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 Alexander Anderson, Hellsing
Alexander Anderson
 Posted: Jun 9 2014, 07:20 AM

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father anderson | the paladin | executioner anderson

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unshadowed | the monster of god | anderson regenerates

Canon: Hellsing
Ranking: Anti-Hero (with heavy emphasis on 'anti')

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human

    "I want nothing more than to be a bayonet; a bayonet wielded by the hand of God."

    The Paladin, Alexander Anderson, is a man driven by the will of God. He is a fanatic, completely devoted to his religion to the point where he believes his existence is the equivalent to a divine storm, someone sent to rid the world of heretics as a destructive force of God. As such, he is relentless in his crusade against heretics and monsters, never once regretting his slaughter no matter how innocent the victim may be. If a monster or 'heathen' rears its head, the Paladin will be there to strike it down in the Lord's name. He lives to serve as God's weapon - a mere tool in some divine plan.

    "If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let them be accursed at His coming."

    Those who don't believe in God, or those who believe in God but don't follow the Catholic Church, are considered heathens to Anderson. In his mind, they lack the strength to follow God, and they deserve nothing less than death. Protestants, in particular, attract his ire, to the point where he was happy, or at least apathetic, upon hearing that vampires were consuming them. Those who don't love God are nothing to Anderson, barely enough to be noticed. That being aid, though, he doesn't kill Protestants or any other supposed 'heretics' on sight, if they are innocent people. He may not like them quite so much, but they aren't monsters or murderers.

    "Violence is never the right answer, unless used against heathens and monsters."

    ... That being said, Anderson is a kind and gentle man to his fellow Catholics. In stark contrast to the mad, violent fanaticism shown when confronting those he considers evil, he is completely calm when speaking to those he considers good. To those who love God, he shows a distinct respect and love, no matter what else they may be. Even if he finds himself fighting them, he will remain solemn and quiet, showing true sadness that he must fight a fellow servant of God. Anderson feels a distinct connection to children, making him especially protective of them. Even if the child in question doesn't believe in God he refuses to hate them. There is tenderness behind the madness... it's just difficult to find.

    "It's been a while since I've had a good hunt. I plan on enjoying this."

    When facing an enemy, one who he considers a monster, Anderson just goes wild. He shouts and recites scripture, truly proving that he considers himself God's wrath embodied. He loses control of himself in battle, though he never becomes outright cruel. He doesn't torture his opponents, nor does he mock them. Anderson views battle as a mission from God, something that should be done swiftly, but with precision. Though he doesn't drag battle out, Anderson enjoys his fights. He fully enjoys doing what he views as the will of God... even if that involves mutilating an enemy.... or, perhaps, especially so.

History: Wiki link!

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show us what you're made of

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    Enhanced Lifespan: Anderson has been enhanced by the Iscariot Organization to be a 'regenerator', one who can heal any wound. This has the side effect of giving him an extremely long lifespan, one that keeps him from aging entirely. It's never specified how long Anderson will live, but it's highly possible that, unless he's killed, he will live forever.

    Superhuman Strength: Enhanced by Iscariot, Anderson's strength is absolutely incredible, far beyond human capacity. He can throw his bayonets through solid steel and stagger powerful vampires with nothing but punches. This shows that Anderson's strength is far more powerful than the high-caliber bullets Alucard takes with casual ease.

    Superhuman Speed: Like many other super soldiers and powerful individuals in his world, Anderson is quick enough to dodge bullets and move faster than the eye can see. His speed was even enough to shock the vampire Alucard, who possesses a form of precognition. As a side note, he possesses incredible agility and reflexes, making it easy for him to dodge quick attacks with ease.

    Holy Barriers: Using blessed pages of his Bible, Anderson can set up holy barriers around a room by telekinetically pinning the pages to the walls around him. This barrier not only prevents unholy or undead beings from leaving the room, but stops any use of dark magic, or perhaps magic in general, from being used within the room. Anderson can, in general, control the pages of his Bible to a number of purposes - wrapping them around people to keep them trapped, for instance.

    Teleportation: By wrapping the pages of his Bible around himself, Anderson is capable of teleporting anywhere he pleases. It is implied this is some sort of holy magic or ritual, similar to the limited form of telekinesis he uses to control the pages of his Bible.

    Regeneration: The most powerful enhancement granted to him by Iscariot - Anderson is capable of healing from nearly any wound. He can regrow lost limbs, recover quickly from a direct bullet to the head, and even endure the explosive rounds used by Alucard with ease. However, there are weapons used to counter regeneration that work very well against him. His regeneration is nowhere near as powerful as Alucard's, and it does have a limit. Chopping off his head, for instance, would kill him.

    Hammerspace: Anderson seems to possess a personal, possibly based on his strange holy powers, or possibly granted to him by Iscariot's enhancements, space within his coat that contains endless bayonets. It doesn't seem like anything else can be contained within this space, for whatever reason.
    Blessed Bayonets: Anderson’s primary weapons are ultra-sharp bayonets, wielded as if they were swords. The weapons are highly versatile, able to be used for both close-quarters and ranged combat, the latter of which is done by throwing the bayonets. Difficult as it may seem to do so, Anderson is shockingly accurate with the weapons. Due to the blessing on them, these bayonets are capable of exploding on contact. Each bayonet, of which there are a seemingly infinite amount within his hammerspace, has a powerful blessing placed upon it. This blessing makes the bayonets fatal to less-powerful unholy beings like demons and undead. To the unholy who happen to be strong, they simply leave wounds that can resist regeneration and cause agonizing pain.

