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 Alexander Anderson, Hellsing
Alexander Anderson
 Posted: Aug 8 2013, 11:50 AM

Group: Guests
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Alexander Anderson
Bayonet Anderson, Executioner Anderson, Assassin Anderson, Killing Judge Anderson, Regenerator Anderson, Off With Its Head Anderson, Paladin Anderson, Judas Priest, the Monster of God,

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The Monster of God

Canon: Hellsing
Ranking: Neutral
Reason for being on AM: dem rifts

Age: Chronologically over eighty
Gender: Male
Species: Augmented human

Physical Appearance: When not riled to anger, Anderson has the idealistic appearance of a priest. He has sunny blond hair, cut relatively short to his head, though arranged in an odd, spiky mess. His eyes are a bright, grayish-blue color, and always sparkle with a friendly light, and he always displays a warm, welcoming smile. He wears glasses over his eyes, which frequently reflect light which isn't there and hide his eyes from view, or even glow eerily when there is no light at all. There is a large, wedge-shaped scar on his left cheek, which he presumably received before he received his regenerative capabilities. It should also be noted that Anderson is quite tall, standing taller than Alucard, who was well over six feet tall.

He wears a dark, steel-gray coat, lined with white trim on the inner edges and collar, and a dark blue on the interior. Around his neck, on a silver chain, is a cross of blessed silver, which has a peculiar habit of glowing gold in dark areas. Under the coat, Anderson wears gray pants, black boots, and a black shirt with a clerical collar. Anderson also wears gloves, marked with unusual phrases on them, written over crosses inscribed on the gloves. On the right hand, the phrase 'Jesus Christ is in Heaven' is written, and on the left, 'Speak with Dead' is written.

When roused to anger, however...Anderson changes remarkably. His friendly demeanor vanishes, and he assumes a hunched over posture, his hands often clenched into fists or else in a claw-like grabbing fashion. His features are twisted into a mask of anger, and he often smiles or grins in ways which bare his teeth intentionally.

Personality: When not consumed by his crusade, Anderson is the model of a priest. Kind and caring to all, and willing to offer help to any he encounters, and with a particular soft spot for children. He speaks softly, but firmly, and is a generally accepting man, well capable of compromise and teaching. He seeks to spread the word of God to any and all who would hear it, and is very ardent in his spreading of the word, even speaking to the orphans under his care of the word of God, and advising them that violence was only necessary against the nonbelievers who did not follow God, and not against your friends.

Anderson was also, however, nearly fanatically obsessed with the bible and obedience to the word of God, going so far as to nigh-compulsively quote bible passages in his ordinary speech. He is harsh, yes, but not to the point of being unkind, and he displays many complex, contradicting opinions. For instance, despite his hatred of Protestants, he still agreed to escort Integra to Hellsing HQ, as it would be impolite to leave a lady to walk there alone.

He has an extremely fatherly, parental attitude, and addresses nearly everyone he meets as 'child' or 'my child', both in reference to all life being children of God, and of his own friendly nature. And also to this end, he will defend anyone who is in need of it, in whatever way he can. Even if they are of another faith, or of an 'unholy' persuasion, if they are in danger from an outside source -- especially from a source which follows another religion or is nonreligious -- then the person in question will be as blessed, and protected until the threat is dealt with, or Anderson can no longer defend them.

Continuing in the same vein, Anderson has an unwavering faith in Catholicism and the word of God, and it is nigh-impossible to sway his view or faith in any way. And Anderson is firmly of the mindset that, if one does not believe in God, they have not received proper instruction in his ways, and that all things should be given a second chance. To such an end, it is difficult to rouse his famous temper when concerning such subjects, unless one earnestly refuses to even listen to the teachings and words of God, at which point the person in question be damned in Anderson's eyes, and worthy of nothing less than an eternity in Hell, which he will be glad to send them to himself.

Anderson has stated many, many times that he, as well as the entirety of the Iscariot Organization, are 'the Earthly Agents of Divine Justice, the Vatican Section XIII, the Iscariot Organization'. And as such, Anderson believes himself to have God's favor and be a direct 'messenger' of his, and carrying out his direct will, making him even more single-mindedly adherent to the bible and the word of God, to the point of unwavering obsession, as mentioned previously. His devotion is such that, when sent on a mission to Ireland to exterminate a single rogue vampire, he attacked Alucard and Seras Victoria, and later killed two members of the Hellsing organization, despite the Vatican supposedly having a treaty of non-aggression with them. Anderson did so simply because they were there, and they were Protestant.

History: Let me link that for you.

