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 Albert Wesker, Resident Evil
Albert Wesker
 Posted: Aug 8 2013, 11:29 AM

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Albert Wesker
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Canon: Resident Evil
Ranking: Villain
Reason for being on AM: Dem rifts

Age: 51
Gender: Male
Species: Formerly human; not some kind of undead mutant

Physical Appearance: Wesker is a moderately tall and well-built man, standing at 6'3" tall and weighing in at roughly 200 lbs. He is always seen wearing a stern, displeased, or arrogant expression, with a smirk often finding itself plastered on his face as well. His hair is swept back over his head for a neat, refined look, and seems to catch the light and shine as if highly gelled, showing clearly the deep blonde locks shot through with darker streaks of brown. And, of course, Wesker always sports a pair of sunglasses, no matter the situation (and seems to have the uncanny ability to always find another pair to wear even if it seems improbably for him to do so).

Leather. Leather leather leather. Wesker wears it. From head to toe. Clad iblack leather pants and a short-sleeved black leather shirt, Wesker perfectly fits the evil and mysterious appearance he is so rooted in. He finishes the evil ensemble with black leather boots and gloves, and wears a long black leather trenchcoat over it. As well, Wesker wears a dark leather belt. for the obvious purposes a belt is worn for.

Personality: Wesker is a mass of overconfidence and arrogance. His very bearing and the way he carries himself would say as much upon first meeting him. Nearly everything is beneath him, and not even worthy to scrape the dust off his boots, and he's not hesitant to let that be known. The rare exceptions to this are few and far between, and are usually the subject of much hunting down on Wesker's part to capture them for various uses in his experiments.

He is a cruel monster of a man, not thinking twice about sacrificing any number of lives in pursuit of his goal. After all, what are the lives of so many pieces of human trash before a god? The composer of the orchestra that shall play the chorus of the new world's rise to the forefront of existence has no place for such feeble sentiments. They are as dust in the wind, forgotten and useless, and just another layer of filth upon which he trods.

His claim to godhood is well-founded among the normal humans he so disgusts. He was an unstoppable, god-like figure among them, nearly impervious to their efforts to stop him, and it has gone to his head. He sees himself as a shining paragon; the pinnacle of what the human race can acheive, and as such, a god. For what else is there for him to be, when he is the only one to have reached such a stage?

His insanity is also evident within five minutes of meeting him. Listen to him talk for five minutes -- especially if he decides to go off on a tangent -- and you will hear volumes of madness spout from his mouth. Horrible, twisted logic and inconceivable views on the world combine in a mixing vat of impossible leaps and conclusions to form a scarred, disfigured view of the world. Scarred and dsifigured because the human race, on their path to self-destruction, has so ruined it.

Above all, remember: you are nothing to him. He will kick you down and walk over the useless husk you call a body. If you are of interest to him, you are spared death for a far worse fate. You are not safe if you choose to resist him. He will break you down -- mentally and physically -- before utterly crushing you.

You cannot escape from him if he does not want you alive. Your life is worth less than dirt to him if you are human.

He is an almighty god. You are a worthless insect.

Do not forget it.

History: Let me to the wiki for this.

