be a fellow monster who threw off humanity for power, it is only because he sees himself in them.

    Alucard is, surprisingly, capable of affection and friendship. He feels a deep loyalty to the Hellsing Organization and, as a result, Integra Hellsing. It is for two reasons that he still serves Integra: he despises traitors, and he feels a legitimate connection to his master, who he has served since her childhood. Alucard hates people who mock Integra, nearly shooting someone on sight just for a single insult. Alucard also grew quickly connected to Seras Victoria, the police girl he converted to vampirism on her own choice.

    Humans are the most incredible beings, in Alucard's worldview. Despite their flaws, despite the cowardice eating away at them and tempting them into falling into the same trap he fell into, they still push on, using their will to carry on in a world where it would be so easy to become powerful. It is easy to say Alucard wants to die... but that is only a half truth. Alucard is no death seeker, but if he were to die he wants to die at the hands of a human. Death at the hands of a monster is the worst fate he can possibly imagine. Alucard wants to be defeated by someone supposedly 'powerless', someone who would have to use incredible ingenuity to defeat him.

    Alucard wants his cowardice to be proven wrong in a world where it's done nothing but get him more power and respect. His powers have allowed him to kill so many, to conquer entire armies and destroy everything in his sight. He hates that. He despises how his sheer cowardice and defiance of humanity has given him so much power. He wants nothing more than to see that cowardice beaten down by humanity and extinguished by ingenuity alone.

    Surprisingly, his definition of a 'human' is not one who possesses no power at all. It is, instead, someone who earned their power through intelligence and willpower, someone who, through bravery and intellect, became just as power, if not more powerful, than him. A monster is not necessarily inhuman, and a human is not necessarily human. As long as they lack his cowardice, Alucard sees humanity in them... and he sees them as being truly worthy of ending his life.
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    Immortality: Alucard has personally stated that immortality is non-existent and that he, too, will some day die. While Alucard doesn't have absolute immortality - there are ways to kill him - Alucard won't die without any outside interference. He won't age, contract any illness, or die by any internal or natural means. So, he'll be around forever until someone, or something, ends his life.

    Superhuman Strength: Strong enough to casually tear through human flesh and rip apart metal, Alucard possesses strength honed by five-hundred years of vampirism. Even other vampires from his world couldn't match his strength, often leading to their demise. As he releases his powers from the seals placed by Van Helsing, Alucard's strength only becomes more monstrous, to the point where he could, albeit with some effort, tear through the body of a Helena's Nail-enhanced Alexander Anderson.

    Superhuman Speed: Quick enough to move faster than the human eye can see, Alucard can outpace bullet and vehicle alike. At his top speed, Alucard can move so fast it looks like outright teleporting - which does, in fact, leave many people with the faulty impression that he's capable of teleportation.

    Superhuman Reflexes: Alucard's reflexes are nothing short of amazing. He can catch bullets with ease, even if said bullets are magically enhanced, and dodge nearly any basic attack, given he knows its coming.

    Regeneration: Alucard possesses a unique variation on regeneration. While his body reforms the normal way, with his skin and flesh reforming, when hit with minor to moderate wounds, albeit much quicker than most regenerators, his body being completely destroyed is a different story. When his wounds are particularly intense, and his body is left in a state of complete ruin, he proves capable of manifesting as a shadowy being and reforming his body from basically nothing. Decapitation, burning, being reduced to nothing but a puddle of blood, being hit by excessively holy weapons... he's regenerated from it all, really. Keeping Alucard down for good is extremely tough, due to the nature of his regeneration.

    Vampiric Senses: Alucard's senses are greatly enhanced by his vampirism. His accuracy his enhanced by smell and sight, his smell and hearing enhanced to the point where he can track people from miles away, and his other senses enhanced to their logical extremes.

    Shapeshifting: Alucard is capable of controlling his shape, and even the shape of parts of his body. He can transform himself into a group of bats, insects, snakes, a shadow-like mass of darkness, and even other human-esque forms such as a small girl and his old form as Vlad the Impaler. Alucard has stated himself that his form means nothing to him and he can become anything he wishes.

    Intangibility: Alucard can make his body intangible, incapable of touching anything and able to go through walls and other physical objects.

    Telepathy: Alucard can communicate telepathically with vampires he's created, speaking in their minds and, to an extent, control some of their actions. His telepathy is far-reaching, and can apparently be done while Alucard's body has been completely destroyed.

    Hypnosis: Alucard is capable of some form of hypnosis. By pointing a finger at someone and moving his hand about, he was able to control their actions. It is entirely possible that he can control people just by looking into their eyes, a common trait of vampires from his world.

    Precognition: Alucard possesses a form of precognition where he is able to see into the immediate future. He can tell when someone is about to fire a bullet at him, for instance, or aim any sort of attack. It's what makes dodging attacks so simple for him, even attacks at high speeds.

    Bloodsucking: By absorbing people's blood into himself, whether it be by ingesting it or sucking their blood into him through his skin, Alucard can gain complete access to that person's memories and knowledge, as well as access to their soul as a familiar. Sucking blood possesses great power for Alucard, used as an extremely useful asset after killing someone.

    Blood Control: Alucard is capable of, to an extent, controlling the blood of others. Once it's out of their body, he can force it to move towards him so that he can absorb it into his body. He can also control his own blood and solidify it as a weapon once it leaves his body.

    Vampiric Immunity: Alucard is completely immune to the usual vampire weaknesses. Holy powers, sunlight, silver, anything else that usually kills vampires outright just doesn't work on him. This is probably because of augmentation by the Hellsing organization, not by his own natural power.

