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 Agent Popsicle, a DERPALICIOUS oc
Agent Popsicle
 Posted: Aug 13 2013, 04:34 AM

Group: Guests
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Agent Popsicle
Popsicle, Queen of Slush and Stuff, walking snow cone maker, Idiot, Stupid, Moron, Cold Killer, Ice Queen, Ice Angel, One of the dumbest heroes ever, Ice Freak, Snow Angel.

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Ranking: Hero
Reason for being on AM: To save the innocent and protect innocent people from getting killed! ...and to solve paranormal mysteries!

Age: Seventeen
Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid Alien (Earth Raised)

Physical Appearance: WELL ON THE INSIDE SHE'S WEIRD AS HELL. That's no exaggeration either! I mean seriously it's not even h-oh...right...outside....kay....fine! Agent Popsicle's outfits tend to range and vary, so let's focus on her more static features, shalllllll we? OF COURSE! Well, for starters her eyes are literally a pale, translucent blue where it's almost visible to literally see within her eyes and the pupils are a pair of white dots. A little trippy and tends to give people the heebeejeebees.

So there are times where she'll wear sunglasses or contact lenses to conceal them a bit better. Then there's her hair which seems a tad bit translucent as well with a tint of light blue. With the way this girl's swooshed and swerved locks are usually styled, it tends to look a bit like an ice sculpture. Agent Popsicle's bangs are slightly free flowing though they seem to curve in some points. That skin pigment of hers is far from the norm and seems normal enough, pale...but normal...yet get a closer look and BAM! There's obvious flecks of translucent blue showing a bit of her blue tinted flesh beneath it all. It makes her look a little icy blue at some angles and only getting really close up will expose the peculiar visual.

This strange girl's lashes are strangely long and seem to shape into little points toward the bottom. Normally she can be found wearing dress boots, white leggings, black skirt that reaches just above her knees, a white dress shirt, and a black vest which cut around her bust accenting it a bit. Now for the ALWAYS on her stuff unless shit hits the fan! Black belt bracelets concealed by padded gloves, belt anklets, and a thick belt around her neck. Oh and yes...there are times where she'll wear a fedora.
Personality: To be blunt, she appears a bit on the ditzy side and appearing as though she's all heart but little to no brains. A lot of people view and treat her as though she's a blundering idiot. Here's why....on a usual basis, Agent Popsicle seems rather easy to trick and will look into something with little to no second guessing when someone is in danger. With a strong passion to uphold justice, she wants to make sure she can always save the innocent when it's within her power to do so. In a way, one can say she has a heart of icy platinum since she has developed a belief that as long as someone isn't murdering innocent people...there's a chance they have some good in them and she'll try to nurture it. Even...if it's in the midst of a fight, she'll try the peaceful route until it doesn't work any more. Which is honestly why she acts so stupid a lot of the time, intentionally acting like an idiot has made being a ditz practically second nature and almost lives in a sea of lies.

Having trouble coping with the loss of her parents which was all her fault due to a tantrum, Agent Popsicle opted to dumb herself down to a state of intentional a degree anyway. Mostly because she'll see there's bad in the world that needs to be stopped, but killing is never an option for her....not after what happened. Taking a life is borderline impossible for her and if it must be done, she'll seek someone else out to do the deed of death. Executions tend to freak her out and make her panic to the point of affecting her physical state. Aside from that, she always seems a bit on the thoughtfully carefree side and has a strong will to help others. Even if a villain is in trouble, as long as they haven't killed an innocent FOR THE LULZ, she'll save their lives and throw them into containment. Her humor is a little off and sometimes she'll ask questions at seemingly inappropriate times....let alone "forget" certain details. Like she'll ask someone who can't talk how they like the flavor of something THEN realize that she needs to have them answer in a non-verbal way.

Oddly enough, her idiocy is intentional to cover up her true intellect. However, it's SO VERY CONVINCING that she's actually quite idiotic and mostly handy in combat and dessert making situations since she does some REALLY questionably stupid things. When smart people do stupid things, something's up. Just because she's tricking people 24/7 into thinking she's not very bright doesn't mean she's lying every single time. See, she is quite honest but camouflages her actual smarts by wording things in a derptastic fasion and figure out things by portraying the role of `the village idiot`. Then there's how it's helping her powers be under control A LOT more than without her dizziness. That is the primary reason why she's always dumbing herself down a whole friggin' lot of the time, fear that she'll kill someone by accident thus live with more burdens and go into a dark place. Agent Popsicle would rather not see her powers do something so horrific ever again. Then there's her engraved fear of doctors, she avoids seeking out help from them being concerned that they might want to slice her open to explore her insides.

