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Anakin Skywalker


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Canon: Star Wars
Ranking: Villain

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Force-Sensitive Human


Once a mighty servitor of all that was good and just in the Galactic Republic, the former Jedi has fallen to evil out of his own pride, inner turmoil, and the perceived betrayal of those he once loved and protected. As a result Anakin Skywalker is no longer the compassionate and generous boy people once knew. Instead he has become everything that he once swore to destroy as a young man; namely a megalomaniacal Sith Lord named Darth Vader who seeks to dominate others and deprive them of their freedom in the sake of restoring peace and order to a chaotic political landscape. That's because he believes that he alone knows what's best for people.

As the Chosen One, Anakin is highly arrogant and prideful to the point where he now believes himself to be a living god who will one day learn how to use his powers to cheat death and reshape his own universe to his whims. Originally this stemmed his motivation to save others from dying; due to his deep-rooted fears of abandonment and witnessing the death of his own mother. Such fear led him to inevitably cross his moral horizon and journey to the Dark Side. He sees those who do not agree with him as merely jealous of his powers or subversive towards his goals. Thus to him it's his enemies that are the "evil ones" and he will do no matter what it takes to win, even if it reluctantly requires slaughtering innocent children while under orders to eliminate potential and future threats.

Those who doubt or oppose him are likely to incur his hatred and wrath as Anakin deep down just only wanted other people's love, admiration, and respect. As a result Anakin is quickly learning that if he cannot achieve such accolades anymore then it is perhaps more effective for him to spread fear and terror instead He has no tolerance for lies, betrayal, or failure among those he associates with. Politicians disgust him and the idea of making compromises, especially in the form of Democracy, sickens him even more. He prizes order and efficiency above all else, and the more complicated things become the more likely he is to get pissed off or wary about a situation.

Despite once serving the Jedi Order and later pledging his allegiance to the Sith, Anakin often comes to conflict with authority because he sooner or later becomes aware that people want to either use him or hold him back. Even after joining Palpatine, his mind already began formulating plots to one day overthrow the Emperor and rule the Galaxy instead with his wife Padme. Authority to him is only agreeable if it is truly legitimate and functional in his eyes. Otherwise he will readily disobey and follow his heart's whims as he believes himself to be a more righteous ruler. As a Sith Lord, he also certainly doesn't appreciate being bossed around or challenged by "lesser-beings", namely those bereft of the Force or similar magics.

Despite all his darkness and drawbacks, Anakin still remains a handsome and charismatic figure who passionately believes what he is fighting for. For those who have followed him, such as Clone Troopers, this can be quite inspiring as Anakin will fight alongside them rather than hide behind them. His thoughtfulness and intelligence also carries over into the Dark Side, as Anakin could be considered open-minded and appreciative of others talens regardless of their species or gender. His personal magnetism and charm even once led him to woo and marry a woman of higher social status several years his elder while he was a teenager.


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The Force

Anakin Skywalker although physically human, is a powerful Force-sensitive who was conceived through the will of the Force via immaculate conception between the Force itself and his mother Shmi Skywalker. In other words he was born a perfect vessel of pure Force potential. Of his universe he is considered to be the Chosen One of ancient prophecy as a result as he alone is believed to be capable of bringing balance to the Force. Due to his absurdly strong connection with this metaphysical energy field known as the Force (or basically his universes' rendition of what others commonly call "magic" ) that binds, surrounds, and flows through all living things, he possesses a wide array of mystical abilities. The more he trains himself or tests his connection with aspects of the Force he will gain new abilities or heighten his current ones; and many of his Force powers already seem effortless to him. If this current rate of progression is kept it is likely then he may even one day transcend his current existence to become god-like as the Ones once did. Currently Anakin has fallen to the Dark Side of the Force, a dangerous path which gives him a quicker avenue to achieving higher power and unlocking his potential at the expense of his mental well-being.

For simplicity's sake his more common abilities will just be listed and similar techniques will be lumped together (such as Force Push/Pull and Force Choke being in Telekinesis):

Physical Enhancement: This is an umbrella term for techniques in the Force that Anakin can harness for temporarily augmenting his physical traits far beyond the norm for humans- normally in terms of strength, reflexes, stamina, durability, and speed. This takes his youthful athleticism to superhuman levels but can be fatiguing if overly relied upon. While you won't see him matching top-tier beings like Superman with raw physical prowess, the Chosen One can still perform a variety of feats in his own right however. He can even dodge or deflect ranged projectiles (such as lasers or bullets), make multiple attacks with his lightsaber within the span of seconds, make accurate and absurdly high acrobatic jumps, lift heavy objects (about a ton with the Force combined with his mechanical arm), absorb blunt falls from great heights, and also somehow survive multiple amputation wounds while being incinerated alive by molten lava.