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show us what you're made of

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Abilities: Alexander Anderson was hailed as the single greatest warrior the Vatican could bring to bear. And it is a well-founded claim. He excelled in all aspects of combat, both close and long range, and had phenomenal physical power and biotechnological regeneration, making him next to unstoppable for normal opponents.
  • STABBY THINGS FOR STABBING -- When in combat, Anderson wielded a seemingly limitless supply of bayonets, crafted from durable, hardened silver, which was then consecrated and blessed in holy water. When using them in melee combat, Anderson wielded Austrian sword bayonets, complete with custom hand grips. He could throw these as well, though it was less common. Anderson also had a vast number of other bayonets, used primarily for throwing, and a number of knife-like blades, primarily used for affixing pages of scripture which will be mentioned later. When throwing his bayonets, Anderson could guide their trajectory, and control their flight path, to perform such a feat as having a cluster of thrown bayonets curve around the corner of a hallway. As well, Anderson was quite skilled in throwing multiple bayonets at a time, and has demonstrated the skill and speed to throw at least two dozen with such swiftness it appears as if they were thrown simultaneously. Occasionally, Anderson displayed explosive charges he could line a 'chain' of bayonets with, and cause devastation and damage across a wide area all at once.
  • Hack 'n slash....with skillz -- When wielding his bayonets, Anderson is a skilled opponent, able to strike with precision and a deadly, bloody elegance, hitting exactly where he wants to hit an opponent. He is not a perfect combatant, and there is still margin for error, but he makes up for it by having a long life of combat to draw experience from, as well as having the heightened speed and reflexes gained from such a life, and sometimes opting to simply overpower his opponents. He is equally skilled at throwing his bayonets, and frequently throws them in groups of eight, four held in each hand. He has been known to throw less, such as one or two at a time, for more precise strikes, or as many as dozens at a time.
  • In the fourth dimension, stuff can happen. -- The exact reasoning behind Anderson's limitless supply of bayonets has often been controversial and difficult to adequately pinpoint. Some have theorized that Anderson may be four-dimensional, or have his own Hammerspace in which he stores the bayonets. Another explanation may be that Anderson does not, in actuality, carry very any bayonets, but instead multiplies them, in a similar fashion to biblical miracles.
  • LONG LIFE GIVES YOU SKIIIIIIILZ -- As a byproduct of his long life, vast combat experience, and his regeneration removing the normal limits of the human body, Anderson is possessed of extraordinary strength, speed, and reflexes, far above the normal human limit. He is strong enough to stagger Alucard with a punch, when Alucard could take high caliber bullets without even flinching, his reflexes were fast enough to dodge bullets, and he was fast enough to keep up with even the superhuman speed of the vampires he hunted and fought against. Anderson's strength was also sufficient to throw bayonets with enough force to easily pierce human skulls nearly to the hilt, impale themselves into stone, and when thrown as hard as he could and in large enough number, Anderson could break glass with nothing more than the shockwave from the bayonet's flight.
  • ANDERSON, ANDERSON, BETTER THAN THAT DAMN SPIDER-NUB -- Anderson also possessed a great deal of agility, stamina, balance, bodily coordination, and dexterity. He was able to control his body to the fullest, make complex twists and maneuvers when fighting, and curl his body into awkward shapes to protect the only truly vulnerable parts of his body from harm (mostly his internal organs, using his arms and legs as the 'shields'), balance on extremely narrow ledges and platforms, and wield his bayonets in either hand equally well.
  • The Good Book is amayzaaah. -- Anderson could use bible pages, and pages of holy scripture, for multiple purposes. He could 'purify' a house or area, and bless it so that curses and evils upon the place would be broken or banished. By affixing pages of scripture to the walls, floors, ceilings, and any other surfaces of an area, Anderson could create a hole 'barrier', beyond which unholy creatures and evil could not pass without suffering severe harm to themselves from being burned by a 'holy lightning' contained within the barrier. By a combination of the two above mentioned methods, Anderson could create a purified area contained within a barrier, within which the usage of black magic was forbade and impossible to accomplish.
  • STOP! IN THE NAME OF GOD! -- Anderson could also use 'chains' of scripture and bible pages to restrain opponents. These chains were strong enough to hold even a superhumanly strong opponent such as Alucard, so it should be noted they are quite durable to break with simple physical force. These chains could be summoned from seemingly anywhere, though most common was from a bible in Anderson's hands, or from within his pockets, though he could also use the pages of scripture he had scattered to purify an area or create a holy barrier for its usage.
  • WHERE DID THOSE COME FROM?! -- Via use of his bible pages, Anderson could create a 'vortex' of spinning pages, out of which a storm of his bayonets would fly, point first, in a wide conic shape in front of him, skewering everything within their lethal range.
  • TO HELL WITH ALL YA DIRTY HEATHENS! -- Anderson was also capable of teleporting through bible pages. By opening a bible, the pages would flap as if caught in a high wind, and then tear themselves out, swirling around Anderson and the area immediately around him, growing into a thicker and thicker 'cloud' of pages, until Anderson is obscured from view and vanishes altogether. How far he can teleport is uncertain, but it is shown that the bible pages he uses to teleport will fly away, as if in a strong wind, when he teleports, and are at the least capable of breaking glass to aid in his withdrawl.. Anderson's re-appearance is heralded by a similar cloud of bible pages.
  • Wolverine? Pfft. -- The foremost thing about Father Anderson, however, was his being a Regenerator. The exact means as to how he acquired his regenerative powers is unknown, as Anderson has claimed it is both "the divine gift of God" as well as "man's technology". Anderson's regeneration would seem to work in the same fashion as biotechnological regeneration, as given by implantation of nanomachines into ones body, but his regeneration is far more potent and efficient than any other known user of nanomachines, even possibly being truly divine. Anderson has recovered from such things as a large caliber bullet, designed to kill vampires, to the head at point-blank range, and returned to fighting within less than a minute. As well, Anderson has had both of his arms blown off by a gun designed specifically to counter strong regenerators like Anderson, and still managed to regrow his arms, although it took many days, or possibly even weeks.
  • The bullets, they do NOTHING! -- This regeneration gives Anderson a remarkable level of physical resilience and endurance, able to even withstand automatic gunfire with ease and survive many grotesque and lethal injuries without severe bodily harm. He is often viewed as a monster and perhaps not even entirely human because of such. However, his regeneration is not completely perfect, and it does have its limits. Vast damage to his brain, done rapidly, could potentially kill him, and removal or severe damage to any internal organs would also cause lasting wounds, which might not be lethal, but which would most definitely but a hamper on things for quite some time. And, of course, if Anderson's body was destroyed or ravaged enough, it might not be possible for him to regenerate from it.
  • God be with you, children. -- And finally, as a priest, Anderson is well-versed in the bible ad scripture, and has memorized the entirety of the bible, and can quote it from memory, which he frequently does. As well, Anderson is well-versed in all holy applications, such as blessings, consecrations, exorcism, and all other priestly duties. Should he ever need to or be asked to, Father Anderson would gladly fill any such role asked of him.