    Minor Telekinesis: Alucard has shown some minor form of telekinesis. In his usual state, he can shut doors and possibly knock people over without even touching them. In his enhanced states, Alucard's telekinesis becomes far more powerful, powerful enough to lift four humans simultaneously and impale them. For the most part, though, Alucard's telekinesis is for nothing but show alone.

    Summoning: When in his shadowed form, Alucard can send out the souls of the enemies he's defeated as familiars to fight for him. These familiars possess all of the abilities of their old selves, but have complete allegiance to Alucard and cannot possibly turn against him. After years and years of taking souls through bloodsucking, Alucard has an entire army of familiars at his disposal. Some of them are absolutely normal humans with combat training, and some possess amazing powers of their own. His primary familiar is an ethereal bloodhound called Baskerville, made of of the same shadow-like material that makes up Alucard's shadow form. The dog is incredibly strong, with powerful sharp teeth.

    Release States: As it turns out, the clothes Alucard wears aren't at all normal clothes. They're actually restrictive limitations on Alucard to keep his powers in check. Up until level one, Alucard is capable of releasing these abilities himself through taking off minor clothes - his glasses, his hat, etc. - but once he reaches level one and level zero, he needs to be in very specific situations. In those states, he releases his true power and takes on entirely different forms.
      Level Five: By removing his glasses, Alucard's abilities are increased very slightly. His strength and speed becoming more potent, especially, and his regeneration goes just a bit quicker. This is, basically, the release level in which one can tell Alucard is beginning to get serious.

      Level Four: Removing his hat signifies that Alucard has released even more of his power. His strength and speed, of course, are increased, and his other abilities reach levels they were incapable of reaching before. He becomes capable of defying gravity to an extent, leaping incredible distances and becoming capable of levitation.

      Level Three: In this release state, Alucard's hair becomes more wild. This is the beginning of the physical transformations that come with releasing his power. In this form, all of his abilities are made much more powerful, signified by him actually undergoing a physical transformation rather than just removing the limiting clothing forced onto him by the Hellsing Organization.

      Level Two: This release state is a real sign of Alucard getting serious. Along with his powers becoming increased, he becomes capable of manipulating a shadow-like substance, which usually manifests as dark tendrils coming from his back. His overall appearance becomes more clouded in shadow, and his eyes begin to glow bright red. If Alucard needs to enter this form, it's a sign that he views his enemy as a legitimate threat.

      Level One: A state Alucard must be in a very specific situation to activate. If he's battling an enemy who could potentially defeat him - Luke Valentine, for instance - Alucard can enter a form in which he becomes capable of becoming the shadow-like substance he can manipulate in Level Two. From these shadows he can summon his familiars, as well as his abilities reaching their full power. To enter this form, his entire former body is destroyed in order for his shadow form to take full control.

      Level Zero: This form is, in effect, Alucard's true power. It can only be activated in extremely dangers situations, where both Alucard's life and the lives of a massive amount of others are in danger. This is like... facing off against an entire army sort of thing. In this form, Alucard really means business. His powers reach their maximum, surpassing the power accessed in Level One, and he becomes capable of summoning all of his familars at once to create an enormous army. As this form is truly Alucard's full strength, he shrugs off the shadow form from before and takes on the form of Vlad Tepes.
    Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto: A semi-automatic handgun created by Walter C. Dornez when he owed his allegiance to the Hellsing Organization. The weapon is absurdly large and powerful, with explosive rounds tipped with silver for maximum damage potential. The guns possess the strange ability to hold massive amounts of bullets, seemingly endless despite having to be reloaded occasionally. This is probably done with some magical Hellsing Organization bullshit.

    Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol, Jackal: An absolutely enormous weapon, made so that only Alucard can possibly wield it, the Jackal is even more powerful than the Casull. It's ammunition is enormous, tipped with blessed silver and filled with a powerful explosive. Its ammunition is specifically designed to counteract regenerative abilities, and it does its job well. It possesses the same strange ability as the Casull - the ability to have as many rounds as are necessary for Alucard.

    Claymore: In his form as Vlad Tepes, Alucard wields an enormous claymore in exchange for his usual firearms.
    No Durability: Alucard lacks any form of durability. While it doesn't seem like much of a weakness due to his regenerative abilities - and, to be fair, it doesn't hinder him very much to be damaged - there are ways to take advantage of how he's just as squishy as a human being.

    so sleepy >____>: Although the sunlight doesn't directly harm him, being in the Sun weakens his abilities and tires him. To what extent his abilities are weakened is unknown. If at all possible, it is best to fight him during the day instead of during the night.

    Souls: Alucard contains thousands upon thousands of souls within him. While this seems like an advantage at first glance, and it usually is, it can definitely be used against him. Although none of these souls possess a will of their own, those with the ability to control the dead or souls in general will find themselves at a definite advantage. Furthermore, the sheer amount of consciousness in him makes his state of existence extremely volatile.

    Blessed Weapons: Particularly holy weapons, such as Alexander Anderson's shard of the True Cross, can do legitimate damage to Alucard. Although he can certainly heal from them, it takes him much, much longer to do so than it would to heal from normal weapons.

    Level Zero: Although Level Zero is Alucard's full power, it is also the only form in which he can truly die. In this form, he takes on his true form - the form of Vladimir Tepes - and releases the enormous amount of souls from his body. In this state, he lacks the ability to regenerate and can die by normal mortal means.
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