Ah...and she was raised thinking she's a meta human....though she has peculiar dreams trying to tell her various things. Lastly, even when she shows her true colors of being intelligent, it's not too far off from how she usually acts. In fact, she's still sweet, kind, thoughtful, a bit on the silly side, nervous, and professional. In a way, she is and isn't easy to figure out because she may do something to put herself in danger, call herself out on it, then quickly calculate a fix or even plan everything out ahead of time. Agent Popsicle has also tricked herself into thinking most of the time that her parents are alive and well, up until a slaughter happens....then she'll remember it's all a lie for a moment before calming down. Despite her facade, she's a VERY good and loyal friend when her actual trust is gathered...however she'll rely on those she trusts for favors at times. Mostly when she's severely injured and needs help or a place to rest while recovering.

When something traumatic happens, her memory seems to make everything vague as though to work as a safety lock on a loaded gun. How about when the safety is off? Well....that's just not a good thing at all. This is because she'll unleash a survivable, treacherous, icy hell on the thing that invoked her rage. This happens in the midst of murdering an innocent in front of her, the bands go off and shit gets real cause while breaking down...she snaps. Her JUSTIIIIIIIIIIIICE meter goes haywire and will take her chances cause only genuinely cruel, cold murderers deserve to suffer. In her eyes, innocents shouldn't be killed and the only time ANYONE should die is because of an unforgivable act...yet she won't partake in bloodshed leading to death. Will she have any qualms about ripping someone's limbs off and sticking them on life support though?

Nope because they'd be alive and she would make sure to have their limbs reattached if that were to happen. Mangling criminals with her powers and hands when the safety lock is off is fine, but when she's got control over herself and being kinda `DERP`....severe injuries are a last resort and will GRADUALLY crank up her powers as needed so overkill won't happen. Yes, she is impressively calculating as well as having a creatively constructive mind. Trying to be positive, she'll do her best not to stray from her job and keep on task as well as not bend the rules very much. An example of this trait is this: Agent Popsicle will make a deal with someone not to repeat their offense, having them promise they will correct their actions to avoid the issue from happening again....however she will still make them serve their time. Oh and yes, it is offensive to her when people call her demeaning names even if most of the time she'll brush it off.

Quite chill and usually in a good mood is how she is and a side dish of occasional ditzy derpness. She's worth taking advice from since she's not as moronic as she portrays herself, and most importantly she has a no killing policy (Unless it's for NOMz) with a great sense of justice. Surprisingly logical when the situation calls for it and her view point isn't too crooked like some. Things are black or white with very little grey when it comes to good and bad. Agent Popsicle doesn't encourage murdering people in a situation that calls for it but if the victim does something bad enough then she has a grey view point. Petty reasons for murder don't fly with her though, not at all. When it comes to her feelings at times, Agent Popsicle struggles a bit and will have moments where she'll get timid then opt not to say what she's feeling.

It takes a while when it comes to things she gets timid over and maybe she'll eventually say it, maybe she won't. In fact, she has a weird tendency to say `um...` while speaking once in a while, mostly when she's a bit on the nervous side. Yes, she does have moments where she shows being cheerful in a more obvious manner or a bit down on herself for doing something really stupid that could get innocents hurt.
History: (Shoved into a huge nut shell. More about her is gonna get uncovered as she progresses)

Life was simple...oh so very simple. A happy family with a sweet daughter who helped come up with creative ideas for new flavors and desserts. Literally aliens from another universe who came to learn and mesh with this one for collective data registering as meta humans after taking over the lives of a family. They had a nice living and all was going well...up until one day the only daughter of this happy alien family made a huge accident. It wasn't something miniscule, in fact it almost blew their entire cover when she tried to talk about the cool technology the have and that she helps make wanting to share it. That...was a big no no. The human she talked to was going to tell all of his friends and spread the word like wild fire which the alien girl was perfectly fine with.

