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 Aerith Gainsborough, final fantasy vii
Aerith Gainsborough
 Posted: Apr 21 2014, 11:18 PM

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aeris, flower girl, the last ancient

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Canon: Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. First appeared in the first game, Final Fantasy VII.
Ranking: Hero.

Age: Twenty-two.
Gender: Female.
Species: Cetra.


One of the first things Aerith ever learned was how to keep a secret.

She can't help it; she was raised in a laboratory, having been kidnapped at barely twenty days old by Professor Hojo, along with her mother. She always knew she was different from everybody else - why else would all those scientists and government officials and god knew who else - take interest in her? Even growing up with Elmyra, her adopted mother after her real, Cetra mother, Ifalna, died from escaping from Shinra with Aerith, she was told to keep things on the down low - the things she heard, the earth whispering to her from the back garden or in her dreams (which was how she knew Elmyra's husband had died before news had even reached their tiny place in the slums). There was nothing to be gained from exposing her strangeness to the rest of the world, to the hardened slums where they had to work hard every day to scrape by and Elmyra had to claw her way through the droves that would have her adopted daughter working as a prostitute in order to pay the bills.

So Aerith knows how to keep her silence, and her secrets. Even when working for the greater good, she never revealed the whole of her plans to her closest friends that she was traveling the world with. And with silence, she learned isolation; her abilities to commune with the earth separated her. Her non-humanness drove a deep line between her and her peers, so at seven years old, when she was finally out of the lab and Elmyra was raising her, she kept to herself in the church in the slums, tending the flowers with fierce protection and devotion because they were of the earth and she could understand them.

She's been pursued all her life; one of the few people she says actually knows her is Tseng, the head of the Turks, and one of her main pursuers once she escaped. He constantly kept tabs on her, knowing where she was in case Shinra ever ordered for her to be brought in. They could have been friends, maybe. She would've liked if they were friends, because he just knew her so well.

But Aerith doesn't seem like a secretive or isolated young woman. She's actually very cheerful, and extroverted, and upbeat; she enjoys cheering up the people she's friends with, and helping, and healing, and healing things - or people - is definitely one of her biggest callings in life. Like the name of one of her themes, she really is a flower blooming in the slums - a usually delicate thing that broke through the gritty surface, surviving off of little sunlight and polluted rain, but still manages to bloom. Her resilience marks her; though physically weak, she's tough, and the fact that she puts on a pleasant face even in the face of danger or dissent speaks to this.

Once you get to know her a little better, you start to realize - you don't really know her at all. Her cheerfulness is enigmatic; she says a lot without really saying anything. Her flirting is sweet and casual, but even if there are feelings beneath the surface, she hides them beneath her cheery commentary. Everything she says is carefully picked out. Even if she is good and sweet and kind, it's hard to call that kind of person naive. She knows who she is, and what the world is like, and chooses to be kind in the face of all of that anyway. She has no delusions about people, or how terrible they can be, and she will never underestimate or overestimate somebody, even if she is polite and kind in their company.

But she's not all smiles and kindness - she speaks up for herself. When someone is overstepping their bounds with her, breaking boundaries, she doesn't hold back. She tells them when she's uncomfortable, she sets limits, she helps but not to the point of exhaustion, and she's very free with her reprimands and scolding, teasing though she may be on occasion. Beneath the enigmatically cheerful exterior is someone who is serious, and quietly focused, and guarded to the world around her.

That said, Aerith possesses a very strong sense of duty and loyalty. Her first loyalty is to the earth itself; her second loyalty is to all of life; and her third is to easing pain. She's an incredibly grounded person, with solid morals for the most part - though she's known to have the ambiguity of deception quite a lot, being her rather secretive and guarded nature.

And, even though she is an enigma and generally a very mysterious person, that cheerfulness she puts out isn't fake. Oh, sometimes it most certainly is, since no one can be that calmly cheery all the time, but she always contrives to be positive, and have a good outlook on things, and be polite or teasing or kind and say what comes to mind. And she's a little more free with expressing her concern about things, acting as a bit of an emotional foil for someone like Cloud, who is pretty much emotionally constipated.

