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 Alice Liddell, American McGee's Alice
Alice Liddell
 Posted: Aug 8 2013, 02:06 AM

"i fear nothing."
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Alice Liddell
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Canon: American McGee's Alice/Alice: Madness Returns
Ranking: Positive
Reason for being on AM: did you ever doubt she would?

Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Physical Appearance: The Alice of London and the Alice of Wonderland are about as different as it's possible to be, appearance-wise. In London, the "real world", Alice is very much the poverty-stricken former mental patient that's really just lucky to have a place to go, never mind anything else. Her skin is pallid and sallow, and her thin stature just looks downright unhealthy. Dark circles ring her constantly red-rimmed eyes and her once bright green eyes are dull and pale. She really only has one set of clothes: a black and white striped dress with a solid black skirt, underneath a tattered pinafore. Her dark hair, due to having it shaved off multiple times in Rutledge, is rather choppy and short, along with being rather ill-cared for.

This is, however, not the Alice that most of the people in the world of AM will encounter.

Due to the state of her mind upon encountering her rift, Alice will be arriving in her Wonderland form. This Alice is less a sickly former asylum inmate and much more a beautiful, if disturbed warrior. She's still rather small in stature, really only coming up to a height of 5'4", but in this form, Alice cuts a far more intimidating figure in the way that she carries herself. Then again, anyone would carry themselves with a little more confidence if they had an arsenal of deadly weapons at their disposal and the knowledge of how to use them.

Her hair remains dark, quite close to black, but under the right lighting, it's true color of a very, very dark brown becomes obvious. But rather than being short and choppy, Alice's hair is long and even silky in texture, falling to the middle of her back. She actually does have a very nice figure in this form, fuller and more feminine than in her London form. Though her skin remains pale, it's more of an ivory than the sallow skin of her previous form. Alice's eyes are most striking feature she has, an almost unnatural bright green that are just the slightest bit too big for her face. Contrasting against her dark hair and pale skin, they make for quite an unsettling effect for most.

While Alice has a wide variety of dresses, each one representing a different area of Wonderland, the one she normally chooses to wear is the one that most people would recognize as the iconic "Alice in Wonderland" dress...with a few alterations. The dress itself is a simple blue dress with puffed sleeves. Stitched into it is a white, bloodstained apron with a pair of pockets, and around her waist is a thick ribbon of the same color, which is tied into a bow at the back. This bow is held in place by a pin in the shape of a skull. On the pockets of her apron are the alchemic symbols for Jupiter and Neptune and around her neck is a pendant in the shape of an Omega symbol. On her feet, Alice wears a pair of black boots with small one-inch heels and striped stockings.

It's also not uncommon to see Alice wearing a pair of striped fingerless gloves that match her stockings. She's usually quick to pass them off as merely for aesthetic purposes, but the truth is that they hide a pair of gaping scars on her wrists from a psychotic episode at Rutledge. It's a part of Alice's past that she wishes to put behind her and therefore hides and ignores for the most part. She also has a fair amount of burn scars, most prominently just below her collar-bone and between her shoulders, where she was struck with burning rafters.

Personality: In some ways, Alice remains very much the same girl she was on that fateful day she first dreamed of her Wonderland. She's stubborn and clever and, unlike many woman of her time, is hardly afraid to speak her mind. If Alice doesn't like you, she's sure as hell going to let you know it. Preferring a blunt approach, she's direct and to the point, which contrasts heavily against the cryptic residents of Wonderland. In fact, said residents and those who are fond of speaking in riddles often try her patience, and Alice has a very, very limited supply of that.

Quick to anger, Alice has quite the temper on her, and is unfortunately, all to willing to act on it. She can be brutally violent if goaded enough and is more likely to solve her problems with her Vorpal Blade than with her words. This, however, doesn't mean that she's incapable of doing so. Alice is a surprisingly articulate and intelligent young woman, especially considering the fact that she spent a good chunk of her life locked away in an asylum. It's more often, however, that Alice isn't so much subtle and nuanced in her speech than downright snarky. She's got a sharp tongue on her and she isn't afraid to use it to bring someone down a peg.

Triggering said temper is actually quite simple if you know Alice well. She won't stand for anyone bullying others or looking down on them. Her doctor at the asylum described her as having a 'hero complex', particularly towards those who were too weak to defend themselves. Despite Alice's indifference or outright dislike of the people around her, she also has an inherent desire to help those in trouble. She also dislikes being talked down to herself, or condescended to because she's a child or a woman or both.

However, rather than lash out at everyone right away, Alice likes to present herself in a calm, rational manner, if somewhat cold and distance. She certainly holds most people at arm's length, preferring to really only trust herself in most situations and with good reason. Nearly everyone in her life after the death of her parents has simply used her as the means to an end, and as such, Alice doesn't trust many to not do the same. Towards others, she remains suspicious and it takes quite a bit for her to even begin to trust them. Her immediate response to anything is to be either defensive or coolly polite, unless they prove to try her patience or her temper.

Underneath it all, Alice is still a deeply troubled person. Though she's discovered the truth behind the night her family died, she still feels a strong sense of guilt at being the only one to survive. She also finds herself guilty of not realizing what Bumby was doing to the other children in the orphanage until it was too late. These memories, as well as her time in the asylum, haunt her to this very day. Though she may present herself as fearing absolutely nothing, there is still much that Alice fears, even if she won't even admit it to herself.

Though very few have seen it, there is a softer side to Alice. She still possesses the imagination and creativity of her youth, as well as the curiosity. The strange and the bizarre fascinate her, though admittedly, there isn't much she'd really find strange or bizarre after being in Wonderland. Though her curiosity is often rather morbid, it's certainly present, and can often lead to Alice getting into trouble, as any sort of curiosity does. She's also shown to be some degree of sympathetic towards orphans and other abandoned children, for they have a similar past, and to be fond of animals, particularly cats and rabbits.