Up until her parents took the boy away...she didn't know why...they were normal...a happy family weren't they...weren't we...? Mommy and daddy took him to a room...I followed them like a puppy wanting attention. They said something about new snacks that I didn't know about wanted to try them too....but...the room was so strange. It wasn't normal, it looked like something out of sci-fi movies with robots and aliens....were they aliens and my real parents got abducted?! What was going to happen to him...? didn't know but I was scared....I didn't know why but I was....and I was was like I should know what that weird device did. I knew about our other cool things but this one was flashed and he suddenly fell over.....there was....blood...he was crying blood....and drooling blood.

Yes that...had to be it...I ran over and shook him a little to wake him up...the ground was a dirty thing. No one should lay on it...let alone sleep on it....he might get sick if he stays there for started to to freak out.....he....wasn't breathing wasn't speaking wasn't laughing wasn't doing anything.....mommy and daddy said it was to protect us. They...they said it was to make us safe and stop mean rumors.....they....did...something bad....they killed someone who didn't do anything wrong. someone nice who wouldn't tease me for being a mutant freakazoid not breathe anymore....they killed him....I thought of terrible things I could do with the ice I could make....I thought....I thought of their insides crystallizing....then ripping apart into many many pieces like pretty little glitter stones. M-my mean thought came true.....mommy and daddy blew up into shiny little pieces and I was all alone....this was my fault....I tried to say sorry, I tried to tell them to come back, I tried to make them come back but they weren't the same....they weren't the same.....I-I'm alone...I'm....a-alone....I cried a lot....I did something awful like they did.....e-except it was just out of a fit...I'm a monster....I wish...I wasn't a monster....they were s-so nice...wh-why..... Picking up the pieces and dealing with the bodies....she generated flawless alibis and made it seem like her friend ran away from home only to be found drifting in a lake somewhere and made marionettes of her loving parents as a facade gradually blocking out that terrible day.

Living in a lie that they're still alive occasionally remembering it was her fault that they were dead...yet imprinted that the same mistake won't happen twice. Precautions were made as with various devices, dumbed herself down so she hardly knew the definition of rage yet knew what irritation was. This way she could finally be a bit harmless....and even learned how to gear her powers in a positive light to save people and find a bit of good to cancel out the bad. Moving away to leave her reclusive `parents`, she befriended Trisha Waldgrave and got help figuring things out with right and wrong while adding her own twist on things. Through Trisha she met Bao Yu Chao and was recruited to work under her then join the same group of paranormal investigators she was in. Life was interesting and finally she had a chance to save people! Taking on the codename Agent Popsicle, she wasn't known with a real name but just that among other nicknames.

Some she took a liking to, some she didn't....

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show us what you're made of

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Abilities: WELL it's not just as simple as manipulating slushed ice and all the various types of ice out there....


They revolve around ice, crystallizing various forms of moisture, and the various consistencies. Altering and controlling. Thus meaning she can harden liquid into snowflakes and then through all the steps up to extremely durable ice blocks. Another main thing is being able to give what she's manipulating a flavor of her choice as well as making it sweet as she feels like. Plus color scheme including multiple colors....make sense why she's called Agent Popsicle now? That and she's practically fused with variations of ice thus in tune with it. Sometimes it talks to her and sometimes it doesn't....

How does she control it? With her imagination, will, and movement are options for her.

Now that the easy to understand stuff is out of the way, let's go into detail about the more complex side of her powers....SHAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WE?!


BUT BEFORE WE GO ON....the less bands she wears, the easier it is to multi-task her powers thus making her one hell of a force to be reckoned with. WITH the bands on, it's harder for her to multi-task based on complexity. In a nutshell she's NERFED with bands, not so nerfed when the bands are off. However her will not to hurt people helps make her more docile for longer periods of time and policy to NEVER kill an innocent makes it so she won't go on a murder spree.


Variations of FLIGHT TYPE design and method -> There are times she'll replicate various sorts of wings and use them for flying. Taking in the sight and remembering the wings will make it so she can replicate it in the form of ice later. This requires a great deal of focus and cuts down some of her attacks. Oh and yes, she can create ice gliders. Agent Popsicle's ice can replicate just about anything as long as its density is within a variation of her ice abilities. Then there's also coating herself with ice here and there to control for flying.