Telekinesis: Anakin can move or manipulate objects with his mind in a wide variety of techniques. This applies to both organic and inorganic targets of varying sizes. He can effortlessly fling enemies like rag-dolls and crush their internal organs or throats, ravage or destroy buildings (even planetary support beams or starship engines) by attacking their support infrastructur, or alternatively just lift and hurl heavy objects weighing many tons such as pillars or vehicles with but a concentrated thought or simple gestures. Heavy targets may require more exertion and time to gain momentum - but there is no object too large for the Chosen One as size matters not in the way of the Force (-- well, he can't lift whole planets or anything that absurd). If he is distracted or cannot "lock on" to someone with his senses his telekinesis will fail him however.

Force Sense: Aside from being able to heighten physical senses, Anakin can use a variety of techniques to allow him to have an effective "sixth sense" that is much like ESP. It allows him to readily discern where danger lays, map out his surrounding environment, and peer through deception, barriers, or darkness. His advanced use of this allows him to gain empathic and precognitive abilities at great distances - such as even telling when far-off allies are in trouble or where the nearest Force -sensitive is located. His intuition with this ability combined with implicit dialogue from Palpatine allowed Anakin to be the first to discover the true identity of Darth Sidious; a feat that not even the most learned members the Jedi Council were able to accomplish during the Clone Wars. Force Sense can be clouded by Anakin's own distracted thoughts and clouded feelings; or counteracted by certain force abilities or similar magics however.

Force Vision: This precognitive ability is tied to Force Sense but is more of a reflexive ability that Anakin cannot consciously control. Instead he is able to see randomly clouded visions of future events that may affect him or those he cares about from time to time. These visions are not always fully understandable to him as even the Chosen One can take the images or sounds he observes out of context from the "big picture". Also he visions he receives not always destined to happen; rather they are of events that will probably happen though the future can always be changed by altering present actions. His strongest visions often come when he is dreaming or deeply meditating.

Mind Trick: Anakin can influence, alter, or even control the minds of sentient beings with mere gestures and words with the infamous Jedi Mindtrick and an umbrella of related techniques. Beings with strong wills and even some alien species are resistant or even immune to such techniques. As a Dark Sider, Anakin isn't above trying to instill feelings of fear and dread into others he comes across but rarely does he attempt to outright dominate the minds of most people. That's because the Chosen One doesn't find it particularly sporting and he normally only uses such a method nowadays if harming a person would be a waste of time or an even greater inconvenience. This ability only works when he is in someone's presence.

Animal Friendship: Similar to mind trick but less exerting, Anakin can tame and dominate animals with the Force until they see him as an ally and instinctively obey his mental commands. Even the most dangerous animals can be turned into riding steeds by him.

Force Healing: Anakin can use the Force to rapidly accelerate the healing processes of living beings - whether to rebound from injury or ailment. He can't regrow limbs yet or anything that extensive with this ability. With Force Healing it may take minutes or even hours for major wounds to heal depending on the severity and Anakin's stamina. Resurrecting people is also currently beyond his reach, though he can possibly use his own rage to prevent himself from dying.

Telepathy: Similar to Force Sense's empathic abilities, Anakin can attempt to read the thoughts of others and even probe their minds. Alternatively he might be able to project his own thoughts into the minds of others. This ability is strongest when he is in someone's presence. However if he shares a special connection to someone, it can extend out to vast ranges (such as from planet to orbiting starship or from starship to starship).

Force Cloak: With this technique Anakin can manipulate the flow of sound and light waves around him to become invisible to the naked eye. This in effect gives him perfect stealth but requires great concentration and draining. So he cannot make multiple attacks as invisible while using this ability.

Tutaminis: Anakin knows a variety of abilities under this technique that can protect him or others against energy based attacks (such as from the Force or lasers) by deflecting or absorbing them like projected force-fields (as with Force Barrier) or even holding out a hand.

Force Scream: By summoning his inner rage and hatred, Anakin can amplify his voice's soundwaves to the point where ear drums rupture, glass breaks, and even infrastructure is damaged or destroyed.

Lightsaber Master: Anakin is proficient with several forms of lightsaber combat and has trained more with light-sabers. He is considered an undisputed master of the fifth form of Lightsaber combat that relies on his personal strength and aggression.

Unarmed Combatant: Anakin is well rained in fighting without his lightsaber or the Force. This makes a reliable fallback option or a means to hurt or intimidate someone without meaning to kill them. Many times however Anakin prefers to use unarmed combat to gain the surprise advantage in the middle of lightsaber combat (such as choking someone with his cybernetic arm or dropkicking them in the face). He is not considered a master of martial arts though.