And there is still this beauty of innocence left to her, somehow, like that flower blooming in the slums - as evident from the way she interacted with her first love, Zack, whom she loved quite dearly with all her heart and wrote eighty-three letters to when he was gone for four whole years (and she never did see him again, anyway, he died on his way to see her). Though she's not the fifteen-year-old she once was around him, and has matured beyond that, she still retains some of that quiet innocence.

The ultimate act of her selfless nature - even amid all her acts of self-preservation in the form of secrets and isolation - was venturing to the Forgotten Capital to pray for the spell Holy, all by herself, without her friends with her. Of course, she misled them, as well, and slipped away when they weren't looking, which was deceptive of her - but she likely knew the dangers present of facing Sephiroth in such a subtly head-on way, and allowed herself to brave them anyway. If there's one thing Aerith doesn't do, it's delude herself. And she did really end up being murdered in that endeavor, anyway.

Basically Aerith is really complex and far more than just a pretty face and a kind disposition.

History: wiki link!

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  • CETRA - Though she is only part-Cetra, being that her father was completely human, Aerith has still inherited those unique abilities involved with the peace-loving, Planet-healing Ancients. She can hear the voices of the past whispering out to her from the Lifestream, and can actually commune with the earth itself (it's probably what helps her with her green thumb). Being that she's on a completely different planet now, she can't feel the earth nearly so well; it's going to take her some time to become accustomed to the different tide of souls that dwell here, as well as how this planet speaks to her.
  • ONE WITH THE LIFESTREAM - Being dead granted her a few extra, innate abilities. She has complete knowledge of her home Planet (Gaia); and her magic was given an extra boost, so much that her healing magic is incredibly potent. One of her extra abilities is the fact that she can literally just make it rain - a healing, cleansing rain, that removes a lot of illnesses and such things.
  • INTUITION - Aerith is remarkably intuitive. It's not really empathy, it's more like - she just knows if something is up. Take, for instance, if she met Squall Leonhart. In an alternate universe (aka the Kingdom Hearts one) she actually works with him and a bunch of other Squeenix characters - though not in this one. However, Aerith would just feel this weird deja vu around him, certain that she's seen him before; and that's just one example of her intuition. She can get good and bad feelings about people.
  • WHITE MATERIA - She used to think it was good for absolutely nothing, and just wore it in her hair. However, that's actually not true, as she found out - it was specifically created to counteract the destructive powers of Black Materia, which calls on Meteor - literally a giant meteor to come hurtling from outer space and destroy the planet that called upon it. White Materia casts Holy, which takes up the combined energy of the planet to protect the planet and shield it from harm. It is immensely powerful, but only in protective energy. Should something else huge attempt to threaten the earth itself, Aerith could likely counter it with Holy - but only after a lot of prayer, especially in a sacred place.
  • MATERIA - She's got some standard Materia equipped, as well. Materia are orbs of hardened mako energy that allow the user to cast magic. More powerful spells take more time to power up, and they also tend to be very tiring. Namely she has these five, though maybe she can find more later:
    Earth - She can cast all three levels of Quake, powerful earthquake spells. This is kind of a useless attack on things that are in flight or in the air, but it can sure shake foundations.
    Restore - All three levels of Cure are available on this one, from healing tiny cuts to healing broken bones. Regen is as well available where the person who gets Regen'd finds all their wounds slowly healing over a short period of time, even ones they just receive.
    Heal - Basically the only RP-important spell available here is Esuna - a spell that heals "status effects." In the RP world, this doesn't just mean your standard poison or what have you, but also moderate illnesses.
    Revive - Life spells. No, these don't revive the dead - but they do awaken the unconscious. The more powerful the Life spell is, the more restored the person is that is being roused.
    Barrier - Barrier, Reflect, and Wall. Barrier briefly muffles physical attacks, while Wall does the same for magic attacks; Reflect rebounds magic spells back on the caster, so be careful in these situations. But Reflect doesn't do that for physical attacks. All three spells only last a few rounds.