Ice Marionette -> Making ice "dummies" isn't impossible and they're pretty much doing as she says based on her knowledge plus request. They're given a will of their own based on that and go on auto pilot making it easy for her to focus on other things. YET they need routine checks and maintenance to keep them solid unless she uses the ice type unique to her race. -> Agent Popsicle isn't fully aware but she's an alien and comes from a universe where elements have an extended branch where there's additional durability. Ice has `tank` boosts meaning it can take much more abuse than regular ice. Strength-wise it's not possible to break it with average strength, it requires super strength (Like Superman and Hulk) to bust down with brute force. Then there's the fact it will not melt as long as it doesn't make DIRECT CONTACT with a flame. When a flame makes contact with it, it'll glitter off into snowflakes and melt naturally over time.

Weapon formation GO! -> Capable of forming weapons out of ice, basic stuff like swords, spears, knives, and so on so forth. Normally she sticks with an ice bow and arrow combo for projectiles...but if she wants to put a hell of a lot of thought into it she can create functioning guns, cannons, and such made of ice. Hating the idea of killing people, the projectiles are usually filled with powdery slushed ice to avoid being the death of someone. It'll pack a punch but won't kill em'. Yes, she is capable of making ice ammo to a lethal degree...yet she won't unless there's no other choice.

Icicle projectiles!? -> As long as there's moisture, there can be flying icicles of doom formed by her. Whether they're full on ice or filled with slush, yup!


It's snowing....what the hell -> YUP she can make it snow if she's in the area. VERY easy to do since it's just making the moisture into snow flakes. Not that hard to be honest. ..........and yes....she can make it taste super yummy....

Clothing and -> The armor is obviously a little hard to do at times, but she's capable of it! It's as strong as whatever ice type she's using and the clothing is possible to generate. Makes for neat fashion!

The Phantom of the Ice -> In a way, you can say her alien race has phantom qualities, but only with their element. Agent Popsicle can walk through ice in a cinch, it's not that hard. It's fairly dangerous so she avoids it like the plague....but she can also fuse with some form of ice and use it as transportation like teleportation. The only time she uses this is when it's beyond reasonable doubt she'll make it through without high risk.

Icy to the touch -> Making physical contact with objects will make them freeze almost instantly if that's what she wants to do. SHE'S NOT JUST CHILLY FOR THE LULz....oh and she can totally keep beverages cold C:

If Medusa turned people into blocks of ice, you'd wonder if they're related -> Oddly enough, she can look at someone then focus on the moisture around them AND in them, then make them stuck in a block of ice. It takes some serious focus since she makes sure their vitals are in check. It's strange since she can actually keep people ALIVE in blocks of ice....even flavored....hell, she's SAVED making people like this! So let's clarify...does she turn them to ice? No. Does she trap them in a block of ice? Oh hell to the yeah. There we go, so easy to understand. Fixating her gaze on something or someone makes it easier to manipulate the moisture in the area.


HAIR ADJUSTMENT! -> She can tweak her hairstyle with her icy powers of icyness! Sometimes...ok a lot of the time she just gets silly with it and makes it look like her fingers are designing it. When ice manipulated by her makes contact with her hair, she has the choice of using it to extend and become her own.

Poking liquid makes ice cubes! -> Yup! Since it's easier for her to control an area she makes physical contact with, it's OBVIOUS but if she wants she can poke liquid to create ice cubes at her fingertips.



Artistic -> Artistic and creative to an interesting degree, she incorporates this with her abilities and devices.

Smarter than you....more than likely anyway -> This chick's from an advanced race and species, she's naturally MUCH smarter than the average person. Even though she's not always showing it much at all. So she can and will come up with good plans to help figure things like strategies and technology. If she works with mechanics, she can make some pretty interesting things.

The lifestyle path means which abilities flourish and which have more limits -> Agent Popsicle has a strong will to HELP PEOPLE LIVE and REFUSES to kill a living creature for anything other than food. Opting to live the life of a hero, offense-wise, she caps herself from having her powers go in a `1 Hit Kill` direction and more `multiple attacks and defensive strategy` growth. Obviously she has the capability to kill VERY EASILY but won't allow herself. This also caps how lethal inventions she helps create will be. Because of her lifestyle path to being a hero, her powers, abilities, and natural talents flourish in neutralization.