Ace Pilot: Due to his strong connection with the Force and years of experience since boyhood at flying aerial vehicles from podracers to starfighters, Anakin is widely considered to be the best pilot in his universe. He can often perform stunts that are seen as either suicidal or impossible by his peers, and his reputation with starfighter combat in the Clone Wars has made his face and name household throughout the Galactic Republic.

Expert Mechanic: Anakin claims he can fix anything and he certainly has a strong affinity for taking apart technology and putting it back together. He has built his own droids (robots with artificial intelligence), tinkered with his cybernetic arm, and even repaired and upgraded his own vehicles. In addition his knowledge of mechanical engineering and science in general is highly advanced due to his futuristic civilization's advancements. By comparison this makes modern-day earth appear highly primitive to him.

Leadership As a Jedi Guardian, Anakin has led troops on the front line and proved himself throughout the Clone Wars to be a great military leader with a firm grasp on strategy and tactics. He has also foiled numerous enemy plots and solved many a great intergalactic mysteries, conspiracies, and crimes.


Mechano-Arm: Anakin Skywalker has a right arm that's a fullycybernetic replacement for the biological arm he lost at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. In outer appearance it has synthetic flesh that covers the metallic bones and intricate wiring of the prosthesis allows his arm to pass for the real thing. It has been upgraded to give him superhuman strength as he can crush necks or lift far more than the average person with it. His own tinkering with it has allowed him to register feeling with it by interfacing its sensors with his own nervous system. This explains how he can use telekinetic abilities with gestures of his right hand.

Lightsaber: This is a special weapon used by Jedi and Sith alike; essentially a sword that contains an energy blade made of pure plasma that is projected in a force containment field. Thus only a Force-sensitive trained to wield the normally unwieldy weapon can control it. A lightsaber can cut through almost any substance with ease except for lightsabers, certain applications of the Force like Sith Alchemically imbued armor or weapons, or special force-resistant materials such as Cortosis. A single well placed strike with it can slice off a limb or decapitate an opponent with ease. The color of Anakin's blade is blue and its hilt has been modified for his own style of dueling.

Jedi Utility Belt: Aside from holding his lightsaber, this handy multi-pouched belt contains compartments for storing survival rations, communication devices, grappling hooks and spike launchers, holograhic projectors and map devices, underwater or toxic atmosphere breathing devices, repair tools, and glow rods (for illuminating dark areas).

Physical Weaknesses: Despite his physical conditioning and strong connection with the Force, Anakin is still human. In addition having a cybernetic arm is heavier than his normal arm and requires constant maintenance. Though it is considered insulated and highly advanced certain technologies or energies could still disable or damage it if Anakin wasn't careful. His connection with the Force might also be even stronger if he had his right arm still.

Psychological Weaknesses:

Arrogance: His amazing powers and destiny as the Chosen One make Anakin believe that he is already god-like or invincible when he may still have much to learn or accomplish. This causes him to overestimate his capabilities and downplay those of others sometimes.

Directness: Anakin can be rather impatient and forward. He would much rather go in guns blazing to a conflict if he does not get his way immediately. As a champion of instilling order and efficiency he hates relying on deception or subtlety to obtain his goals, and sometimes his behavior can be predictable as a result. This may lead to him being manipulated by others as shown by the events that Pa;patine orchestrated for him to fall to the Dark Side.

Anger & Hatred: When the Dark Side overwhelms Anakin's strong emotions, a target of his hatred becomes an obsessive fixation that he will hunt across the cosmos with a vengeance. Anything within his path is liable to be destroyed as he is blinded by his rage along the way; even the ones he loves or innocents such as children.

Suffering: Though he believes he is doing the right thing as a villain, Anakin still can feel remorse for many of the bad things he's done or is doing to achieve peace and order. When confronted with this he may have moments of doubt, self-loathing, or uncertainty.

Youth: Headstrong Skywalker doesn't know everything about the Force and has much to learn about "the real world". Those with more experience or wisdom can take advantage of that fact despite his raw power or ability to quickly learn. For example, Obi Wan was able to counter some of his telekinetic attacks on their Duel on Mustafar. In addition Anakin is at the point where he knows more about lightsaber combat than his full potential with Force techniques.

Personal Code: Though he doesn't hesitate at hurting or even killing someone for failure or lying and once readily obeyed the insane commands of Palpatine, Anakin doesn't like to harm or kill for no reason. He also retains a great deal of discipline from his former Jedi self that makes him a more principled villain than others. For example, he finds fighting with a lightsaber honorable. In addition it is still possible for Anakin to be redeemed from the Dark Side, especially now that he is free from Palpatine's direct command and now resides in a world where most people don't know of him.

Attachment: Anakin yearns to be loved and complimented. Those who feed his ego and comfort him can earn his favor due to his lack of a real father, separation and death of his mother, and the perceived betrayal of his former master and wife. When he is able to place his trust in someone (more difficult now due to his fall to the Dark Side), he will become fiercely protective and loyal of them as long as they reciprocate and not outright lie or betray him.