  • LIMIT BREAKS - Last but not least we have the Final Fantasy VII staple. As this is a forum, Aerith can't just use her Limit Breaks willy-nilly; they only occur when she has been severely injured, as an immediate response, or when she's terribly emotional. Like, really bad. I don't mean "oh, I'm a little sad today, I'm going to just fucking cast Great Gospel" or whatever. I mean seriously emotional. Which one she uses really depends on the situation, but they can - obviously - only be used sparingly. The things at the top of the list require less exertion and emotional instability, but towards the bottom, she really needs to be in a bad state to use it.
    Healing Wind - casts a curative wind that greatly heals all allied parties.
    Seal Evil - casts Silence on an enemy party, as well as injuring more undead-affiliated creatures.
    Breath of the Earth - cures all status ailments (obviously within reason).
    Fury Brand - boosts the power of another ally, causing them to be able to use more powerful abilities that they might not have access to otherwise - a Limit Break sort of thing for people who don't have Limit Breaks.
    Planet Protector - gives all allies temporary invincibility. By "temporary" I mean like two rounds of invincibility, if even.
    Pulse of Life - fully restores all health and power of allies.
    Great Gospel - fully restores all health and power of allies, as well as adding the temporary invincibility thing. This can only be used in like once in a blue moon.
  • STAFF: PRINCESS GUARD - Ah yes, her ultimate weapon, foraged from the Temple of the Ancients itself. It basically just boosts her magic power. She can hit people on the head with it but, uh. It's not very effective...
  • RIBBON - the Final Fantasy ribbon. Same properties as a Remedy, but far more useful considering it's not a one-time use thing. That pretty pink ribbon in Aerith's hair isn't just for show; the Ribbon (Zack's ribbon that he gave to her) protects Aerith from a bunch of status ailments - sleep, poison, sadness, fury, confusion, silence, frog, mini, slow-numb, petrify, death sentence, berserk, paralysis, and darkness. Non-FF versions of these sort of status ailments are included - like "poison," for instance, means she wouldn't be poisoned if she got bitten by a rattlesnake.
Physical Weaknesses:
  • NOT EXACTLY A SUPER SOLDIER - For all her gifts with magic and healing, Aerith is utter shit at physical stuff. She might be able to slap pretty hard, but beyond that, she probably couldn't even punch a dude. She's also not good with acrobatic junk - you won't see her ninja-ing her way through the trees, and often takes the careful way climbing up and down things. For all her power, she's really kind of... frail.
  • RETURN 2 THE LIFESTREAM - And, uh, speaking of being frail - Aerith is 110% murderable, just ask Sephiroth. Like, she may have great magic and be god of the Lifestream or whatever - but the thing is, about being god of the Lifestream? You actually have to be in the Lifestream to be connected to it on that kind of level, and Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore. So, no. Aerith is frail and really easily murdered.
Psychological Weaknesses:
  • SECRETS - Basically learned at her mother's knee, Aerith knows how to keep to herself and keep her silence. This also cultivates distance, and keeps people from really knowing her, no matter how sweet she is.
  • AN ENIGMA - Tying in with the secrets thing, Aerith really isn't easy to get to know - and because of her cheerful nature, she's nice to be around, but she'll still lightly deflect with things come around her way. This makes her very difficult to really get to know, and is sort of a protection over herself, in that way, keeping people out.
  • SELF-SACRIFICIAL - Looking at how the whole Sephiroth thing went, she is definitely this. If she needs to die for the Planet - so be it.
  • STUBBORN - This, combined with all of the above traits, can be really dangerous. She nears being headstrong with this kind of thing, and can be very hard - or impossible - to deter from what she wants to do. If that thing is even slightly dubious, that could mean consequences.

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Cbox Name: ren
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Aerith Gainsborough
 Posted: Apr 23 2014, 12:13 AM

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 Posted: Apr 23 2014, 12:44 PM

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This application is DENIED, on the grounds that you DON'T play Mr. Krabs.


After some words from my compatriots, I understand that this is not a reasonable excuse for denying you. Unfortunately, the rest of this app is... acceptable. <____<

(no but actually this is a gr8 app accepted)

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