And, though she'd hardly admit it out loud, Alice is rather fond of the residents of Wonderland she's come to trust. They are parts of her mind, after all, and some of them have even guided her on her path to sanity and freedom from anything poisoning her mind. Though Alice is outwardly snarky and prickly, she's not completely made of stone, and is capable of forming bonds with people, if they're willing to put in the time and effort it takes to earn her trust.
History: Wiki link!

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- Weapons: Alice is skilled with each and every one of her weapons, due to being in her Wonderland form when she enters the world of AM. The Vorpal Blade is her signature weapon and the one she normally turns to in a fight, but the rest of her arsenal is just as deadly in her hands. Each weapon possesses the capability to grow and shrink at will, allowing Alice to keep them on her person at all times and take them out when they're needed.

- why are you sO HYSTERICAL: Being in her Wonderland form also grants Alice the ability to tap into her Hysteria mode. In this form, Alice is invincible, or at least, too hopped up on adrenaline to feel any pain she might be feeling in a normal state of being. At these times, Alice literally explodes into her form, a white, ghostly version of herself with blood-red eyes and black hair that appears to move of its own accord. Her weapons, at this point, deal double damage than they would in her normal form. However, she can't access this form as she pleases. It only comes into play if Alice is close to death or absolutely furious. As a precursor to this happened, her eyes slowly turn red as her anger grows and finally reaches breaking point.

- eat me, drink me: Due to the aftereffects of a rather potent potion, Alice has the ability to shrink at will and access small places. However, the ability does drain her energy, and remaining small for too long could prove disastrous.

- Follow the butterflies~: In order to dodge enemy attacks, Alice can dissipate into a cloud of blue butterflies and reform a few feet away from her original position. With this power, she can also leap to great heights and float back down, allowing her to jump from high places and remain unharmed.

- "The Vorpal Blade is swift and keen and always ready for service.": A large, stylized kitchen knife, and Alice's weapon of choice in most situations. The Vorpal Blade is good for close-range fighting, but apart from never needing sharpening, it's just an ordinary knife. Alice is capable of both using it as a melee weapon and throwing it accurately to hit people from afar. The Blade always returns to her hand after a few moments, usually in a flash of purple light.

- "Spice up your foes!": A Gatling gun in the shape of a Pepper Grinder that can shoot rapid-fire blasts of flaming pepper at enemies. It's aim can be somewhat erratic, but make no mistake, Alice is fully capable of controlling it. Usually.

- Umbrella: A delicate Umbrella made of lace, one wouldn't really expect this to be any sort of weapon. And, really, it isn't, it's more of a shield. Despite it's appearence, Alice's umbrella is quite effective in blocking attacks, though something powerful enough could definitely overcome it.

- "A hobby horse-ical weapon...seems farcical.": A huge unicorn's head at the end of a staff with flaming eyes, the Hobby Horse could easily be described as a heavier version of the Croquet Mallet. While it lacks the ability to deliver fast, hard blows, a single hit from the Hobby Horse is devestating. It's head has been said to cause miniature earthquakes.

- "Throw an instant tea party, it'll be a blast!": Like the Pepper Grinder, the Teapot Cannon's attack is somewhat erratic, as it fires blasts of boiling tea. It can injure both enemies and friends alike, so Alice is extremely selective and careful in how she uses it.

Physical Weaknesses:
- Only human: Despite being in her Wonderland form, Alice is human and can be damaged just as easily as any other human. She's also rather small in stature from having her growth stunted as a child by the trauma of what happened to her and the treatement she received at Rutledge.

Psychological Weaknesses:
- 2crazy: Actually, to call Alice "insane" per se is kind of an unpleasant term. She does suffer, however, from mental disorders, much of which is left to speculation. Canonically, much of her psychosis stems from a deep feeling of survivor's guilt, Alice being the only one to escape from the burning ruins of her home. Up until recently, she was believed by many people to be the culprit behind the house fire. There are also signs of a form of PTSD or even schizophrenia, particularly in her hallucinations and the catatonia she suffered from. Needless to say, even with her mental state stabilized for now, it's still a very fragile thing, and could be very easily broken with the right stimulation.

- fiyaaaah: Does it really come as a surprise that Alice is pyrophobic? Fire in any shape or form makes her uncomfortable and even fearful. Small things like candles, matchsticks or lighters will simply cause slight discomfort, while blazing infernos may render her entirely too afraid to move for a short period of time. She also will refuse to sleep in a room with a lit candle or fireplace, insisting that it be put out before she attempts to sleep.

- can u rly trust any1: Alice has been manipulated by pretty much everyone in her adult life. Dr. Bumby was attempting to wipe her memory and turn her into a prostitute, Nurse Witless was pretty much blackmailing her into giving her money for her drinking habit with information she gleaned from taking care of Alice at Rutledge, Ratcliffe only gave a shit about her because of her family's fortune...the list goes on. As such, for ten years, Alice hasn't had much of a reason to trust anyone in her life, and this carries on to anyone she might meet. Which might be a problem, considering she's in a new world without any idea of how exactly to function.

- DON'T TAWCH ME MOTHERFAWKER: Due to past experience, Alice has a strong aversion to being touched by anyone. Any attempts to break her personal bubble with be met first with hostility and eventually with violence.

Other: mushrooms????

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Cbox Name: Jemi947
Nicknames: Jemi, jmey, STRIDIER, the God Warrior, Fran, jemi123, meks, bwab, dan, strom, auri, k8e, fehl, fate etc.
Who else do you play?: eponeen <3, neal, carla oswan, oswan carla, the most yolo of all the casters, and 2crazy
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