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{the new witch council are such thugs like omfg spinoff please}, {abrupt eye healing reaction shot}

Canon: American Horror Story: Coven.
Ranking: weeell wHY DON'T WE JUST SWITCH HER TO HERO i think because the Akatsuki will be a thing and um. she'll soon be in a position to take a little more responsibility :]
Reason for being on AM: rift shenanigans somewhat idk

Age: Thirty-three.
Gender: Female.
Species: WITCH >O

Physical Appearance:
She almost has a sort of glow to her, strange as that might sound.

Being the newly made Supreme means you're at the height of some rather otherworldly power, and Cordelia almost gives off the sense that she's a little more than human - whereas before she could blend in without any difficulty. Despite witches being vulnerable to blessed objects and frequently accused of being demonic, her aura is hardly dark, though - if anything, it's light.

Though her eyes have healed up, returned to their normal, warm brown, there are still just the faintest traces of scattered scars beneath them. Marks from the acid that will never quite heal, not all the way - though they have at least faded to the point where you'd have to get pretty close to her to really take note of them.

Other than that, though, she's pretty much the picture of health. She's 5'4 and slimly built, with golden-blonde hair that reaches about mid-way down her back and is now usually kept glossy and lightly curled. Her taste in clothing has turned a bit dark, if still elegant - when she was blind, she made sure her wardrobe consisted mostly of black to make things easier - but now that she's the Supreme, she does permit herself to be a little flashier at times.

Personality: supremely sweet
History: supremely violent and traumatic

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show us what you're made of

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  • Witch Books >____> - Cordelia can cast spells and perform rituals, like all witches. They are numerous, and vary in power and complexity - from a simple protection charm to rituals like the Sacred Taking, which requires multiple witches to perform and forces the rise of the next Supreme.

  • Potions & Alchemy - She's particularly gifted in the arts of potion-making an alchemy (changing one substance into another), and has access to a variety of ingredients thanks to her greenhouse. Most potions take at least some amount of time to brew, though - so they're not an instant fix for everything.

  • Botany - Beyond a learned knowledge of plants and a natural talent for getting things to grow, Cordelia's magic is actually best suited them for prompting them and aiding them to do so - they almost seem to respond naturally to her presence.

  • Visions - An ability that was unlocked when she was blinded. Upon touching a person or an object, Cordelia has the ability to receive visions - either of future or past (often related to some truth she's seeking) events. They've gotten a lot stronger, since she first started having them - rather than flashes, they're full, coherent scenarios now. But her control over them is still minimal - they're sprung on her at unpredictable times, often if someone touches her without her expecting them to.

  • Spirit Sensing - Another ability her blindness granted her was a heightened level of 'seeing' - she can detect spirits or other entities that wouldn't normally be visible on the living plane.

  • The SUPREME :OOO - The reigning Supreme, once crowned, becomes a vision of vitality and youth and power - almost tangibly radiant, and immune to physical handicaps and afflictions and illnesses (so basically she's a 2precious special snowflake who sparkles in the sunlight). Not only that, but their spells and rituals become stronger by nature - and they become capable of learning any number of supernatural abilities beyond the Seven Wonders.

  • Telekinesis - The first of the Seven Wonders (or tasks the Supreme must perform to inherit her power), this is the ability to move or otherwise affect objects and people with one's mind. Moving larger objects takes more focus and strength - it was noted that Madison flipping a bus over was a significantly impressive task.

  • Pyrokinesis - The ability to ignite, control, and extinguish fires of varying sizes. It takes steady concentration and a careful amount of control - otherwise things can easily and dangerously get out of hand.

  • Divination - Divination, in this context, is a heightened sense of awareness. A supernaturally perceived knowledge of things a witch would otherwise have no way of knowing - where a hidden object is, whether certain people are present, the answer to an apparently baffling question - though it's usually strictly limited to their direct environment and channeled through some form of object. so she's not omniscient YET >_____>

  • "Transmutation" >_____> - OUTDATED SALEM TERMS UGH. Yeah this is basically just teleportation - instantaneous travel from place to place. Simple enough. If you're not, like, Zoe that is.

  • Concilium - MIND CONTROL OH SNAP. A particularly powerful form of it, at that - backed by the power of the Supreme, it takes some serious mental capabilities to resist it for any length of time, yet alone altogether. And resisting it does not come without its risks - struggling against it overheats the mind and causes physical pain...and, if the victim cannot overcome it, then death.

  • Descensum - Noted to be the most dangerous and unpredictable of the Seven Wonders - and often the one that gets the most witches killed attempting it - this is the ability to separate the soul from the body, cross over into the afterlife, and then return. Most commonly, a witch can use this ability to cross over into their own or someone else's 'personal hell' - which takes heavy strength of character or a disconnection from one's personal demons to return from. And a living witch cannot linger in any afterlife for too long and be able to successfully return to her body, which is what makes it so dangerous. It is not to be used lightly.