    The Bible: Yes, really. Anderson carries an old, ornate copy of the Bible with him… that he can use in combat. Not by hitting his opponents with it, of course, but by using the pages within. This particular copy of the Bible has a powerful blessing placed upon it that gives each of its pages a holy attribute, the abilities of which are better described in the ‘Holy Barriers’ and ‘Teleportation’ sections above.

    The Nail of Helena: An extremely holy artifact – supposedly one of the nails used on the cross of Jesus himself. While the accuracy of this statement is dubious, the nail does indeed possess incredible power. By stabbing it into his heart, Anderson becomes a being beyond human - a "Monster of God" with immense power.
      Enhanced Physicality: In this form, Anderson's strength is increased tenfold, allowing him to do lasting damage to powerful vampires with simple strikes alone. His speed and reflexes, too, are enhanced to their extremes.

      Enhanced Regeneration: The Nail enhances Anderson's regeneration to the point where it's about as powerful as a vampire as strong as Alucard's. He can regenerate from even the things which would kill him in his regular form - decapitation, for instance. The only weakness of this form is the Nail in its heart - plunge the Nail further in and he's dead.

      Holy Touch: The Nail, being an extremely holy artifact, extends that holiness to the user. The slightest touch from Anderson using the nail is deadly to lesser unholy beings and undead. When touched, these beings burst into flame and die instantly. This also extends to the weapons Anderson uses. His bayonets grew in power considerable, even proving capable to generate vines similar to the ones Anderson can generate from his body.

      Holy Vines: The vine grants Anderson some strange plant-like abilities. His entire body is capable of turning into vines, changing his physical form entirely. These vines can be mentally controlled and possess a holy attribute, destroying lesser unholy beings with a single touch. The vines are covered with thorns, as well, making them extremely dangerous weapons in general.

      Holy Fire: Using the vines as a conduit, Anderson can generate holy fire to burn those who touch the vines. This fire, of course, is especially damaging to the unholy and the undead. It was capable of doing damage and to Alucard himself and causing him immense pain. This says a lot about the fire's power, considering Alucard was able to take being shot into a bloody paste without showing any sign of pain.
Physical Weaknesses:
    Mortal: Even when using Helena's Nail, Anderson is completely mortal. He might live for an extremely long time, and he might be capable of regenerating, but he's still a human - he can definitely die.

    Imperfect Regeneration: Although he can regenerate from most wounds, Anderson's regeneration is not perfect. There have been weapons created specifically to counteract his regeneration, and a direct decapitation or wound directly to the heart, unless the weapon is the Nail of Helena, will kill him.

    The Nail of Helena: There are weaknesses that come with the Nail. For instance, if a direct hit is landed on the Nail and plunged deeper into Anderson's heart, he will die immediately. Furthermore, prolonged use of the Nail can be extremely damaging to the body, making it only useful in short bursts to finish a battle - if it's used long enough, the thorns it generates will completely consume Anderson's body and kill him.
Psychological Weaknesses:
    heathens >___>: Those who don't believe in God, or believe in something else entirely, deserve nothing better than death. Although Anderson doesn't go around mindlessly slaughtering everyone who isn't Catholic, he doesn't particularly care about them either. He was, after all, totally okay with a vampire going around eating Protestants.

    remove monsters: Heathens aside, Anderson does generally kill any unholy monsters he sees. This doesn't extend to any nonhuman - only the ones directly associated with the demonic or unholy. Demons, for instance, will not even be given consideration before he kills them, and vampires only get a little better off. In general, anything considered an abomination - the undead, for instance - are on the chopping block.

    Anger: When in combat, especially against someone opposed to God, Anderson tends to fly into a rage. His rages only grows and grows when facing someone like this, eventually making him an enraged madman. Not only is it unsettling, but it makes him less strategic during combat. If he's enraged, that rage will eventually consume him and make him rely solely on his raw strength rather than strategy.

    think of the children: Anderson likes children. After running a Catholic orphanage for years, it's understandable that he feels connected and protective of children - even those who are monsters or 'heathens'. It's a huge weakness of his - take on a child's form and he'll need a whole lot of reason to actually fight... and even then, he could never bring himself to kill a child.
Other: no

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Cbox Name: bob
Nicknames: ren
Who else do you play?: dna
How did you find us?: meeks
Time Zone: jemi
Roleplay Sample: storm
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Alexander Anderson
 Posted: Jun 13 2014, 07:33 AM

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 Posted: Jun 13 2014, 08:32 AM

too many ninjas, 0/10
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hey bob! once again, I have to say I'm impressed with your app! you've successfully subverted all my impressions of Hellsing and the characters you've apped in particular, and I'm glad to say that despite some of the absurdity here (bayonet hammerspace goodbye anderson are you a magical girl) the app looks great! so yes, accepted!

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