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show us what you're made of

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  • Superhuman Speed: The most obvious of Wesker's abilities is his speed. He is able to move at superhuman speeds, up to the extent of being able to move in short bursts of such speed that the normal human brain can't process the movement fast enough, and he appears to teleport, or move instantaneously. It has never been confirmed just how fast he moves, only that it is beyond the capacity of the normal human brain. The maximum distance he can cover with such speed has likewise never been clarified, but he has covered twenty feet whilst still seeming to teleport, so it should be assumed that he can go at least that far, and likely farther if he were to push himself. Besides this apparent instantaneous movement, Wesker can also move much faster than a normal human. He was documented as being able to reach a sustained running speed of at least 45 miles per hour several years ago when his powers were weaker than they are at current. His current sustainable speed is uncertain, but he can cover several hundreds of feet within seconds, and keep a sustained running speed as to be able to outrun vehicles with ease.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Wesker's reflexes will also become readily apparent. They are just as refined and improved as his speed, and he is able to react to things almost the instant they happen. He was repeatedly shown to dodge gunfire at a distance of less than four feet in the past, and with his power improvements, can dodge gunfire at an even shorter distance. This is an effortless feat for him, and he can dodge even rapidfire, or multiple shot weapons, such as machine guns or shotguns, without any real sign of effort.
  • Superhuman Durability: Wesker's physical endurance and resilience to damage will also become rapidly apparent should you manage to actually hit him. He was nigh-invulnerable to conventional weaponry for all intents and purposes. Several thousands of pounds of steel, when they fell on him from several stories, failed to even incapacitate him, only disorienting him for a brief moment. An RPG-7 rocket exploding in his hands was sufficient only to stun him for a few seconds, and a alrge missle designed for a stealth bomber exploding right next to him was barely enough to knock him down. Wesker was so durable that he could scrape his body across the steel deck of an aircraft carrier and produce sparks without injury to himself, and perform an axe kick which split the deck around his foot without injuring himself, and many similar feats. The exact limits and upper reaches of his durability, as well as if it is even possible to even 'really' damage him are unknown.
  • Superhuman Regenerative Capability: Coupled with Wesker's superhuman durability is something else that will become rapidly apparent. Despite his extreme resistance to damage, it is still possible to injure Wesker, and in such an event, he heals with remarkable speed. He is able to shrug off most damage inflicted to him as if it were nothing, because the wounds are healed with such speed as to be readily visible to onlookers. This, coupled with his durability, makes him all but impossible to defeat by conventional means, as all damage inflicted to him over time would be effectively worth nothing. Only a single, massive blow capable of putting him down instantly would be capable of taking him out.
  • Superhuman Stamina: As will become readily apparent if Wesker doesn't take you apart immediately, you will find out that he can just keep right on fighting.....and fighting.....and fighting..... There are a number of factors which contribute to this, which altogether provide a very large advantage. The first and most obvious is simple training over the course of his life; he was already in excellent physical shape before he received his powers. Add to this the fact that his entire circulatory, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems are now far more efficient than they were prior to his resurrection, and you have a far more ample supply of energy, which is used up slower. Also adding unto this is Wesker's regenerative powers, which slow the already slowed buildup of fatigue toxins in his bloodstream and muscles, enabling him to perform at peak capacity far longer than any human could ever hope to. The true extent of his stamina is never certain, as he is never seen fighting for any prolonged periods, but it can be assumed that he could exert himself continually for more than twenty-four hours before fatigue even started to wear on him at all.
  • Superhuman Strength: A less obvious, but still apparent fact about Wesker is his superhuman strength. Much like his speed and endurance, the exact level remains unknown. Wesker has been seen to do such things as lifting a grown man off the ground with one arm effortlessly, thrust his hand, fingertips first, through the chest of a man without any signs of real effort, lift steel girders off of himself, kill a Chimera B.O.W. with a single kick, and lift and throw large missles with great force. With a single kick, Wesker was able to kick Chris Redfield with enough force to knock a reinforced steel door off of its hinges when Chris collided with it. Wesker has also displayed sufficient strength to hold back the thrust of an RPG-7 rocket and prevent it from hitting him. While under the effects of an overdose of PG67A/W, which weakened him, smashed a large dent in the steel hull of a stealth fighter, and whike under the effects of a second dose, further overdosing and weakening him, punched through the reinforced steel plating of a chemical warfare missle.
  • Superhuman Agility: Going hand in hand with his other physical abilities is Wesker's agility. Combining with his speed, Wesker can perform a great deal of seemingly impossible feats, such as running on or up walls for extended periods of time, running on the ceiling for short bursts, and even seeming to 'stick' to surfaces for short periods. With this ability, Wesker has done the expected, such as running along a wall, or running up a wall and flipping off of it to land behind an opponent. He has also literally stuck to the ceiling of the cargo bay of a stealth fighter, and fired several shots from his handgun before he lunged away after it was shot from his hands. Wesker has also performed many feats which you may not expect, such as the aforementioned axe kick, or spinning horizontally through the air to dodge gunfire.
  • Superhuman Eyesight: A far less-noticed ability of Wesker is his eyes, and overall senses. As previously stated, Wesker can move much more rapidly than the normal human brain can process. This would, by extension, put him in a blind spot himself when he moves. Because of this, Wesker's body has adapted and rapidly 'evolved' to enable him to fix this 'flaw'. Wesker can mentally control at what rate he 'views' the world, ranging from the normal human spectrum of roughly twenty frames per second, to his superhuman rate of several hundred frames per second, thereby enabling him to see in perfect clarity no matter how fast he may be moving. As well, the range of light which is 'blinding' to Wesker, as well as the ranges of light he can visually detect, are increased, though to what degree, again, remains unknown.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Similar can be said for Wesker's sense of hearing. He can 'filter out' outside noise, and thereby hear in perfect clarity even when moving at high speeds, encountering none of the 'rushing wind' sound which would normally accompany such high-speed movement. The threshold for sounds that Wesker can detect is also increased over humans, as is the range at which he can detect sounds, and his hearing is refined to such a degree that it sometiems appears he knows attacks are coming, allowing him to dodge attacks even coming from behind, when a normal person would have no idea they were even coming. Wesker's threshold for what sounds are 'deafening' is also increased, as are what sounds are painful to hear.