Tough as fricken uber nails! -> You can cut her open and she'll still be alive, in lots and lots of pain with her entrails dribbling out, but still alive and able to move around or escape. Her bones are incredibly tough and her anatomy is structured to make it so killing her takes a bit more tact rather than via typical methods of murdering a human. So let's say she's shot `in the heart`, a `dummy gland` will be ruined and require healing up....yet...she'll just be in pain and keep on moving. ICE TANK! It's hard to pierce her flesh seeing how it hardens as a defensive measure's hard to make critical progress, more-so in combat. If she's in a mellow environment and such, it's easier to hurt her to the point of making cuts and such.

....danger senses...seriously? -> It's normally in the form of her dreams where she gets warned of events where someone is in a life threatening situation. She'll wake up moments before it happens and has to hurry, looking for clues if she wants to actually save them. Them more she actually listens to her dreams, the more of a grace period she'll have as time goes on. Sometimes she'll have a `bad feeling` about something and it could very well be due to this. It's not some window to the future, it gives a gist of the crime and sometimes a small glint of background on the individual she is going to help.

Weapons/Equipment: Simple stuff, really....

Communicator Watch -> This keeps her in contact with fellow agents and works as a normal phone as well.

Popsicle Sticks! -> YES...she keeps them in a holster next to her spray bottle. They're just popsicle sticks, man.

Squirt Bottle -> a holster next to the popsicle sticks.....

Plastic Powercap Gun -> The gun itself is plastic and doesn't have metal parts, a weapon Trisha Waldgrave helped her make and this bad puppy can shoot rubber bullets or plastic. It charges the bullet in the chamber to neutralize metahuman/mutant abnormalities a.k.a the genetics inducing their powers. On aliens it works as a stun gun, but for's just an painful gun. The affect on it lasts for a few minutes, longer if it's closer range due to how it'll have a heavier shock on their nervous half an hour to an hour at most based on their own durability and if the bullet pierces their skin. Obviously it's alien technology with human assistance, but she's an idiot when it comes to knowing about her own origins and ancestry. This can affect androids as a stun gun, HOWEVER it has to actually reach their circuitry, otherwise it does nothing and will be like `DOINK` off of the metal.

SUPER SOAKER -> Sometimes she'll have a super soaker strapped onto her back...just about anyone will find that sight humorous up until she uses it. When she brings it AND uses it, that just means srsbsns.

Choker, bracelets, anklets, and gloves -> They control her flow of power and make it MUCH weaker since the more she has on, the less she can do. Agent Popsicle keeps them on so no one gets too injured....up until peaceful methods DEFINITELY WON'T WORK and they'd crossed the line. These will usually go off bit by bit based on the threat and lives in jeopardy. If someone might die or is severely injured this is innocent, expect those to get ripped the hell off so she can open the can of whoopass.
Physical Weaknesses: HAHAHA...well....

YOU'RE NOT HUMAN! -> She's...surprisingly not human AT ALL. Agent Popsicle's exterior is but her interior IS NOT. In fact it's full of alien organs she doesn't even know about. So if someone can see or sense organs, let alone cut her open, they'll see a bunch of straaaange things that aren't even remotely human. AND SHE BLUSHES LIGHT BLUUUUUUUUUE!

HEAT IS BAAAAAD! -> Ok, so she can get warm but it makes her VERY uncomfortable if there's too much of it and she just cannot stand fire for very long. Warm food is alright at times but she'll eat it cold a lot of the time and have someone else roast her smores. It won't exactly kill her but it can make her suffer a lot and then pass out from the sheer shock. look like a freak and feel like one too -> Agent Popsicle isn't normal to the touch, in fact, she's very cold and can chill sodas in a matter of minutes. Also, obviously, with translucent blue eyes and pale blue skin, you're not going to go around being labeled "normal".

Hot drinks are....questionable to drink -> YEAH....that's a good way to hurt her...trick her into drinking something hot. Not that hard to pull off either since if you put something hot in a thick enough container, she'd be gullible enough to try it. ...then she'd be like ";n; ow..." XD
Psychological Weaknesses: Line em' up and read em' off, keyboard cat!