  • Vitalum Vitalis - The balancing and exchange of life forces. It's important to note that this is different from the power of resurgence - it has nothing to do with souls. However, the Supreme's life force is so strong and overwhelmingly vibrant that lending even a breath of it to the recently dead can restore them to life, if their souls haven't crossed over yet. It also works in reverse - life force can be drained from others, leaving them as withered, empty husks.
Weapons/Equipment: supremely non-existant

Physical Weaknesses:
  • Blessed Silver - Witches are vulnerable to weapons made of silver that have been blessed by a priest - the silver bullets witch hunters use, for instance, typically kill a witch instantly and cancel out any healing abilities she might have.
  • 2human ): - Despite all that power, it's not as though she actually can't be killed - she really has no special durability that would allow her to survive more wounds than a normal human could.

    she was also blind and infertile before but apparently you become the supreme and then BAM you're capable of healing every major and minor imperfection

    NOTHING is perfect, cordelia >______>
Psychological Weaknesses:
  • Fiona is Dreck >____> - Mommy issues. Cordelia still kind of has them. Just so we're clear on how bad it is - they literally caused her to retreat into herself for most of her life and suppress her abilities to the point where they were non-existent, and even the most potent witches were unable to sense them. Cordelia's always felt rather overshadowed by her mother - and more than that, conflicted over whether she wants to win her approval or just get the hell away from her. It's not currently a very healthy relationship, it's been the cause of an overload of stress and self-doubt (which again, affected her not only mentally but physically), and it's most certainly a sensitive subject.

  • 2maternal - Maybe it's a product of her subconscious desire to fix things with her own mother, but - Cordelia kind of functions as a maternal figure maybe more than she should. She'll often let her students get attached to her, and get attached to them in turn - as a mother rather than a teacher, which can sometimes cloud her judgement and make her react on emotion when she shouldn't. She has a sort of soft spot for children in general, and the fact that she was never able to have her own still gets to her, so that's a key point of emotional exploitation. She's mostly a rational decision maker, but if you press her mama bear buttons, she may be pushed into acting without thinking.

  • When Witches Don't Fight, They Burn >_____> - Something that's incredibly important to Delia is her heritage as a witch, and more than that, her coven. Especially now, as the Supreme, it's her job to ensure their survival and the continuation of their race - and she'd go to pretty dramatic lengths to do so. Bribing her with a way to do that is sure to produce results, while threatening one of her coven members is guaranteed to get under her skin - and if you happen to be another magic user, she'll likely instantly feel a connection to you regardless of other circumstances and try to reach out.

  • But what does it MEAN to be a witch >____> - more like what does it mean to be the supreme?? I mean Cordelia understands her responsibility, but at this point she's veeery careful with it. For the longest time, a huge part of why she suppressed her power was because she was terrified of letting it get to her head and ending up exactly like Fiona. That's still a very real fear of hers - actually even more so now that they have so much in common - and a large source of her self-doubt.

  • Abandonment Issues y u c k - Fiona abandoning her was more or less the act that officially destroyed their relationship - and as a result, abandonment or even just losing someone she cares about in any capacity is a pretty crippling fear of hers. Cordelia may be slow to warm up, but once she loves you she kind of latches on - and does not deal with loss or the threat of loss very well.

  • Hyou Know What Dey Say - love is blind :]. Yeah but speaking of people she loves, she tends to be very oblivious to their flaws and can be prone to idolizing people or forgiving them or ignoring something suspicious when she shouldn't. Her experiences have left her distrusting and wary of people she doesn't know, sure - but with people she's already close to, her emotions frequently get in the way, and in this capacity she is still very much blind.

  • Sasuke is Really Cool - I couldn't think of a better name for the cynicism flaw so. Yeah though, Cordelia is still kind of getting over some shit - she tends to suck it up and move on at least through her actions because it's her responsibility to - but having acid thrown in your face isn't something you forget. She's no longer quite so optimistic about the world, and has long since lost the belief that everyone has good in them. She can be rather distrusting and distant from people before they prove themselves, and if she runs into anything reminiscent of the discrimination and hatred she faced at the hands of the witch hunters, she can be prone to condemning those responsible pretty quickly.

  • martyr time - there's such thing as being a little too self-sacrificing?? And Cordelia has this instant inclination to put herself in harm's way to spare someone she cares for, no matter what the personal cost. In certain situations, it can be brave. In others, it can be pretty stupid - especially since as the Supreme she really has no business sacrificing herself for any one person and leaving all the other witches leaderless...but she'd still do it in an instant, if she was pushed to. she kind of gouged her own eyes out to find misty and save her coven in canon if you want an example lol
  • Death Is Your Gift ): - The Supremacy ensures a lot of health and power and strength. It also ensures a significantly shorter lifespan - because as soon as the next Supreme comes along, all that health and power drains away and leaves the former Supreme to what is usually a slow and unpleasant death. On average, they usually live to around sixty.
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