  • Superhuman Mental Capacity: As previously mentioned in both his reflexes and his eyesight, Wesker's mental faculties have also been increased. His reflexes are so fast because his brain can process the information so rapidly. The exact rate is unknown, but judging from hsi reflexes it is likely incredibly high. Also as judged by his eyesight, he is able to not only view the world at such a heightned speed, but process it efficiently and react accordingly, enabling him perfect bodily control even at such high speeds and perceptions.
  • Superhuman Analytical Processes: By this same extension of his increased mental process, Wesker can analyze, comprehend, and store information much more quickly than a normal human. Wesker was already a genius in the fields of bio-chemistry and bio-engineering before his injection with the experimental virus given to him by Birkin and his subsequent revival, and after his revival, he was able to absorb much more knowledge at an exponentially greater rate, pushing himself to beyond genius levels of intelligence, specifically in his fields of expertise, and all things related to viruses and engineering them.
  • Mild ESP: This also attributes to a very mild level of ESP. Even if Wesker can't hear something, he sometimes still knows it's there. Precisely how he knows is never explained or clarified, but it is incredibly diffucult to catch Wesker offguard.
  • Superhuman Multitasking Capability: Another attribute of Wesker's increased mental faculties is his ability to multitask. He is able to do such feats as fighting off one opponent while simultaneously dodging gunfire from another, dodge gunfire from many directions at once, easily fight against several highly-trained secret service guards, and dodge gunfire from Chris Redfield while striding toward him and simultaneously firing his handgun at Sheva Alomar, pinning her down behind a steel pillar without even looking in her direction.
  • Special Forces Training: Wesker was, thanks to his STARS training, a skilled marksman and was proficient in the martial arts, making him a dangerous opponent, even for a human. In fact, even before his viral injection and revival, Wesker was skilled enough to hold his own against a horde of zombies and even fight off a Tyrant by himself, on his own skill. He was eventually defeated, yes, but only after being cornered. And even then it is suspected he let himself be killed so as to be revived by the virus. Wesker's hard-earned skill has only been increased by studying and more training, as well as rapid absorption of martial arts theory and technique thanks to his rapid mental process. His skill, combined with his incredible strength, speed and reflexes, make him an extremely deadly combatant, even against opponents who may otherwise be more powerful than him. As well, Wesker's heightened senses and reflexes give him a further edge in his marksmanship, and he has long since disgarded the laser sight on his custom Samurai Edge handgun, and can make stunningly accurate shots, even with the outdated gun.
  • Merciless: Wesker is completely, utterly merciless in his goals. He's completely disregarded the concepts of mercy or even basic humanity, and frequently slaughters anyone and everyone who gets in his way just to remove them from his way. This means he's got no reason to hold back, and if you should become a true'll die by his hands.
  • Detective Work: While he seldom resorts to doing such work himself, at need Wesker is a genius detective. Partly due to his superhuman mental capacity working through things at such a speed as to arrive at conclusions or theories in the time it takes a normal person to come to the conclusion that something might be amiss with the amount of information available. He's no Batman, but he's damn good, that's for sure.
  • Sheer Genius: Wesker is, to be frank, above and beyond the level of intelligence attainable by any human. It's been theorized that, as far as simple intelligence goes, Wesker is so far above the realm of human intelligence, there isn't a test that can accurately measure his intellect. He's got the mental know-how to absorb information far more readily than most could ever hope to, and he can make great use of all this information quite readily, as well.
  • Mental Torture: Not literally. But Wesker is the type to catch onto tiny, miniscule details of people he encounters, and then remember tha tidbit of information, only to use it to terrorize said person later. All it takes is the tiniest bit of information to be picked up on, and with a sizable amount of time, he could likely pick someone's mind apart and force them into a mental breakdown if he so chose to, by simple exploitation of how their mind works. He chooses not to go so far most of the time. In most cases, he'll merely twist someone's proverbial arm enough to get them to work for him, and keep them in line to assure his plans go....according to plan.
  • "All according to plan...": Wesker, as the mastermind he is, always has some sort of plan up his sleeve. And it's usually an extremely well-laid, thought-out plan, too. Most often, his plans are so flawlessly thought out as to be impossible to foil unless something.....uncontrollable happens.
  • " can be of some use to me.": If you can somehow prove yourself a worthwhile ally or pawn for Wesker, you'll find the man surprisingly reliable and agreeable, and he just might go out of his way to help you, or at least ensure you remain in the realm of the living to continue helping him. Even if he may dislike you personally, as long as you're useful to him, he won't let anything....untoward happen to you if he can prevent it. ........well, most of the time, anyway.
  • Iron Will: When Wesker sets out to do something, that's all there is to it: it gets done. Period. Anything that gets in his way will be dealt with, one way or another, and his goals shall not be denied him. His formiddable willpower and determination also make it diffucult for psychics and the like to pry into his mind without considerable effort. His vicegrip over his own emotions also means it's extremely diffucult to get him riled up or even irritated at all, and his past is a closed book in its entirety, and it holds no tethers for him anymore to be used against him.
  • Like a Ninja -- When Wesker doesn't want to be found, he won't be found. That's all there is to it. He normally doesn't go out and about to do things for himself specifically for the purpose of remaining hidden, but when he has reason to, he covers his tracks eerily well, making it seem as if he was never there in the first place.
  • Misdirection of Information: Wesker is so skilled at subterfuge and falsifying information, he can make any traces he happens to accidentally leave behind point to someone else completely, or even to one of his many spare facilities the world over, making it obscenely diffucult to track him down even if you DO know he happened to be in a specific location.