Weapons/Equipment: There's a few things, yes. Of note, there would be....
  • Blessed Bayonets -- Austrian sword bayonets in melee, to be precise. Then he uses snaller bayonets, much more like knives for throwing or nailing scripture to the walls, and a specialized type of bayonet intended exclusively for throwing -- and in large numbers, too! All of these bayonets are made of hardened, battle-grade silver, which is then blessed by a priest and doused in Holy Water, and finally inscribed with holy scripture and bible verses upon the hilt to make them impossible for most unholy creatures to touch and remove if they are not instantly slain by them. If you couldn't tell, they are horribly effective weapons for hunting vampires and other unholy creatures, as would befit the vampire exterminator Paladin Anderson is.
  • Bible/Scripture -- Anderson always has at least one bible on hand. And this is USEFUL. Whyyyyyy? Because so many of his abilities rely on it. Can't nail pages of scripture to the walls to form a barrier without a book of scripture, now, can you? Can't form a vortex that a hellstorm of blades of death fly from without the pages to make that vortex, can you? You get the idea. Bibles are gooooooood for Anderson. And he's always got at least one -- probably more -- on hand at any given moment. Why? Because he wills it so.
  • Helena's Nail -- An artifact Anderson received before his final confrontation with Alucard. It is a nail from the True Cross upon which Jesus Christ was crucified, and is blessed in his blood and one of the holiest of artifacts on Earth. When used, he stabs it into his heart, and becomes "...a monster of God." It imbues him with many powers, and makes him a force to be reckoned with, as he was almost able to permanently kill even Alucard, the No-Life King, when empowered by the Nail. WHAT, EXACTLY, DOES THE NAIL DO? A good question. Let's take a look....
    • Jesus' thorns are cool, man. -- When empowered by the Nail, Anderson's entire body becomes a writhing mass of thorny vines which he can control at will. This gives Anderson a longer reach for his melee attacks, and vastly increased agility and general mobility, as he can use these thorns as aids in hsi movement, such as suddenly changing directions in mid-run or even mid-jump, and other similar things.
    • YOU DON'T TOUCH ME! -- Would you WANT to touch a writhing mass of thorns? Didn't think so. That's good, because you likely can't. Any ranged attacks will be simply intercepted by a wallofthorns, and made mostly useless, and melee attacks....not the wisest course at all. You'll just get a face full of bayonets and thorns. What this means, is that the Nail gives Anderson quite a powerful boost in both offense AND defense.
    • WAIT, MOAR REGENERATION?! -- When empowered by the Nail, Anderson's regeneration powers are increased further, and he can now regenerate on par with Alucard before releasing Level Zero. Even the most grievous damage, such as having entire chunks of his body blown off, are no hindrance to him, and he can regenerate them in mere moments as masses of thorny vines. Entire limbs, organs, even his entire head -- they're not a concern, he'll just regenerate them. Good luck damaging him. c:
    • THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! -- Anderson can, at will, cause objects caught within his thorns to erupt in 'holy fire'. What this holy fire is is uncertain, but it seems to be castly destructive to vampires and unholy creatures in general. Anderson can also coat his bayonets in this holy fire, and in so doing, nearly cut Alucard in two with a single slash from them. This fire is sufficiently strong enough to put the life of even a strong regenerator such as Alucard in danger, so it is safe to assume it is disastrously powerful -- if only against vampires and other undead creatures.

