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 Albert Wesker, Resident Evil
Albert Wesker
 Posted: Jun 2 2014, 11:55 PM

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{Wesker as Captain of S.T.A.R.S.} {Wesker's 'Midnight' Outfit} {Wesker, Infected with Uroboros}

Canon: Resident Evil
Ranking: Villain

Age: 49
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Human

Personality: Power. That is a word that resonates entirely within Wesker's entire persona. He has always desired power, desired strength, more than anything else throughout his life. Unknowingly puppeteer into joining the Umbrella Laboratories at the young age of seventeen, Albert did so as a means to gain more power, more control over the world around him, and once he was of age to face his secret manipulator and learn the truth behind everything, Wesker mercilessly ran him through, and left the aging Oswell E. Spencer to sputter and bleed out on the floor, all for the sake of power. Power, reasons Wesker, is the ultimate expression of universal rules. It is the code for 'meaning', and 'influence'. All humans desire it-- and so, they grasp for it in their daily lives, and seek to over come others with it. The only thing that can defeat power, in Wesker's eyes, is more power. So through his life, he has always sought to amass as much as he could, and control it in ways no other person could. To send pawns against one another and then reap all the spoils has always been Albert's way, from the very beginning...and to the very end.

Control, professional, and undeniably ruthless, Wesker has always been uncountably cunning and clever. It was this keen intellect that brought him so early into the fold of relevance, that left him capable of gaining Dr. James Marcus's trust, and what allowed him and his colleague William Birkin to ascend to the head research of the precious t-virus. Sly, but subtle, Wesker has always been an operator, a man capable of putting on many masks and playing many roles within the theater, only to break from the script at the last moment and put an end to all the players. Albert has often engaged in many 'relationships', garnered many 'friends' and followers over his time, and kept them all for as long as they were necessary. To Wesker, to best way to remain in his good graces was to continue being 'useful' to him. Through this, he could forgive failure, even on multiple accounts, and saved many of his cohort's lives on more than one occasion. However, the moment that usefulness dried up, you were cast out, left to dry. At best, you were simply released from service, dismissed, forgotten. At worst, you were left to die, or sent to your death to delay a coming foe. Regardless of personal connection to Wesker, this was all the same. No tears were shed over the death of his most loyal follower, Jack Krauser, nor were they shed over the passing of his best and most legitimate friend and ally, William Birkin. Beyond a simple feeling of disappointment, and an offhand "oh, too bad", Wesker immediately went about collecting their bodies, mutilating and taking samples of them for further research as the utmost Wesker was willing of respecting those who had passed and remained 'useful'.

This is not to say Wesker is entirely inhuman. Far from it, he is capable of appreciating sardonic humor, and engaging in dry snark on more than on occasion, even when in the midst of death. Though he could be thurst in any number of seemingly hopeless and terrifying situations, Wesker has always kept his wits about him, even before becoming superhuman. Yet despite this, Wesker has allowed himself to become filled with jealousy and hatred over the prowess of others, and even felt some form of regret that he had to dispense with S.T.A.R.S. during the Mansion Incident, though obviously not enough to even remotely effect his actions of reasoning. Holding an undying grudge toward surviving S.T.A.R.S. members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine by surviving the Tyrant assault and further complicating matters, Wesker's rage, devoted particularly towards Chris, has always been cold, yet simmering, in direct contrast to his composed persona. Towards the end of his life, Wesker was consumed by madness, screaming at his hated enemy Chris Redfield maddened reasonings on natural selection and human evolution, flailing madly attempting to slay him, and on several occasions, attempting to take others with him to the grave, his composure lost. It remains to be said that it is possible Wesker is unknowingly an empty person, molded by the Wesker Children project into a ruthless killer, and filling himself with power, and later, delusion, in an attempt to gain control in his life. Nevertheless, despite these manipulations and their influence, he rose above them all, and tore down the establishments that birthed him almost out of spite, and crowned himself in their ashes.

Believing himself superior, like a God after the death of Spencer, Wesker has set about a mission originally taken by Oswell E. Spencer to 'save' the overpopulated human race from themselves by instigating the next step of human evolution, weeding out the weak and leading the strong to a utopian tomorrow where he is worshipped as a deity. These thoughts are mad, and possibly, not entire of his own design, but never the less, now drive him. Wesker, after all, believes the right to be a God, even now after his death, belongs only to those capable of achieving it.

A right that he asserts, is now his.

History: Jill! Here's a wikilink! It might be handy if you, the Master of Unlocking, take it with you.

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Master of Firearms: Wesker has always been, even before injecting himself with his mutagenic virus, an expert combatant. Well trained in several martial arts and a master of armed and unarmed combat, Wesker was skilled enough to lead the elite special forces unit known as S.T.A.R.S., and during his tenure as their leader, not only proved himself as an expert, if treacherous leader, but also as one of, if not the most gifted combatants in the unit, facing off against enemies such as the twin Tyrants, the Ivans, as well as surviving several one on one fights against Lisa Trevor before and shortly after gaining his powers (of which he had a shaky grasp, at best) and recovering from being fatally impaled, the confrontation ending the previously thought 'immortal' Lisa Trevor's life.