DERP DEE DURRRR -> She's gotten so used to ACTING stupid that at times she really and truly does something idiotic without thinking it through 100%. Surprisingly, Agent Popsicle is quite intelligent, however...she's so convincing, even to herself, in this charade that she's not very bright that it's rubbed off. LUCKILY, she can usually find a way to get out of that hole but even then, the damage done from this can be PREEEEEEETTY BAD. OH AND YUH...SHE IS PRETTY FRICKEN GULLIBLE AT TIMES. Even when it's to go along with her facade.

"You're not all bad...besides if you can't have at least one person believe in you then how can anyone else see what I do...?" -> OK...this girl is just so stupidly sweet in believing that people who don't do POINTLESS MURDER are good on the inside and will try to bring that out, even in the midst of a fight and go easy on em'. If an opponent shows some form of kindness and she catches it, she'll do what she can to put them in custody but GENTLY, only using a little bit of force. Hell, if they see her as a friend despite their scuffles and captures, she'll go to them when she's in need. Thus, sometimes can do one of two things: 1) Prove her point that they're not all bad and her point is proven. 2) Have that moment taken advantage of and get severely hurt or even killed because of it.

"D-doctors...I can't go to me...please..." -> When she gets really REALLY bad injuries that expose her innards, she'll go to an individual she can trust A LOT or even someone who seems to be capable of healing. AGAIN, her fear of doctors and her own freakish organs not being normal so this can really screw her over if she isn't careful. Her blood initially started the fear and then something deep seeded inside of her constantly makes her feel like she should NEVER get under the knife of a doctor or else something VERY BAD may happen.

Say all the right words and make it convincing enough.... -> UNFORTUNATELY....her derpy act has had a recoil....its made her a little more gullible than she truly is. So if you say something convincing to divert her attention, she'll look over and be like "WUT?! -CHECKS! .....duped- DX FFFFFF---!!! STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID!!!!" or even make a convincing enough story and she might buy it. There are times people will and have taken advantage of this. SOMETIMES she'll catch on but sometimes she won't and there are times where she'll catch on, go through with it anyway to see if she can "STEALTHILY" sabotage the person....but that doesn't always end well.

"Um...I...I really don't know how to say this...but I scare myself..." -> After the incident with her parents, she is SCARED AS HELL about the full potency of her powers and has NERFED HERSELF due to that fear. That and it's WHY she acts like such a bloody idiot a lot of the time! She doesn't want to kill any more innocent people, nearly kill them, or anything like that just because she's not the most stable individual in the world. This also means she'll freak out a bit at memories of killing her parents and the sight of her blood. It's a clearish blue while everyone elses is RED and she's not able to buy her own lie for a while. In fact, she blocked out any clues to what she really is and was raised to believe she's just a meta human and from what she's seen with most metas, their blood is red. When her blood is in sight, she's panic and wonder what the hell she is before reminding herself that she's just a meta human and that's all there is to it. Same with her internal organs, though if she ever sees those, she PROBABLY won't buy her `I'MAMETAHUMANOMGOMGOMG` shtick spoon fed to her by her parents for a good long while. However she'll quickly seek out help form someone who won't treat her like a science experiment....or so she hopes.

ALL ABOARD THE BULLSHIT TRAIN! -> Practically stuck in a web of lies, Agent Popsicle is a HUGE intentionally unintentional liar to the point where she believes herself at times. NOW NOW...she isn't ALWAYS lying, but she sure as hell lies so much that it seems like the truth. Let's just say a whole lot of her accidents aren't accidents and it's a big fricken' load. If anyone can manage to see through her EXTREMELY convincing series of lies which she doesn't always see as such, they may not think so great of her and then comes the potential on so forth. That would suck for her cause she really doesn't have many friends and if the few she did have started to think poorly of her because of it, she would only HOPE they'd believe her justifications and such. The times she's there for others are definitely not a lie and genuine sincerity, but if it's revealed exactly how many lies she'd blurted out to keep herself safe is may end up getting questioned.