  • Samurai Edge: At all times, Wesker keeps his old STARS handgun holstered on him. This is a highly customized 9 mm handgun, and despite its rather outdated design, being over a decade old, it still remains extremely useful and accurate, having been well-kept and cared for by Wesker. As well, he'll usually have a combat knife, or more than one, concealed for any occasions where he might need one, as unlikely as they may be.
  • Explosives: Wesker is also liable to always have several types of explosives on hand, or readily available at all times. Ranging from grenades of all types, to more potent explosives designed to level buildings or destroy 'evidence', he's got them all. And he knows how to use them, too. Why else would have them?
  • Viral Army: Being the mastermind he is, Wesker has a literal army of all sorts of Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) at his disposal, and he won't hesitate to unleash them to buy time or distract anyone getting too close to something sensetive. He'll even sometimes let his 'minions' take care of anyone who he doesn't feel like dealing with personally.
  • Information/Resource Network: Wesker also possesses a vast deal of power, both politically and economically, and monetary. What this means is that, with the proper string-pulling, he can get just about anything he needs. And I do mean ANYTHING. As well, he's got his 'people' nearly everywhere. Anything he wants to know, he'll know in a matter of minutes of it happening. His information and resource network is impossibly vast, if you haven't gotten the drift yet.
  • Spare Facilities: Aside from his main hideout, Wesker has numerous research facilities, military bases, and general hideouts, scattered all over the globe, often in remote, out of the way locations, providing him with more than enough places to lurk and plot and conduct his research.
  • Wesker is also liable to have, at any given time, one or more of the following on him:
    • Smith & Wessen Model 500, The Handcannon: An extremely powerful handgun. Sporting a ridiculous calibre. A single shot from this is more than enough to put any normal human down....permanently, in most cases. Even with his enhanced strength, the recoil from this gun is enough to make even Wesker stagger slightly when using it.
    • Desert Eagle, Lightning Hawk: A smaller, less potent, magazine-fed handgun. Still packing quite a potent calibre bullet, a single shot from this is often enough to put any human target down for the count, and two shots will guarantee a fatality against human targets.
    • The Hydra: A three-barreled shotgun. Yes, you read that right, three barrels. And each pull of t he trigger fires all three barrels. A single shot from this weapon is reported to put out enough shot to stop an eighteen wheeler. And it probably can.