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Cbox Name: Oppressor
Nicknames: Opp, Matt
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Roleplay Sample:

Like a lion hungrily pacing around its den in anticipation of the next hunt, Anakin Skywalker hurriedly walked back and forth inside a derelict auto garage. The fallen hero was brooding and lamenting his current fate while contemplating his next course of action. It had been several weeks since he had been snatched from his decisive Duel on Mustafar; now hurled into some unknown world filled with civilizations and technologies that were primitive to him.

In the near-darkness of his makeshift lair, Anakin readily compared his alien surroundings to those of his native universe. Grounded vehicles that required combustion engines and gritty urban sprawl where law and order seemed non-existent. This so-called city of Gotham made even the most harrowing corners of Coruscant or Mos Eisley to be paradise in retrospect. Anakin utterly loathed it all and lamented that he was trapped here. A God in Chains. That's what the prideful Lord Vader now likened himself to be.

There was no time to marvel over the fact that Anakin had crossed the boundaries of time and space to another universe. Instead he felt cheated; having been forced away from a decisive battle that would have determined the fates of trillions in his galaxy. His thirst for vengeance remained unquenched and his warped vision of justice had not been brought to those who had betrayed him. What Padme and Obi-Wan did now were of no consequence to him; they had wounded his blackened heart with their contrite deceits and scorn over what he had become pushed him further away.

Rushing back to his native existence did not seem possible or palatable. If time had passed in his curious absence, then Anakin knew that things would not be the same. Either the Jedi Order had rebounded victoriously since his departure or Palpatine would have quickly found a replacement apprentice after being "abandoned" by the Chosen One. Either way there was little for Anakin to go back to now as he would have been branded a traitor or failure either way.

Only the intoxicating euphoria of the Dark Side provided him some level of solace these lonely nights. It was addictive like a drug; making his flesh more pallid and sweaty as his azure eyes had long faded into yellow irises with fiery rims. Power surged and coursed through every cell in his body. It as if the midichlorians that conceived his glorious vessel spoke like a chorus; urging him to find new purpose in this strange world. There was no one to direct or hold back Anakin now; no Council and no Dark Lords to addle his contemplative mind.

After minutes of cyclical pacing around the garage, Anakin eventually laid down on the cold concrete floor to collapse into a meditative trance in the hopes to tame his inner turmoil; or at least harness it for some clarity. The oily grime and dirt that quickly grazed the bottom of his dark robes were obviously not of his concern however. Instead he aimed to focus more deeply on the frustrations and the wellspring of dark emotions that previously assaulted him with a mix of nostalgia, fury, and doubt. In doing so the Chosen One also opted to latch onto his steely resolve that had seen him overcome man of perils and conflicts over the years.

Beads of sweat then poured over his furrowed brow and golden mane of hair, intensifying the foreboding trance Anakin now deeply meditated. He asked himself many questions as images and sounds violently bombarded his mind; wondering not only what he should do next but also wondering where his destiny laid with all things considered. Anakin was not only recollecting on the turbulent past now, but was simultaneously observing events throughout Gotham City with the Force.

The fallen Jedi fell deeper and deeper in this state over the moments; riding its highs and lows as his body swayed back and forth from his squatting stance. Soon after the air around him seem thick and corrupted with energies beyond comprehension. It was if the Dark Side itself then ripped small telekinetic tremors throughout the garage in reaction to every pressing thought and feeling Anakin possessed. A junked car momentarily quaked, an overhanging lamp fluttered about, and the loud clanging of various tools and other metallic contraptions made a foreboding symphony that proved unable to rouse Anakin.

Like an artist of the macabre, Anakin subconsciously had used his inner turmoil to subconsciously paint a canvas in his own mind. A vision in the Force had struck him without knowing; and only the realization of seeing one particular image from the future did he jolt himself back to present awareness. He could still see what he saw as clear as day however. He saw himself in another strange place on this planet while being joined by new allies at his side. Collectively they seemed strong and invincible whilst overseeing what seemed to be a new order that would "save" this world from its own primitive and disorganized state.

"Fascinating.... Anakin tepidly exclaimed aloud while defiantly rising from the ground and clasping his trusted lightsaber. He embraced that very sentiment readily a something dear to hold onto; a hope-filled drop in the bucket of the void where a greater part of his humanity once laid. Nevertheless he now unfurled and ignited his deadly weapon while continuing on with his ominous words. "Anakin or Vader. It makes little difference here now: a whole new world out there that deserves to be explored....if not taken." he said ominously as a sinister smirk then curled its way onto his lips.

And so would begin a new episode in his life....

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