"YOU MOTHER EFFER! I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN MURDERERS KILL THE INNOCENT! SCREW YOU, SHIT JUST GOT REAL!" -> There's no talking out of this one, if an innocent dies and the question "Wh....why did you kill that innocent person...?" gets answered with something unacceptable....SHIT. JUST. GOT. FUCKIN' REAL. Experimenting on innocents that could KILL them, killing em' when they did nothing truly wrong and murder is DEFINITELY not justifiable....again....shit just got real. Agent Popsicle will rip off her nerf equips, rip her skirt to `short but kicking ass time` length and let her powers go full throttle on the individual. WHY OH WHY IS THE ASS KICK ENGINE SUCH A FLAW?! WELL. Do you think she'll feel GREAT after venting out all her anger and sorrow when she can think again? No. It makes her feel TERRIBLE that she ALLOWED herself to hurt someone to such an extent, even if they are a monster since it floods her brain with losing her parents and all the sad feeling that come with it. Takes a while to calm down, more so if she's trying to calm herself down that what she did was the right thing and if she didn't do something...then MORE innocent people could be hurt because of that person.

"I have a strict no killing policy against living creatures that aren't being consumed for nutrients...I...I can't do this...." -> EVEN IF IT'S ABSOLUTELY NEEDED TO KILL....SHE. JUST. CAN'T. Agent Popsicle will bawl and tell someone else to do the dirty work while she excuses herself to curl up in a corner and cry her eyes out about the whole situation. Out of all of Bao Yu's agents, she's one of the very few who can't take a life with their powers or hands and the only one who reacts to such an extreme level about a death sentence. So yes...all those murderous villains that go around killing innocents will just get slammed into a containment unit until someone handles them for her since no matter how horrible they are, all she can to is beat them to a barely living pulp at worst rather than end their tyranny once and for all.

GET OVER IT, ICE LADY. -> When things actually get to her enough, she will show it and...get a bit emotional in the way that's fitting to the situation. Sometimes her dreams shake her to the core, thus not being able to get on the move in a split second.

Chances aren't always a good thing -> Doing her best to be forgiving can have its flaws, if someone had a hand (directly or indirectly) in killing others....she'll look into it and give them a chance to explain themselves. Being peaceful up until it's no longer an option or she gets infuriated with their can be taken advantage of even if she WILL NOT HESITATE to open the can of whoop ass on an obviously rotten to the core sort. It's when her opponent has some good in them that she'll try reaching out more and more up until options & or her patience wears thin.
Other: There be a few....

Power Decrease Bands -> Wearing these makes her power be a lot weaker so she doesn't kill anyone with her powers again. Let's just say her powers are VERY strong and she's intentionally dumbing herself down in more ways than one. These are in the forms of gloves, bracelets, anklets, and a thick choker made to look like a leather belt around her neck. The bracelets and anklets are also belts. The more of these she removes, the stronger Agent Popsicle can make her when those get removed bit by bit, she means some serious business, guys.

NORMALLY wearing clothes that make it harder to fight in -> Let's just say wearing skirts that go JUST about her knees and shirts that restrict her movement JUUUUST a bit make it 1: Impossible for her to kick unless she hikes it up enough. 2: Not a good idea to move her arms in certain ways, otherwise she'll risk ruining her clothing. Oddly enough she does this ON PURPOSE to avoid making VERY lethal movements that can kill her opponent.

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tell us who you are

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Cbox Name: Pieridae
Nicknames: Lexicon, Lex, Lexi, Michi, vhatever you lovely people come up with B3
Who else do you play?: Investigate my adminizor sig
How did you find us?: ROBOT UNICORNS
Time Zone: Hawaii Land Tiemz
Roleplay Sample:

Gazing up at the sky with glassy tinted eyes....the snow fell down so gracefully in the middle of summer....though it was the dead of night and not many sane people were awake to enjoy it with her. If they were awake, they didn't bother standing with her.....she only had a few friends...but most people couldn't stand this peculiar female. Agent Popsicle wasn't always seeming like the brightest crayon...but she definitely was always viewed as the more hopeful one. Closing her eyes as the strawberry vanilla flavored snow flakes kissed away and her peculiar skin with a delicate smile across her peace. Partially reopening her eyes.....the snow she created for this city at such an odd time greeted people who got within close proximity. Children to be exact...about elementary school to be exact. Slipping on her slanted sapphire shades, she figured it would be best not to make them feel like she was a freak on the get go.