Physical Weaknesses:
  • What do you mean I can't eat bullets for health?! -- Despite his regeneration making him seem unstoppable, Anderson is far from it. While it is true conventional weaponry and damage are next to useless against him, a continued assault would eventually start to wear on even the good Father Anderson. With enough damage done, it is quite possible to slow his regeneration, or even temporarily 'overload' it, if enough damage is done.
  • Hey, now, I need those! -- As strong as Anderson's regeneration is, it has been implied he cannot regenerate large portions of his body without a significant amount of recovery time, and it is quite possible that there are certain parts of his body -- his internal organs come to mind quite nicely -- that would be quite detrimental to fighting if they were destroyed or otherwise damaged. Just because he acts like a savage, inhuman monster, doesn't mean he is. He still needs all his insides in their proper place.
  • So wait....I CAN'T break it? -- As strong as Anderson is, he still has his limits. He's strong enough to physically stagger even the likes of Alucard with a single punch, yes, but he's not going to go around throwing a car at someone or some such. He might cut through one with his bayonets, but in terms of lifting and striking power, Anderson's strength definitely has finite limits.
  • My glases, please, sir. =___=; -- See those glasses? It's presumed he needs them for something other than just looking creepy as all get out.
  • I CAN'T KILL YOU IF I CAN'T SEE YOU! GRAH! -- Yeah. If Anderson can't see something, he can't exactly kill it. He needs sufficient light, man, or he's useless.
  • SLOW THE $%@# DOWN! -- Anderson is fast. Like....really fast. He can dodge bullets if he tries. But he still has issues keeping up with the speedy targets. He has to be able to keep up with you to stab you full of pointy stabby objects of death, after all.

Psychological Weaknesses:
  • RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE -- Anderson has one, major flaw that will likely be noticed sooner rather than later. A near all-consuming rage which takes hold of him. When presented with an inhuman creature, or someone who does not believe in the word of God, Anderson flies into a rage, which can only intensify, and build and build, until it becomes a raging inferno, wherein Anderson loses all composure and becomes little more than a crazed killer, seeking to destroy whatever caused the affront to begin with, often without care for his surroundings, and throwing all of his skill in combat to the winds and simply mindlessly pursuing his quarry, presenting himself rather openly to be attacked and damaged, should his opponent be able to overcome his crazed wrath to get an attack in.
  • I WAS TALKING, SIR. -- Anderson has this....thing about being interrupted, especially during one of hsi biblical quotes. It's not a wise idea to do it. Why? See the above weakness. In other situations where he does NOT fly into such a rage, he will still likely be quite irritated, and it's jsut not a good idea at all.

  • I can only hold so many! -- While Anderson may have a limitless supply of bayonets to use in combat, he can only hold so many at any given moment before he has to grab more, and although this only takes a split-second in most cases, it's a split-second of complete and utter vulnerability.
  • The children, oh god don't hurt the children! -- Anderson loves all the little children of the world. Most of the time he can't bring himself to harm the little children, especially if they should happen to be an orphan or helpless. In essence, take a child hostage, and Anderson will hesitate before attacking in the extreme.

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Cbox Name: CaptainFailmaster
Nicknames: Fahl, Fehl
Who else do you play?: Couple o' losers.
How did you find us?: I just did
Time Zone: GMT -5
Roleplay Sample: Established member; not required.
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