The Wesker Children: Unknown until recently to Albert, he is one of the two surviving members of an insane eugenics experiment by Oswell E. Spencer to create the perfect protege to rule his new world with him. Possessing an extremely keen mind, healthy completion, and even before his infection, top physical form, Wesker has evolved far beyond Spencer's imaginings through his own dire manipulations, with an incredible cunning and dark intelligence and ambition to span the world over.

Winds of Madness: After injecting himself with a Prototype Virus developed by William Birkin and dying at the hands of the Tyrant hidden within the Arklay Mansion, Wesker was returned to life with extraordinary abilities that go above any human being's capacity to perform. With exceptionally enhanced strength, speed, endurance and regenerative capacity, as well as a precious altered blood type that allowed him immunity to all viral infection save for Uroboros, Wesker had become beyond human, transforming to something else entirely. Able to pierce through missiles and life them with absolute ease, survive tons of steel falling atop him with virtually no consequences, and move and perceive things faster than the human eye could allow, making him seem to teleport over short distances. Wesker also posseses a highly dense skeletal system and immense stamina, capable of being shot in the head and falling hundreds of miles down from a crashing airplane and recovering moments later after being severely poisoned, it is noted that should normal humans attempt to engage in hand to hand combat with Wesker, they are at far higher a risk to suffer broken bones and skeletal fragmentation than he is when landing a hit.

  • Modified Samurai Edge Handgun
  • Triple Barreled 'Hydra' Shotgun
  • H&K P8 Handgun
  • Smith & Wesson M500 Magnum
  • L. Hawk Magnum
  • Killer7 Repeating (Silenced) Magnum
  • Several Proximity Mines
  • Flash Grenades
  • Incineary Grenades
  • Fragmentation Grenades
  • Optional Silencers for Handguns
  • 'First Aid Spray' based on Umbrella Compounds capable of almost completely restoring those injured by conventional means to full health.
  • At least one PG67A/W Syringe
  • Cell Phone
Physical Weaknesses:

PG67A/W: Wesker's Virus, though undeniably impressive, is unstable. In order to keep it in check, Wesker must routinely inject himself with a specially developed progenitor solution known as "PG67A/W" or else suffer debilitating medical effects as his virus wrecks havoc on his body. Injecting too much in one sitting however, overloads his abilities for a short time, greatly weakening them, and him overdosing on the solution is what lead to his eventual death.

Only a SUPERIOR human: Yes, Wesker is immune to most all forms of conventional attack and injury, yes, Wesker is fine if you impale him, you throw him out of a plane, set him on first, and yes yes, Wesker is completely super human. But sever his head-- well. He can't come back from that. He can come back from everything else but...having no head, kind of puts a damper on things. Also, he has no magical abilities. That kind of sucks and knocks him down a few tiers on the 'supreme being' list.

Psychological Weaknesses:

Lost in Nightmares: Wesker's life was flipped completely around after meeting his progenitor, Oswell E. Spencer. Genetically engineered to seek him out, upon meeting and killing his 'creator', Albert Wesker was...changed. Gaining a new outlook on life, Wesker went from cold, efficient calculation to openly believing himself superior to...virtually everyone. Garnering a god complex, Wesker's goals changed, as did his beliefs about himself and humans as a whole, giving him a layer of mental instability that was not entirely naturalistically imbued. Believing himself to be a God meant to rule over a select few super humans, Wesker has become infused with delusions, something that, after his death...he is gaining something of a slight inkling of.

Double-Crosser: Wesker is more or less a sociopath, and cares little for who he uses or who he must use in order to get what he wants. Though he is, in very very rare cases, capable of forming something resembling a normal human relationship, such as his odd friendship with William Birkin, and at some point, a sexual relationship with an unidentified Eastern European woman, Wesker ultimately is willing to sacrifice almost anything in order to achieve his goals, and will do it unquestioningly and without a hint of remorse.


Sunglasses at Night: Wesker wears sunglasses at night. Though he can see just fine in the dark and has some minor night vision capabilities, he can't see all that well in the dark with them on. Yes, really. Yes. This is a plot point and a major mechanic in his boss battle. Yes. Really.

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Cbox Name: MechaDNA
Nicknames: New Wesker
How did you find us?: Complete
Time Zone: Global
Roleplay Sample: Saturation
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n/a, dropping Spades though I think I have about 14 posts on stock just keeping TRACK
 Posted: Jun 3 2014, 01:47 AM

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This app is great, DNA! I'm particularly impressed by the personality section, where you really have captured Wesker's personality in great detail. All-in-all an excellent app. Accepted!

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