Being viewed as and called an idiot was never as bad as being treated like the universe's feces. "Wooooaaaah...." the children chimed as though they were in a mini chorus which caused her to look over and greet them with a mellow smile. "It's nice....isn't it?" After her little inquiry, the children nodded in complete awe. Though.....she made it seem like only now it dawned on her that they were only children and out beyond their curfew. Adjusting her glasses, she tapped her chin and spoke in a chill....yet concerned fashion while continuing to speak "You three certainly aren't are a trio of children out after curfew?" All of them looked together uncertainly and looked toward the middle one who was holding a snow speckled picture of what seemed to be a family portrait.

"Something happened to mom and dad....they went to dinner and....didn't come back...while we were looking it started to snow strawberry vanilla snow cones..." Walking a bit closer, the agent with a horribly ridiculous codename stopped and crouched down so she was kneeling toward the child who looked to be on the verge of tears. Bringing up her knuckle, she brushed the brave kiddo's tears away and offered a gentle smile while speaking up, "Did you get something in your eyes? Little soldiers like you can't possibly cry...." Bringing her hand up to the little kid's head, she dusted some snowflakes off while he told her, "...uh huh...I don't cry....stuff just gets in my eyes.." while smiling a little with a small sniffle...

"That's what I thought!" Resting her arm upon her knee, she held her opposite hand out toward the picture, pointing at it while saying, " it ok if I see that photo you have?" These kids were lucky to run into someone like her who would help them rather than do something dreadful and completely illegal! The little boy gave her a small nod before handing it over, "Careful..." Taking a look at it for a good long while, she stood up and pulled out a badge from her vest then spoke in a sweet, yet very mellow fashion to show she was with the NYPD.

"None of you are in big trouble....I'm going to take all of you to the station for hot cocoa and food with the nice officers while I look for your parents....does that sound good?" The two girls who were quiet rushed over to grab her hands and the little boy held onto the tails of her shirt. Walking along with them upon the now icy streets of New York, she began singing out in a soft tone.... "Come on and open up your heart, and everybody's taking part. Let's see the world through children's eyes tonight...!" The children seemed to be amused and almost eased at her little song. They didn't know the words to it but they hummed along with her tune....or at least tried to! ....then something terrible happened....gunshots could be heard and the grip on her shirt tail was loosened before he began no no no.. Her mind flashed back to her friend laying on the ground with blood seeping from his mouth and eyes when she turned to see the boy's bullet wound....this.... couldn't be could anyone hurt some innocent lost child...?!

-IN HER ROOM, she sat up in her bed wearing a loose tank top with her eyes wide open....translucent blue tears streaming down her cheeks. Shuffling herself backwards in a panic against the wall, breathing as though she was completely stricken with fear.... That....was one hell of a horrible nightmare. ....but why....why did she have such a terrible nightmare? Grasping onto her shoulders and bringing her knees up against her chest...her glassy gaze fixated on the draped window. Was something going on out there or was it just something trying to prod at her attention span wanting to be dealt with? Slowly and shakily....Agent Popsicle made her way toward the window and looked outside hoping nothing was going on....ab-crap. There was a woman with a gunshot wound through her stomach and some sick bastard walking up to her.

Quickly taking off her buckles from her neck and wrists directly after removing her gloves....SHE THREW THEM ON THE GROUND and punched the window open. "What are you planning?" There was a strange chill to her cool tone as jumped out with a guy who had this `WTF` look on his face too weirded out to actually do anything right away. That and a strange, possibly crazy woman was jumping out her window....then...growing hawk wings? He had too much cold medicine....way too much...that's what he thought. These wings seemed to form out of nothing and made of ice...that shit couldn't be real. But it was, much to his dismay it DEFINITELY was real and he was screwed cause this `crazy window jumper` was furious with him.

Staring at him with those creepy eyes that hardly managed to exist, equally, ice formed around him like a cylinder. Holding out her hands...she landed near the woman and her ice wings folded slightly...actually looking quite graceful. "" Leaning down to rest a finger on the woman's lips...she spoke in a gentle tone.... " your need to make sure you survive the trip so please don't panic..." Staring down at the motherly woman...she focused on encasing her body in a block of ice while maintaining her vitals being careful to make sure she would remain alive. Picking her up with a great deal of care, she flapped her frosty wings and leaned forward.

Now she was zooming toward the hospital to deliver them a new patient to care for and nurse back to health. Narrowing her eyes....she wanted to make that man suffer so much...but if her dream meant anything this was a mother....if was an innocent person who needed to be saved from a slow and painful death.
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