Physical Weaknesses:
  • PG67A/W: A serum designed specifially for Wesker. In case you're wondering, it's designation means simply that it is a Progenitor-based solution, specifically model 67, and was designed specifically for Albert Wesker. It's use is to regulate the virus in his body and keep it stable. The dosage must be precise, however; too much and he will overdose, poisoning him, which will wreak havoc with his powers. He will be weakened in all aspects, lowering his strength and endurance, most notably, and slowing his regenerative powers, and interfering with his senses, causing his vision to haze and cloud over with red, and he will be plagued by incessant migraines and a ringing in his ears until the overdose of the serum wears off, which can take hours or even days. Despite all appearances, it's apparently not possible for him to lethally overdose on the serum, though it can seriously wreck his day.
  • Imperfect Endurance: While Wesker may be built like a sheet of steel, he's not completely impervious to harm. It's ridiculously diffucult to inflict any serious damage to him, but there is a flaw in his regenerative powers and endurance: He is far better able to cope with single, intense injuries than he is multiple, lesser injuries. What this means, is that it's impossible in every sense of the word to defeat Wesker in a single blow, no matter what you try. The best, and only, way to deal with him, is to wear him down with repeated blows and attacks.
  • Low-Level Regenerative Powers: While the scope of Wesker's regeneration is truly phenomenal, the speed and efficiency of them is....not. This is one of his powers that is quite fallible. Sufficient trauma in a single strike, or multiple blows repeatedly, can temporarily 'stun' his healing ability, and continual assault can even fizzle it out completely for a given time. Why do you think he's so insistent on dodging things that could actually stagger him?

Psychological Weaknesses:
  • Arrogance: The man is overconfident and arrogant to a fault, to the point of considering himself a god, and therefore unstoppable and unbeatable. To this end, he never takes anyone seriously in a fight, and will toy around with anyone who choses to pit themselves against him. He won't say as much, perhaps to give the false impression he is fighting with his 'full strength'. This means, of course, he won't be fighting with anywhere near his full strength, and will underestimate his opponents so horribly that he may disregard things which could lead to his defeat.
  • CHRIIIIIIIIIIS!: Wesker isn't exactly pleased with Chris. At all. In fact, he wants nothing more than for Chris to die, and for himself to be the one who kills him if at all possible. Why is this an issue, you might ask? Because, quite simply, Chris is literally Wesker's antithesis, and furthermore, he sends Wesker into a maddened frenzy far more easily than anything else, and this can potentially cause him to wildly deviate from his pre-set plans.
  • "I don't NEED anyone else!": Simple as that; Wesker works alone a vast majority of the time. He doesn't need you, he doesn't need anyone! And that often bites him in the ass, figuratively as well as literally. He's a loner by nature, and sometimes things become more diffucultwhen you're working alone, y'know?
  • Outwitted: While it's night impossible to outwit him if you don't know him well enough, it's not impossible. His years of experience, and tragic expsoure to trial and error have hardened him and made him forcibly tie up any holes in his plans, but even he can't catch everything, and a crafty person just might be able to outwit him, if not outsmart him, and this could very well bring his entire plans crashing down.

  • "Seven minutes....": Wesker DOES have a schedule to keep, you know. What this means is that, should you happen to interfere with his schedule, he'll likely simply leave you be to go about his business. What this means is simple; you'll get to survive and come back to interfere with him again later. Not a fun thing at all.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I am the Captain of Fail.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cbox Name: CaptainFailmaster
Nicknames: Fahl
Who else do you play?: Few other losers.
How did you find us?: I just did.
Time Zone: GMT -5
Roleplay Sample: Established member; not required.
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